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  1. absolutely it's had some great discussion and I've switched positions on multiple players throughout, and as someone who;s mostly lurked I felt like a huge D saying it, but I could see the conversation sliding more and more in the same direction as every thread on cdc atm.. on topic, as of now this is where I stand, but I'm not / will not be locked in Vilardi Glass Mittelstadt Heiskanen Liljegren
  2. hey is it possible the expansion draft stuff can go in one of the five billion other threads on that topic and not the fifth overall pick thread?
  3. Bummed as well. For all the hype Boeser and Horvat were getting, Tree was the one for me. I had visions of him and Juolevi being a future top pair.
  4. I don't see the point in picking one prospect and digging the heels in to root for them. I guess if you really feel strongly against one guy, but personally those 4 Cs at the top of the draft all look exciting in their own way. I will say though, much the way Juolevi and Virtanen just felt like incumbents, my gut has been making odd noises towards Vilardi. I should probably get a doctor to look into it Fly V.
  5. Enough of this Willie foreplay, give it to me Ruff. or I could get down with Gallant, Green and/or Crow. I don't really care, this ship'll hit the rocks a few times the next two seasons regardless who's behind the wheel No Hitch Cock Or Eakin Alloweds still not sure on Spicoli
  6. The Visit 7.5/10 Whoa, an MNight Shamaluu movie that doesn't suck. And it's a realistic modern horror story without the scifi/fantasy/occult prop up. Was not expecting that. Not really a great movie I would watch again, but it held together consistently and even pawned off his signature 'twist' gracefully. Now I'm wondering if I should watch his new one, Split.
  7. Skull Island 7/10 Pretty good as far as pulpy blockbusters go. Heavy cgi for my taste but otherwise pretty visuals, some fresh stuff still staying true to the KK universe, mostly solid cast. John C Reilly, Brie Larsen and John Goodman were perfect along with some of the no name supporting actors. Hiddleston just looks like he's auditioning for Bond all the time now. Samuel L is getting old and his endless catchphrase grumbling is tired.
  8. I like Marky and all but he's starting to plateau as a 1B tender. I keep hearing this argument that he hasn't been given a chance to get on a roll but imo true starter's don't wait for that opportunity, they stake their own claim. I think with the wobbly forward group going forward management should go all in on their G/D building outward plan and spend the money on a solid tandem - Miller and whoever is left of Marky Mark / Richard 'The Running Man' Bachman while Demko starts to slide in on injury cover the next few years. 2 seasons now that Miller has looked like the true world class act he was in Buffalo for years. Let him be the mentor to Demko. The American Dream Team.
  9. Canada Reads has gotten a little too reality show screamy for me (I also just catch bits of it on the radio) but every year it's a good loose guide to pick 1 or 2. This year I'm most interested in The Right To Be Cold. I think they've always mixed fiction and non-f. edit - yeah The Tiger was nominated in 2012 and that's one of the best non fiction books I've ever read
  10. I enjoyed it a lot more in retrospect than while watching, I'll say that. Add Richard Jenkins to that list! He was Brad Whitford's other half of the incompetent scientist duo in Cabin, and I was just raving about his performance in Bone Tomahawk the other day.
  11. Hard To Kill Out For Justice Above The Law Marked For Death The Glimmer Man (contingent on the resigning of Philip Larsen and/or Jack Skille) Half Past Dead Fire Down Below Into The Sun
  12. The Love Witch 7.5?/10 This is a weird one. Amazingly stylish in a DIY, pure hard work and attention to detail way (the writer/director also does the art & set design, costumes, make up etc.) and it's a dedicated retro throwback trip. But then it's so over the top cheeseballs camp that I had to take two breaks while watching, like it was just too much. At least the acting walked the line perfectly between 'is this bad acting?' and 'oh, I think they're winking at me, wait, no'. Even the gender/sexual politics were confusing. There might be more to chew on, or it could just be a soft-core porn movie. WTFKnows.
  13. I like what Token French brings to the table. A little bit of nasty that the team lacks these days. Bring him back, make that 4th C spot his to lose. Especially since Gaunce looks a lot better as 3LW alongside Sutter. Would like to see a Gaunce-Sutter-Boucher line tried out down this meaningless home stretch of games, potential 3rd next season.
  14. Bone Tomahawk, second watch - I think this is legitimately a solid movie. Its reputation for the grisly death scenes kind of overshadows it and I was definitely primed for/distracted by that on the first watch. But really the first 2/3 are a quiet and methodical character driven adventure story, like a campy dime novel perfectly realised. The actors are having a feast. In particular Richard Jenkins as the rambling sidekick who slowly morphs into the wise sage and moral compass. Went back and looked at the best supporting actor noms from the 2015 Oscars - JK Simmons won for Whiplash and I think that was deserved, but Jenkins could match any of the others here. think I gave it 8 or 8.5, bump it to 9 -- I am partial to Horror-Western crossovers tho