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  1. Folks have been saying for a few seasons now that the Oilers will trade down and collect multiple assets at the draft....and yet history tells us that they will pretty much be a lock for the BPA and then try and juggle whatever they have into their roster of 1rst line draftee's.
  2. [Discussion] Is Benning playing his cards right?

    Holding onto players longer than he logically should can't be placed on his shoulders alone.  Ownership wants this club to be in the post-season every year and i'm sure they frown on anything that will theoretically lower the teams chances at those 2 home games and the inevitable first round exit. In my opinion, Benning has done relatively well at this 'phantom rebuild' considering how he must tip-toe around the franchise philosophy of staying competitive even though the writing has been on the wall for years with Vancouver's overall declining performance. When it will really get ugly is when the twin's retire....then comes a whole new level of pain.    
  3. Petition to dump Mike Milbury from NBC gaining steam.

    I'm sure an online petition has him shaking in his boots.
  4. Which Sedin wins the career points battle?

    Historically, Henrik has done just fine without Daniel on his wing.  If Daniel retires before him (extremely unlikely) I imagine Henrik would produce at a very respectable pace around .75 ppg.
  5. Which Sedin wins the career points battle?

    Henrik will most likely take it by a slim margin.
  6. I'm sure Benning knows what should be done....but there is a large and glaring problem that some seem to forget about. Ownership has a mandate that the club make the playoffs every season.  This tends to throw a wrench into the "Fire Sale" strategy.
  7. Carey Price and the crash of the Canadiens

    If it's a major groin injury then it is going to be a very long and arduous recovery for Price. When Luongo was dealing with his, he ended up having to change the way he played to a large degree and was never really the same afterwards. Hopefully this isn't the case for Price.
  8. [Report] Dennis Wideman suspended 20 games

    Wow, didn't really think the NHL had the cajones to hand out a suspension like that to a non-plug.  Although this doesn't really hurt the Flames that much considering his lackluster performance this season.  It does hurt Wideman's bank account though, 500,000+ bucks, ouch.
  9. Report: NHL locks up Gary Bettman through 2021-22

    Status quo. Jeremy Jacobs wills it.
  10. How he wasn't tossed from the game is beyond comprehension for me.  Can you imagine if you took a swing or hit an official from the MLB or NBA  from behind?
  11. Indefinite suspension? Looks like Sportsnet didn't lobby quite hard enough to get him off the hook.
  12. Going to have to agree with Burke on this one. I've also been a proponent of a bigger ice surface for about 10 years or so now, allowing the players to have a bit more space before their check is in their face can only be a good thing for the entertainment factor. It would also force NHL coaches to re-think their various 'lockdown' strategies that have choked the life out of the game since the 90's. Probably won't happen for decades but you have to start somewhere.
  13. Is Prust's time up?

    Vancouver has been searching for a gritty 4th liner that can skate, hit and fight for a long time now and I think the club thought that was what we were trading for when we acquired Prust.  That may have been the player he was a few seasons ago but it definitely isn't what we've seen this year from him. He was never the fastest player on the ice, but it certainly seems like he has lost a step or two and he has done very little 'policing' of the opposition when things get rough on our stars and our young players.  Honestly, i'm not really sure what his role on the team is and i'm not sure he knows either. 
  14. [PGT]Canucks 2-1 Islanders(SO)

    Ugly win but it still counts. Thank the hockey gods that Miller stood on his head. Nice to win these kinds of games but it isn't sustainable hockey and hopefully Willy recognizes that we need to clean up our play in the defensive zone.
  15. Everyone deserves the right to be heard and to be treated fairly...which I think has been lacking in these negotiations for a very long time. Even better that it is probably a step in the right direction that can hopefully stem the tide of completely unprepared younger workers that are trying to get a foothold in an increasingly challenged workplace situation. Give these kids the tools to succeed!