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  1. Liking Simon as a judge more than I thought I would. Makes up a bit for losing Howard Stern, who I really enjoyed on the show. So far i'd say the talent is a bit off from season 10 but the acts appear to be much more far the only thing i'm sad about is the tight-rope walking couple is out. They should have gone farther.
  2. If we do alright with injuries, we are a bubble team. With moderate to substantial injuries we miss the post-season...probably by a fair margin.
  3. Stock was annoying but Healy was awful. I'm glad that Ron MacLean returning has been balanced out by getting rid of these two guys. All in all i'd call it a win.
  4. Thought I wouldn't have to endure any more pre-game poetry from Ron MacLean anymore....guess I was wrong. *sigh*
  5. Excited about this pick. It seems like the Canucks are finally starting to address our most glaring weakness over the last 5 years, which is on the blueline. Adding Juolevi is great but there is still work to be done when Jordan Subban is a player that so many folks reference when we talk about our most promising defense prospects.
  6. Damn. Never seen anything like this before at the draft (or anywhere, really). I can't imagine ownership is very happy with their management team right now.
  7. The real punishment to Wideman is going to come when he and whatever team he plays for gets "Alex Burrows'd" for the rest of his career.
  8. 'Dominating' is probably going a bit far. I don't really see it as an issue until it hits pro-sports/Olympic levels where huge contracts and national prestige are on the line. Either way it will probably have to be sorted out in the next 10-20 years...hopefully with a decision that makes both sides unhappy, which is generally a good sign that the decision is fair.
  9. I'm starting to get a little suspicious that a lot of the players we trade or let go of these days have had attitude problems or were "locker room cancers". Kind of seems like maybe the club is trying to retroactively vilify some of these guys to make certain trades look better or to find more acceptance with the masses. Not saying this is the case with all of it...but where there is smoke.......
  10. A nasty crease clearing defenseman that most of us always thought we needed....although few of us wanted to pay the price apparently. These are the kind of players you want with you in the trenches when you go to war.
  11. Hope Boucher enjoys coaching Ottawa for 1-2 seasons while Melnyk breaths down his neck. I don't know if there is a more volatile owner in the league at the moment.
  12. Insane population growth on a global scale contributing to vast amounts of industrialization and this is what you get. Not really sure what we can do about it though, because women have a biological imperative to procreate (and men to a lesser degree) so the folks that want kids don't really care if the world can support them or not. It's a catch 22 because you can't tell people not to have kids; China did and it was horrendous PR for them that they are still recovering from. In today's society it is better to be politically correct than just correct.
  13. A Venom movie would be cool...although it would have to springboard off of a Spider-Man series first.
  14. Besides some line juggling mishaps I didn't find the article completely without worth. Pointed out some pretty obvious flaws in the club, which most of us Canucks fans already know, but might be useful to less informed fans in other parts of the country.
  15. I think a big part of it is new people come into the league and see a team like the Oilers that is full of potential and they think "Hey, they can't be terrible forever. I want to be part of a rising team that will dominate the NHL!". The problem is...the Oilers have been terrible forever and a lot of players (and some coaches) have been fooled by the promise of greater things for them in the future. It's an understandable mistake and one that can't hold indefinitely, eventually some of these guys will get lucky and Edmonton might actually help their careers like they hope...and not trash them like it has done to so many.