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  1. Hard To Kill Out For Justice Above The Law Marked For Death The Glimmer Man (contingent on the resigning of Philip Larsen and/or Jack Skille) Half Past Dead Fire Down Below Into The Sun
  2. The Love Witch 7.5?/10 This is a weird one. Amazingly stylish in a DIY, pure hard work and attention to detail way (the writer/director also does the art & set design, costumes, make up etc.) and it's a dedicated retro throwback trip. But then it's so over the top cheeseballs camp that I had to take two breaks while watching, like it was just too much. At least the acting walked the line perfectly between 'is this bad acting?' and 'oh, I think they're winking at me, wait, no'. Even the gender/sexual politics were confusing. There might be more to chew on, or it could just be a soft-core porn movie. WTFKnows.
  3. I like what Token French brings to the table. A little bit of nasty that the team lacks these days. Bring him back, make that 4th C spot his to lose. Especially since Gaunce looks a lot better as 3LW alongside Sutter. Would like to see a Gaunce-Sutter-Boucher line tried out down this meaningless home stretch of games, potential 3rd next season.
  4. Bone Tomahawk, second watch - I think this is legitimately a solid movie. Its reputation for the grisly death scenes kind of overshadows it and I was definitely primed for/distracted by that on the first watch. But really the first 2/3 are a quiet and methodical character driven adventure story, like a campy dime novel perfectly realised. The actors are having a feast. In particular Richard Jenkins as the rambling sidekick who slowly morphs into the wise sage and moral compass. Went back and looked at the best supporting actor noms from the 2015 Oscars - JK Simmons won for Whiplash and I think that was deserved, but Jenkins could match any of the others here. think I gave it 8 or 8.5, bump it to 9 -- I am partial to Horror-Western crossovers tho
  5. in other EPA news
  6. Yeah she just sort of seemed vaguely familiar. Looking at her IMDB credits I think it must just be from small roles on tv shows like Key and Peele & Always Sunny in Philly.
  7. Here is a partial list of lobbyists, donors, and politicians who have already expressed disgust in RyanCare: AARP American Hospital Association Koch Brothers Cato Institute House Freedom Caucus (aka the Tea Party faction) Heritage Action FreedomWorks Club for Growth Americans for Prosperity Freedom Partners A bunch of Republican senators, including Lee (R-UT), Murkowski (R-AK), Portman (R-OH), and Paul (R-KY) Anyhow, something I read the other day that I meant to post. Should be of interest to anyone who's spent any amount of time in this thread: World War Meme
  8. Miss Da Tandoor so much. Their takeout special for two was amazing value, such an obscene amount of food for, like, $22. My lady brought home a baguette from Wildfire last wknd, never tried before that, but some of the best bread I've ever tasted. Buttery soft on the inside with a crust that was a serious workout just cutting through. Agreed on Brio, completely overrated/overpriced, and has steadily been going downhill (we go once a year when my partner's mom is in town, for some reason it's her fav.) Another one I forgot to recommend in my previous post is J&J Wonton Noodle House, great chinese at a decent price. Never had a bad dish there. On Fort next to where Da Tandoor was.
  9. ehhh Just cause the Willie Whackers are the most vocal doesn't mean the whole fanbase is united against him. I haven't liked every decision of his but I think he's doing a respectable job balancing developing on the fly and staying competitive. Certainly not against replacing him but don't see the point in bringing in another rookie coach from the AHL. Personally I'm watching to see if Lindy Ruff becomes available in Dallas.
  10. my top 3 Hanks - tiny, sweaty, loud hole in the wall place right downtown - they don't even have a menu they just come up with weird inventions every day and put them up on the blackboard - eg. last time I was there they I ordered the PB&J Bacon Burger with a side of Offensive Language and they sent the chef out who told me to 'sit the F down, calm my A and wait' while he made my burger Part & Parcel - out of the way in Quadra Village but worth it - started by two chefs from top hotel restaurants downtown who wanted their own smaller, neighbourhood hangout sandwich and salad joint Standard Pizza - best pizza in town and it's hidden in the corner of a strip mall on Cook St. - go figure
  11. I Don't Feel At Home In This World Anymore 8/10 Man, Netflix must really be throwing around the cash if they've got the Sundance Grand Jury winner a month later, but I'm not complaining, thought I'd have to wait longer for this. The directing debut of Macon Blair, who starred in both of Jeremy Saulnier's movies. It's got a very similar style - everyday oddball characters who stumble into bigger, more violent territory - but is a little more uneven and slants towards the slapstick comedy side of the spectrum. I say uneven in that the first half is more or less straight forward hapless buddy comedy, then it explodes into a Coen Bros violent crime gone awry second half. Didn't like it as much as Blue Ruin or Green Room, but still look forward to more from him. Does have one of the best minor twists right at the end there though. Made me spit out a mouthful of beer and cheer.
  12. this is the best ever Breakdance Breakaway
  13. Both. I was pretty critical of him when he first started blanketing the forums a year and a half ago, and put him on ignore quickly, but with the amount he's quoted by others I still see a lot of his posts. I think he's a genuine Canucks fan, or at least an overall knowledgeable hockey fan, but is also playing a character. Like the old **SteveBennett** account. A sentient strawman, dangling one liner wide-eyed innocent questions out there, waiting for people to reply Reminds me of someone..