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  1. We spent a loooong time in the "Turn the other Cheek" era where we (well not all of us, but there was a lot of shouting down back then too) foolishly thought an elite powerplay would carry us not only through the regular season...but somehow thought that would be a thing in the playoffs as well. This kind of ran counter to the thoughts of developing a big bruising forward group that would punish other teams physically. So for that period of time developing a power forward was certainly difficult.
  2. Well, he doesn't have a courtesy Panthers office job lined up for him so i'm assuming he wants to finish his contract out.
  3. I think he means weaker in a physical sense. Not weaker in a 'team is worse' sense. But i've been wrong before.
  4. Agreed, Matlock all the way. Columbo was pretty good too
  5. Tanev's time to be traded was 2-3 seasons ago. Got a sneaky suspicion after how the last few years (injury prone) went that he has negative trade value now.
  6. The real joke is Vegas' PK and goaltending. I mean c'mon...the Canucks have suffered faaaaar worse over a longer period of time than Vegas when it comes to officiating (anyone recall the 2012 hatchet job vs San Jose?) and we just have to suck it up. Get real, Vegas.
  7. Battle of the whiners here in this series. Sharks move on. Let's see if they can handle Mackinnon who went through Calgary's vaunted blueline like a hot knife through butter.
  8. Seen this coming a mile off. Jets overhyped and underperforming all season and the Blues who were one of the hottest clubs rolling into the playoffs. My hockey pool at work is looking real solid now
  9. Avs were pretty much a one line team coming into the playoffs as well. Difference was Mackinnon and the general truculence of the teams. Avs had it, Flames didn't. The only thing that really surprised me about this series was the fact that Johnny couldn't get it going at all and the fact that goaltending for the Flames wasn't really an issue.
  10. Sutter has negative value. Going to be hard to move him without giving something up. Moving him to a playoff team would have been nice (if we could have) but its tough when there is a 60-70 percent chance he will be injured at the deadline. Also, not many teams want a guy made of paper mache for a deep playoff run. Accept the loss and move on, I suppose.