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  1. Industrious1

    Edmonton Oilers 2018-2019

    That Coyotes and Oilers game was brutal. I couldn't watch more than a period but i'm happy to see that Edmonton is continuing their losing ways. Any prospect that the Oilers will be in range of taking (most likely a top 5 pick) must be sweating.
  2. Industrious1

    [Report] Oilers fire GM Peter Chiarelli

    I remember when the Oilers got gifted McDavid in that unfortunate draft. Honestly, I think that was the worst thing that could have happened to that team with Chiarelli at the helm. The "rebuild" got fast-tracked and a flurry of moves made without proper consideration has left that franchise worse off than it was before McDavid joined the club. If Gillis is having trouble finding a new job after is going to be next to impossible for Chiarelli to find a new gig where he is trusted by an NHL owner. The new GM is going to have to sell a 3rd or fourth rebuild to the fanbase.... I wonder how Connor feels about this circus in upper management.
  3. Industrious1

    Edmonton Oilers 2018-2019

    I suspect if the Oilers don't snag a wildcard spot this season that Chiarelli will be done.
  4. Industrious1

    Flames to retire Jarome Iginla's No. 12

    I have hated the Flames for a very long time. However, Iginla is a beauty. Natural that they retire his number.
  5. Industrious1

    Time to get even with Matheson?

    Oh man, Domi taunting him with that. Pure gold.
  6. Industrious1

    [PGT] Arizona Coyotes at Vancouver Canucks | Jan. 10, 2019

    Even a late first is a steep price to pay for a guy that is injured 40% of the time. I like his game but he plays hard minutes and his body is disintegrating around him.
  7. Industrious1

    Does our style remind you of the 2010 Blackhawks?

    Hawks defense in the early 10's was light years ahead of Vancouver's now and a ton of their chances were created off the back end. So no, as someone that watched a ton of those games back in the day (we get WGN in Alberta for some reason) I don't think we resemble them very much at all.
  8. Industrious1

    *UPDATE* Elias Pettersson Has Slight MCL Sprain

    This whole thing with Petterson is just one small link in the massive chain that is the great "Should Teams Police Themselves" Debate. In this particular incident I don't think it was particularly intentional (stupid, certainly) but the fact of the matter is that a star on one team was injured with zero response from another. When coaches go over video for playing the Canucks you had best believe this fact is mentioned and factored into any sort of planning when it comes to containing Petterson. Voila, now you have a vicious circle of injuries and intent against a young kid in the League who is simply trying to play a game and entertain fans. Of course this could be curtailed by competent officiating that lacks any sort of game management but that is a pipe dream in this version of the NHL. So what are we left with? Division and confusion...not only among the fanbase, as is clearly shown in this thread but also with the team itself.
  9. At least they took down all that ridiculous "battle" regalia they were sporting for awhile. Been over a decade since the Canucks have had a serious targeted response against these types of transgressions against our superstars. We have been gun-shy ever since the Bertuzzi incident and alot of younger fans don't realize that the shadow of that spectacle still lies over this franchise.
  10. Industrious1

    Does Tyler Motte remind you of anyone?

    Hansen a little bit because of his compete level, Higgins because of his defensive responsibility. Either way it is a good combo to have in a player. Cooke, i'm not so sure about.
  11. Industrious1

    Who sits when sutter and baertschi return?

    Couple years ago, Pietrangelo is in the conversation for the best defenseman in the league.... Now he is being traded for a "B" winger in Baertschi and the oft-injured, Sutter? I like both these guys, but c'mon. The only way this trade works is if St. Louis is in full panic mode and pulls a desperation move that greatly benefits the Canucks.
  12. Industrious1

    Who sits when sutter and baertschi return?

    If there was a way to get even a mid-level return for someone like Baertschi, I think Benning should take a long hard look at it. Honestly I like the kid, but this is a business and I think we've seen the upper end of what he can bring to the club. The real question the Canucks treat this like a business and try to get something for him, or do we do what we traditionally do and hold onto a guy for too long.
  13. Writing is on the wall here. No surprises if he gets the boot.
  14. Industrious1

    Is Datsyuk under rated?

    I remember watching TSN back in the day and the benchmark for Crosby being the best player in the world was when he was "better than Datsyuk". So if that is coming from those talking heads all those years ago, i'd say he was fairly represented as a top end elite talent.
  15. Industrious1

    Oiler are they good enough?

    With McDavid playing a third to almost half the game...not sure if that is a sustainable formula. That much TOI, you know some coaches are going to be looking to punish him physically on those longer shifts.