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  1. Most talented 3 canucks - alltime / SURPRISE

    Better then most NHL players today, how long was hanks iron man streak? They may have handled it better the the guys in the 80's with their fitness level that is in the top % of the league. I don't think you can win this one?
  2. Most talented 3 canucks - alltime / SURPRISE

    They were also playing vs players with wooden sticks and stand up goalies. Goals per game is goals per game, sorry. How do you think Danny would do shooting on goalies from the 80's?
  3. Most talented 3 canucks - alltime / SURPRISE

    Tanti and gradin pleaded when the average goals per game was around 4 per.... The twins are playing at a time where it's 2.68, that's almost double goals per game, this topic is done sorry. When you you calculate average goals per game and what they have done they are without question the best Canucks to have ever played for us.
  4. Bo Horvat has been absolutely terrible this season

    I expected this to be a difficult season for him, he played great when we had a good matchup for him but this year he is playing hard mins. He will learn and grow and I'd expect a better season from him next year.
  5. Feedback and Bugs

    I'm having an issue (on iPhone) that evrey time I open a topic it takes me to the first page even if I'm past the page or even posted on a later page. Frustrating to find your way to where you left off evrey time, is this a setting issue?
  6. Kassian involved in early morning car wreck...

    I get the idea of wishing that the addict can pull through and all but we're talking about Kass, the guy has already received more money for not doing much then he ever deserved. We're talking about a guy that has showed some extremely poor taste and judgement in his hockey play when he wasn't loaded as well, let's face it there is just nothing redeeming about him in any way. If I were to rank addicts in the world that are deserving of a second chance he would be verrrrrrrrry low on my list. What is it 1/10 addicts recover or something like that? I'd hate to use that 1 on Kass if we had to pick one or the other. He's just a bad apple any way you look at it, story's of him not signing autographs for kids etc.... We're lucky he's gone.
  7. I don't think the succession that we had with the goalies was intentional, other then moving lack on. MG was stumbling blindly and grasping at straws.
  8. Kassian involved in early morning car wreck...

    Kass is such a tool
  9. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    ? Really?? Sometimes when you fall you don't choose where or how you fall. It looked like he wasn't aware that the goalie was out so far and he lost his balance when he made contact.
  10. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    Yes we still need him.
  11. Verdict on Vey

    Poor guy, must be sad for a guy that thinks he can play in the NHL and nobody picks him up.
  12. Verdict on Vey

    I think so?
  13. Verdict on Vey

    For real?
  14. [Signing] Hurricanes re-sign Eddie Lack

    You are a troll and should go back to your teams message board and stay off ours.
  15. Mike Gillis will be a GM in the league again one day.

    But even so he's still managed to acquire more prospects that have top end potential then MG???