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  1. lone pick for weber here so far lol. i am a fan of his bomb from the point. baertschi was a close second.
  2. I was a habs fan growing up, though more of a patrick roy fan. followed him when he went to COL. once he retired, i pretty much stopped watching hockey for a few years. fast forward to 05/06. i landed on the Canucks. i dont remember how it happened really. im sure the Sedins played a big part. so im coming up to my 10 year anni as a canucks fan!
  3. cannot wait for this game. but it sucks that it releases a week after NHL 14.
  4. besides NHL 13 (360) and FIFA 13 (360) since release. Borderlands 2 (PC). barely played bl1. but bl2 is so epic. and Dead Island (PC) when a few friends are on.
  5. Roman Turek!
  6. Thursday - Signals Over The Air
  7. edit: img wont upload
  8. andy chiodo