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  1. Do any other sports have vastly different rules that they follow in their playoff format?
  2. If ever you were going to try and move Tanev to the Leafs and try and fleece a young rookie GM. And yes, I am well aware that the Canucks need Tanev for their own playoff aspirations.
  3. Was a hell of a game. The hit before that caused the scrum was pretty good too.
  4. I wonder how many of those man games lost are Sutter. Maybe we need to change his equipment? I'm thinking a thick layer of bubble wrap.
  5. Laviolette is a pretty good coach, doubt he is unemployed long. Not sure what went wrong in Predville but it is pretty apparent his shelf life was over in Music City. I wonder if the Flames will have interest?
  6. Corey Perry has been one of the dirtiest players in the entire NHL over the last decade or so. This looks good on him, although really these types of suspensions should have been the norm for him his entire career.
  7. I remember when this fanbase hated the Rangers with a passion. Honestly, I still don't like them even after all of these years and the fact that we barely ever play them.
  8. Markstrom is the guy keeping the club in the playoff picture. Well deserved, and I would say he should have been ahead of Fleury in the first place.
  9. I think anyone that looked at the team we were icing this year would know we'd have defensive issues. Edler and Tanev are pretty good but often injured, after that it's kind of just a free for all (thankfully, Hughes seems to be developing very quickly). Next couple years is where the blueline needs to be shored up if the Canucks want a real crack at the Cup.
  10. Triple pass. If a GM wants them they can probably be had for free if they are patient.
  11. This is usually the time of year where I forget this guy plays for us. I like him when he's in the lineup though, for whatever thats worth.
  12. 1. McDavid 2. Crosby 3. Mackinnon 4. Ovechkin 5. Kane 6. Pastrnak 7. Stamkos 8. Matthews 9. Draisaitl 10. Tavares Kind of wanted to put Kucherov at 10 but I feel like Tavares is more valuable with his two way play. I guess a case could be made to swap him and Matthews out though.
  13. Ugh, no more Goldobin please. Hard to watch him miss the net from the dot constantly. It is getting to a "Raymond falling down" type situation.