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  1. Yeah, similarly, I was in maybe 7th or 8th grade and I remember the day the jury delivered their verdict, my English class teacher wheeled in a tv and we watched that instead of .... learning. It was utterly bizarre the way that trial hijacked the public consciousness. At least the Lewinsky thing involved the impeachment of a President, which is a pretty big deal. then there were these guys
  2. The Big Sick 8.5/10 On the surface this is just a really nice, light but not too light, summer romantic comedy. But it's so much more. Effectively one half of the romantic part is taken out of it for more than half the running time, and there's no end of social, cultural, religious commentary to chew on, and it still manages to consistently inject the laughs rather than just cut to a message moment interlude. This is what I wanted Don't Think Twice to be. Really glad I watched it, could have easily completely passed me by. favorite line Ray Romano - "What's your stance on 9/11?" Kumail Nanjiani - "...Anti? It was really bad. We lost 19 of our best guys."
  3. The Lost City of Z 5/10 How do they screw up an adaptation of one of my favorite non-fiction books? Cast Charlie 'Deadweight' Hunnam in the lead! Maybe I'm being too hard on him. He's better here than in other things I've seen him in, but it's hard to say if that's him improving or just finding a role better suited to his .... talents. It still feels like they're trying to shoehorn him into a A-list actor role when he might do much better as a sidekick or villain character actor. And the movie itself, is just, I don't know - not bad, but it could have been so much more. Great cinematography, decent pacing, solid supporting acting. I'd compare it to Into The Wild, where they took the core story but lost something big by omitting the non-fiction author's personal revelations while investigating.
  4. Went to a few Vic games this year, checked out the Outhouse. He's always gettin pulled after letting a few in.
  5. The Bad Batch 8/10 There it is, something weird and unique and memorable cutting through the summer slog. I didn't love it, it's messy and fractured and drags at times, but was still something else. Kind of a post-apocalyptic desert wasteland rom-dram. Some surprising cameos too - Keanu Reaves shows up and, well, he's still Keanu. But two others who I have a love/hate thing with, Giovanni Ribisi and Jim Carrey, pop up and are great. Carrey in particular, uncredited and damn near unrecognizable, probably the most I've enjoyed his presence since Eternal Sunshine. @GLASSJAW you know this one? If not it's payback for pointing me to American Honey earlier this year. They're different beasts but would pair well together imo - AH is more realistic and almost felt like a documentary at times whereas this is more of a fantastic surreal fairy tale sort of thing, but still would make for a mind popping double feature. edit - I was gonna say at least there's no Shia hamming it up, but, Keanu..
  6. Very, Very Happy w/ Petterson @ #5. For #33, I immediately jumped to see which D were still floating around - Hague and Timmins sure do look promising, and Timmins especially sounds like a Benning type, but somehow Robertson completely flew under my radar. Check this out from Canucks Army & OHL Prospects: SO, if it's possible to take JR at 33 and then a D (Salo?) at 55, I'm walking away from this draft whistling.
  7. My head says Glass/Vilardi My heart says Petterson My dancing shoes say Makar win/win/win, let's do this!
  8. well yeah, that's after he cometh
  9. Cody "The Iceman" Glass The Iceman Cometh
  10. haven't even heard of that but yeah looks good - maybe more of a fall/winter movie for me though
  11. T2 Trainspotting 7/10 If it would be possible to rate this in a vacuum it'd be great but no. Completely unnecessary sequel to a classic (and if anything, watching this just fully kickedin how much the original had an effect on teenage me) and they went too far in the nostalgia direction baking it into the theme. And f'in flashbacks. I hate flashbacks. On the plus side there were moments that were as good as the first time. 3 sequences in particular that made it all worthwhile - the heroin/club and final dance/train/closing credit scenes, and an old bit from the source novel that gets mixed in perfectly where the group as young hooligans encounter Begbie's wino father in an abandoned train station. movies I've watched recently that were mehdecent but not memorable enough to bother writing about Logan Cheap Thrills Oklahoma City Free Fire
  12. I think I'll be most happy if we can come away from the first round with one of Glass or Vilardi at #5 and a second pick to grab Petterson. Really solidify the C position going forward - one pretty close to a guaranteed NHL player in some capacity, the other a bit of risk/reward gamble with high upside. But really I'm ready for anything. Doing my best not to get too high or low on any of the names being tossed around.
  14. absolutely it's had some great discussion and I've switched positions on multiple players throughout, and as someone who;s mostly lurked I felt like a huge D saying it, but I could see the conversation sliding more and more in the same direction as every thread on cdc atm.. on topic, as of now this is where I stand, but I'm not / will not be locked in Vilardi Glass Mittelstadt Heiskanen Liljegren