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  1. Hi guys! Looking for suggestions for a good karaoke place that has a great selection of 90s music or at least English songs (i.e. not Korean or Chinese karaoke; they can have them for sure, but we're really looking for english karaoke). All the places I've found so far are korean/chinese with very limited selection of english songs. Also cleaniness is a big plus. Thanks!
  2. Hey guys, I just cancelled my cable and is thinking of signing up for Rogers Gamecentre Live. However, when I checked out the list of viewable games for Canucks (I live in Vancouver), it seems like as many as 46 games are not available to view due to regional blackouts. To me that is a deal breaker! Am I reading the list right? (as I said, I have no cable subscriptions anymore).
  3. So here's something I'm finding annoying and wondering what's causing this. I've noticed that when I get my picture taken or I'm talking to people that, even though I'm looking straight at the lens or making eye contact with people, it'll look like I'm not and instead it appears that I'm looking just slightly off to the side. It looks weird haha and annoying. Basically I'll have to actually look off to the other side to compensate and even then it still doesn't look like I'm making eye contact. Could it be my contacts? I'm nearsighted so can't really test it out without contacts since I wouldn't be able to see anything.
  4. Thanks! Probably go to Crescent Beach first and use that parge gravel parking lot...less risk of fire. We'll have fire extinguishers just in case. Also would the sparks damage paint on my car? lol For settings I'll start at iso 200, f/8 and shoot for 30 seconds and go from there. By straight circle I take it you mean straight on to the camera?
  5. It is lol you just put it in a whisk and chain and light it up and spin it. I'm looking for locations where I can do this safely yet get great photos. I was thinking Crescent Beach.
  6. Hi guys, Can you suggest some good spots for steel wool photography? Obviously placese that aren't grassy but I was wondering if there are any hidden gems out there. Thanks!
  7. Anyone know the name of the song being played after Hansen almost scored with Price? It was about 3:20 left to play during puck drop. Thanks!
  8. Anyone know the name of the song being played after Hansen almost scored with Price? It was about 3:20 left to play during puck drop. Thanks!
  9. Has anyone done this hike while carrying a SLR camera? I'm worried that it'll be too exhausting if I bring my camera plus two lenses, but the views seem absolutely amazing and is just begging for photos to be taken. I did the Diez Vistas trail at Buntzen lake carrying my 5D3 and a single wide angle lens. I'm tempted to bring my 70-200 as well for Mt Cheam. Bad idea?
  10. Hi guys, I'd like to go paddling near White Rock pier, but the closest place where I know to launch from is Crescent Beach, which for me is a little further from the Pier than I'd like. Is there somewhere closer to the white rock pier where I can park my car and launch the kayak without walking too far? Thanks!
  11. Hey guys, I need song suggestions. I'm going to list my top ten songs and hopefully people can suggest tracks that are similar or better. Not in any particular order. 1) I See Fire - Ed Sheeran (original + Kygo remix) 2) Gold - Wake Owl 3) Walk on By - Noosa 4) In The Woods Somewhere - Hozier 5) Seaside -Wake Owl 6) Wild Country - Wake Owl 7) Depraved - Mammals 8) Medicine - Daughter 9) Intro - The xx 10) BTSK - MS MR
  12. I'd say friendzoned with the possibility of being option two/backup. Sorry bro.
  13. Edge of Tomorrow - 7.5/10. Predictable plot and ending, but overall an enjoyable experience. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes - 8.5/10. Well executed, good pacing and emotions. Generally good/great acting. I would recommend seeing this one for sure.
  14. Hi Guys, So my Canadian tax refund was significantly higher than expected. TurboTax estimated my refund at $335 but this morning I checked my account and I got $1500. Did TurboTax make a mistake or did Canada Revenue Agency? Kinda don't want to call in and be put on hold for an hour if it's not a mistake.
  15. So guys, realistically and as objectively as you can get, what are the chances that Lu gets the start against the Fins? Personally, and I'm no expert, it seems that Price has slightly better rebound control than Lu. But Lu did look pretty solid today and he did get the shutout...