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  1. Hunt for the Wilder People 9/10 Well, that was just delightful. As if I need more motivation to sell all my possessions and move to New Zealand.
  2. I'm really curious for LaLaLand cause I also hate musicals (think the closest I've ever come to really liking one was Once, but it's not a traditional musical) but on the other hand Whiplash was one of my favourite movies of the past five years. And come to think of it Whiplash was also sort of a non-traditional musical. Anyhow. Think I set a new personal best for turning off a movie - approx five minutes into something called 'Arsenal'. Only wanted to watch it because one of the reviews on RT said "It's early, but 2017 has a strong candidate for worst movie of the year!" I was hoping for laughable bad, but this just looked annoying/boring bad. All I saw was the grinning face of the douche from Entourage (no not that one, the other one), a couple of kids biking around aimlessly, then a mustachioed Nic Cage torturing someone. Ctrl-Q/10
  3. I watched that video w/ Sven & Bo when it was posted to reddit last week. There was some nice footage in there but you could tell Bo was kind of suffering through the guy's endless babbling and bad jokes.
  5. Mark Sumner at DAILYKOS -> Donald Trump was bailed out of bankruptcy by Russia crime bosses also, not sure if it was posted in here, but Julian Assange's AMA today was popcorn worthy
  6. American Honey 7/10 Loved it as an ultra-current dreamy arthouse fauxdoc in Middle America Hated ir due to the frequency of Shia showing up. It was like there was a mandate in the script that every twenty minutes he makes animal noises and dominates. Annoying.
  7. Whoa, McAfee! Last I heard of him he was on the run for killing a man on an island in Costa Rica.
  8. oh I'm not saying he's a saint or innocent, I've just long found it interesting how there's a pavlovian response to his name
  9. Yep. Even in this thread you can see people ready to dance on his grave without being familiar with the details of the case. He essentially became a boogeyman relic of the hippie era.
  10. @GLASSJAW yeah I kept looking at it intrigued but the reviews just weren't selling it to me, based on that though I have to give it a watch. 3 hrs of nasty, comin right up.
  11. The only other acceptable name for that dog would have been John Garrett
  12. 4th - Cam Charron was hired by Toronto