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  1. Thats probably a good thing.. Odds are sooner or later a team that won game 2 will also win game 3.. it's gotta even out....
  2. Where do you leave from and how long is the boat trip... Sounds so fun. No place like the West Coast of Canada. Heaven on earth.. Ive lived in Vancouver for majority of my life but also in Edmonton Toronto in US and in Asia... Traveled quite a bit.. Paris my favourite city to visit but nothing like Vancouver. I'm in Edmonton for another week or so..... before finally coming back home.. not a day goes by I dont think about beautiful British Columbia. Enjoy your boat trip..
  3. Ya he has to go LTIR. Not come back Canucks know he's retired and done. They get cap relief.
  4. Oh boy. Ferland out again.. If I'm him I think about going on LTIR and retire.. he can't stay in lineup. Multiple concussions this season alone... Canucks get some cap relief. Ferland still gets paid 3.5 mill per year for 3 more years.
  5. Why not take her with you to a place that plays the game.. 830 pm. Go have cpl beer and dinner. Nice relaxing evening out.
  6. Ya eh.. Listening to Leafs radio feed. TSN 1050 They make seem like all Leafs.
  7. Austen Mathews scores. Listening on radio .. no tv But seems like Leafs dominating ..
  8. Roses are red some yellow followers too.. Canucks will win in 5.... Not a poem guy but Violets are blue . Canucks will win in 5...
  9. Yhx ....I hear you... but i dont have access to t.v.. in Edmonton for work for work... on the road..
  10. Spurgeon is the top player on Minny. Everything goes thru him.. Great coaching .. tuff matchup...
  11. I was huge fan Alexander Mogilny. Since his Buffalo days.. He was amongst my favourite players.. Boeser is the closest type of player I've seen comparable to Mogilny. 23 yr old kid. At 25 to 30 yrs he'll be a dominant scorer in the league.
  12. 23year old sniper. He'll be scoring in the 40s regular season goals next cpl years...injuries set him back a bit.
  13. Hopefully he can come back next cpl games. One of best players in the league.. He needs to be in the game.. Hockey is much better when players of Scheifele level are healthy and playing..