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  1. Judging by this thread, Gudbranson finally starting to win some of the naysayers overs.
  2. Lots of stress in a position like Linden's. Doesn't help when you have a mandate that is about as unrealistic as it can get. Make the playoffs every season (lol). Rebuild on the fly...and play exciting competitive hockey. Now some of these are possible for an experienced management group, but generally not all at once and definitely not with a rookie head office. I hope he doesn't go, but if he does i wouldn't blame him at all.
  3. One thing that would have really helped fast track the re-tool or re-build or whatever is being sellers on the dead-line...but Vancouver never does it. We always hold onto our aging vets and this is a historical thing, not a Benning thing. Something fundamental needs to change at the top because we are not "staying competitive" and we are certainly not icing an exciting hockey team. The mandate to make the playoffs every year is starting to look laughable and that is going to be harder and harder to deny as this death march continues.
  4. Well...i'd say karma has officially balanced itself out. Hoping for a few goals against the Leafs tonight if not an outright win. Season isn't over in October/Early November, but this slump needs to be kicked in the worst kind of way.
  5. Not any point in panicking at this point. This is the team we have and we have to support them no matter...but damn some of that was tough to watch. 3rd was a bit entertaining at least and Horvat seems to be coming along quite nicely. Not much else to be said except that we officially don't really have a first line anymore...the coaching staff just kind of floats around players and hopes something clicks.
  6. To be honest it is probably a lot of good fortune. I mean i'm not sure the Canucks have even led a game going into the 3rd yet and somehow we are pulling off last minute heroics to pull out a win in OT/SO. I am enjoying it while it lasts, for sure.....but this isn't sustainable hockey and eventually that kind of karma balances itself out.
  7. I wonder if the players miss the good old days, where if you were a veteran on a bloated contract there was always room for you with Sather and the Rangers.
  8. Unfortunately for him his legacy in the NHL will probably be flipping off the crowd as a Bruin.
  9. If she wins and this is used as a precedent there is going to be quite a few nervous 'facebook' parents out there
  10. Great news for the Canucks. Looks like Manny is leaving the past in the past and moving on to bigger and better things. I think the players and prospects are going to like having a heart and soul guy (not to mention very structured) working with them while the team rebuilds or retools or whatever we are calling it this month.
  11. A larger ice surface will be the only way to make the game more creative and allow for more flexibility in coaching strategies. As of right now systems rule the ice and a huge part of that is because players are taught to give no one any room and it shows when you watch a get about 2 or 3 exciting moments every 20 minutes (if you are lucky). When a game does end up being 'end to end' even the broadcasters comment on how the coaches will be unhappy and there will be players being 'talked to' in the dressing room. Unless there is a fundamental shift in coaching philosophy only a change in ice size will make a difference in how the game is played these days.
  12. Liking Simon as a judge more than I thought I would. Makes up a bit for losing Howard Stern, who I really enjoyed on the show. So far i'd say the talent is a bit off from season 10 but the acts appear to be much more far the only thing i'm sad about is the tight-rope walking couple is out. They should have gone farther.
  13. If we do alright with injuries, we are a bubble team. With moderate to substantial injuries we miss the post-season...probably by a fair margin.
  14. Stock was annoying but Healy was awful. I'm glad that Ron MacLean returning has been balanced out by getting rid of these two guys. All in all i'd call it a win.
  15. Thought I wouldn't have to endure any more pre-game poetry from Ron MacLean anymore....guess I was wrong. *sigh*