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  1. Have you changed your mind on this season? (Discussion)

    Change my mind on the season? That's assuming that alot of us had preconceived notions on the club after watching a few good games before the end of November. No. I assumed it would be a pretty rough season, but hopefully more entertaining to watch. Believe it or not, the middle of November still isn't a large enough sample size to make an accurate decision.
  2. Engagement Ring

    Word of advice. Get the insurance that goes with it.
  3. [Waivers] David Booth, Freddie Hamilton

    Honestly, I thought Booth was drummed out of the league years ago. Too bad about Stanton though.
  4. Canadiens fans give Price "bronx cheer"..again...

    I don't think Toronto or Edmonton are in the market for goalies though. They both seem fairly happy with their netminders, who are both much, much cheaper than Price. Just trying to think if anyone else would be interested.
  5. Canadiens fans give Price "bronx cheer"..again...

    Many analysts were saying that the Canadiens biggest weakness now was on their blueline. Bergevin depleted the club's depth trying to shore up the offensive woes that have been plaguing the team the last little while. This has met with mixed success so far. Now that Price is having a rough start and only has one stud (an aging Weber) in front of him, the heat is on and the fans are looking for a scapegoat.
  6. What's happening with the Coyotes??

    Not much for leadership at any level on the Coyotes. No more Doan, no more Smith. New GM (young one with a non-traditional approach) and a fairly green lineup....recipe for disaster. Feel bad for Tocchet.
  7. Mr. Lahey Has Left the Trailer Park. RIP

    Guess its time to re-watch some of the old seasons on Netflix. RIP were the best drunk on TV.
  8. Come on now, the team has been awful for the last few years. This is to be expected, no? Outside of a few instances you don't really see rebuilding teams packing the house with any sort of consistency. The silver lining is that management is actually acknowledging that we need to rebuild and aren't trying to jerk fans around with the whole "anything can happen in the playoffs, just have to get there, yada yada yada". Although the franchise did waste a good two or three seasons trying to play that game which a good chunk of us knew was a poor decision.
  9. i quit - have You?

    We get our cable/internet all done up as a package during a promo so its actually pretty cheap. When the promo runs out I will have my wife phone down on the warpath and get it re-upped as the same deal, its worked two times in a row. Also running Netflix for watching the odd movie (although in Canada, honestly its pretty bad and don't really understand what all the fuss is about).
  10. Woke up to this on the news this morning. Absolutely horrendous. Just listening to the automatic gunfire in the background as people are trying to figure out where to go is chilling. Its getting pretty hard to listen to people talk about how there is nothing to be done for these "lone wolf" terrorists that go out and do things with no concern to themselves or anyone around them. For the US at least it seems pretty simple...get some more regulations in for owning these powerful automatic weapons that can be so easily abused against defenseless civilians. Would it stop all of the attacks? Probably not, people will always find a way if they are connected and determined enough Would it cut down on some of these massacres happening on an almost monthly (weekly now?) basis? Why not find out.....
  11. Make Sedins Healthy Scratches This Season

    Look, we all know the Sedin's are shadows of their former selves....but they are still some of the best conditioned athletes in the NHL and they aren't going to be benched at all this season unless there is some sort of nagging injury problem or something along those lines. The most we can hope for as fans of the team (and not just the Twins) is that they continue on the track to being 2nd line players and that Horvat (and others) can step up to take some of the point producing pressure off of their shoulders.
  12. Scoring This Season

    Two hundred sounds about right. A bit up from last year because of some emerging players. However, more of a drop from the Sedin's which is slowly being overshadowed by young guys starting to pick up some of the slack.
  13. RODIN waived

    Personally I was always quite surprised that Rodin garnered the attention that he did on CDC, considering his checkered past with injuries and lack of NHL accomplishments considering his age. I guess we can just chalk it up to having such a weak roster over the last few years that even Rodin seemed like a ray of hope at times. Anyways, he is still getting paid so hopefully he is happy and if he sticks around he may even get a shot when our roster inevitably depletes itself.
  14. NHL tells officials to dial back slashing, faceoff crackdowns

    The NHL really doesn't know what it wants. They need a less bi-polar group to run this League and the department of safety.
  15. [PTO] Brandon Prust with Kings

    Did not come to the Canucks as advertised. Watched him play against us quite a few times in his career and believed that was the player we would be getting. As it turns out he was just coasting around trying to get back to a city his wife would approve of. It is a bit sad considering that those events basically cost him his NHL career but I suppose he is getting another kick at the can and i'm sure LA would be a place that his family would prefer him to play in.