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  1. Better then most NHL players today, how long was hanks iron man streak? They may have handled it better the the guys in the 80's with their fitness level that is in the top % of the league. I don't think you can win this one?
  2. They were also playing vs players with wooden sticks and stand up goalies. Goals per game is goals per game, sorry. How do you think Danny would do shooting on goalies from the 80's?
  3. Tanti and gradin pleaded when the average goals per game was around 4 per.... The twins are playing at a time where it's 2.68, that's almost double goals per game, this topic is done sorry. When you you calculate average goals per game and what they have done they are without question the best Canucks to have ever played for us.
  4. I expected this to be a difficult season for him, he played great when we had a good matchup for him but this year he is playing hard mins. He will learn and grow and I'd expect a better season from him next year.
  5. I'm having an issue (on iPhone) that evrey time I open a topic it takes me to the first page even if I'm past the page or even posted on a later page. Frustrating to find your way to where you left off evrey time, is this a setting issue?
  6. we picked up markstrom for Lou, I'd like to see how he works out before saying we lost. I was happy just getting rid of Lou to be honest, he was done here.
  7. I would say Bo is playing much more difficult mins and is ajusting well, I think this is going to be a bit of a slump year for him but only because he's gained the coaches trust and is playing some hard mins. Next year I bet we see him take what he's learning this year and take it to another level. McCann is getting sheltered mins and doing great, much like Bo last year. He's looking like he's going to be great. I think the real question is who will be our first line center and who is second after the twins are gone... If we don't pick up another that is. To me I'd bet McCann is our our top guy and Bo plays second taking the harder matchups vs top lines.
  8. you left out the part about WD mixing the lines in the third with a lead and the team playing well.
  9. I don't like Hanson in the top six and he's in both your options?
  10. Thought I heard burr but I'm not sure.
  11. I see what your after here but is bata part of a shutdown line... No. This line works if you swap burr and bata but then we have the problem of bata not being a player they want with the twins. I'm wondering how long the kepl vrbata because he's looking to be the odd man out more and more every day.
  12. Are they?
  13. I don't recall anyone wishing for dorsett on the second? I saw people asking for Hanson, burr, jake, but dorsett... No
  14. In all fairness do you honestly think his not playing is why we lost?