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  1. I remember that game and i'm not condoning the hit, but Churla was running around like Yandle that night. Something had to be done and I don't think Bure was really up for a debate.
  2. Should I pencil these guys into the ever crowded Canucks "All-Waivers, All-Stars" lineup?
  3. Markstrom goes down and now we need to rebuild? I appreciate the topic from a debate point of view...but this isn't going to happen. You may get some coaching changes (not necessarily Green) but i'm pretty sure this is what we are going to rolling with for the next few years.
  4. Stop giving away picks. I realize this is a 'make or break' year for Jim but I feel like there is a hint of desperation in some of these moves and it seems like we are back to reacting instead of dictating our own situation. I hoped for the playoffs this year but it was never in my 'big picture' for building a contender. I guess what i'm saying is I hope we continue to build through the draft for the most part.
  5. Canucks are usually awful on HNIC for some reason but i'm hoping for a win against the Bruins!
  6. For me it was never a question of Sutter's ability. Clearly he is a talented player in pretty much every situation on the ice, anyone can see that if they watch the games. The problem is after so many heavy minutes his body appears to be disintegrating around him, which is sad because he is a strong player on both sides of the puck and i'm guessing he is also an influential voice in the room. Hope the best for him but i'm a cynic at heart and i'd say the injuries continue on for his tenure with the club.
  7. So what sort of picks do the Canucks have coming up in the draft?
  8. Looks like another gem for the Canucks "All-Waivers" All-Stars. Haven't read the thread but i'm sure he has been shoe-horned into our lineup by some folks.
  9. What a mess. A small minority of people holding the majority hostage. My heart goes out to my home Province and all the people affected. Hope everyone stays safe over there and this doesn't boil over into violence.
  10. "A disturbing play, by a disturbing player" -Dallas Eakins, Oilers Head Coach Ah, I miss when Eakins coached Edmonton.
  11. Hope he can beat this. Nothing can be as devastating to a family as medical problems. Get well, Chris Snow.
  12. Luongo will probably go in. But I bet management gives it some extra thought after sticking the Canucks with that dead cap space for a few years. Edit: And i'm referencing him taking the office job in Florida. Not the League retro-actively punishing 'at the time' legitimate contracts. Although I suppose it is all connected at the end of the day.
  13. My general rule of thumb after being on here for awhile is to mostly avoid looking at any sort of speculation regarding rosters and "most" of the trade proposals. I tend to find 95% of those threads/conversations go nowhere and can devolve into "my fake roster is better than yours" pretty quickly. Oh, and there is also the fact that a good portion of CDC wants to pick up every player that goes on waivers. That is always a head-scratcher for me.