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  1. Incoming alt account in approximately 1-2 months. If not, have fun at HF or wherever you end up.
  2. About time. I remember one of my favorite Pat Quinn moments was when he set Don Cherry straight when he was running his mouth about Bure.
  3. This is going to make the (very vocal) self loathing segment of our fan base very angry. Love it!
  4. Original six team that is struggling to make the playoffs....this could go either way.
  5. Vintage Burrows. What a beauty.
  6. Canucks history tells us we will add or do nothing. With those options I will take do nothing over parting with our ever slippery and hard to hold onto 2nd round picks.
  7. Big loss for the hockey community and one of the most influential owners in the modern era. Mr. Ilitch was usually mentioned in reverential tones when it came to talking about great 'builders' and is definately the gold standard in how to properly oversee owning an NHL franchise. Hopefully others can live up to the example he set for so many years.
  8. Definitely an unfortunate turn for his career. I feel like we've been waiting on Rodin for years and years....probably because we have. So what's another season or two? By the time he's back he's in his prime!
  9. We are Calgary from 4 or 5 years ago. Although I think we are ever so slightly trending in a better direction than they were.
  10. Man, just like Sutter last season. Good, reliable player gets traded to the Canucks and gets a major injury early on in the season. Deja vu.
  11. This may start getting dangerous....for Marchand. The league brass refuses to suspend him because the Bruin's need their top scorer for an attempt at the playoffs but at the same time other players are going to start looking at this and saying to themselves "something needs to be done". Remember the can-opener that Prust gave him a couple years ago? I think what will come next will be worse if this keeps up.....
  12. Watched both game 7 losses, 94 and '11. Those were the lowest of lows while watching games. The fiasco with Keenan and Messier is also a dark period as well....I will never be able to forget the soul of our franchise being torn out by our worst enemies. To put it into perspective for a few younger fans. Imagine if after 2011, the Canucks went and hired Julien and he gave the boot to our leadership core and copy and pasted someone like Marchand or Recchi in there on massive contracts and they half-assed their way through the whole thing. Yeah, it was bad.
  13. The Islanders won't be relocating to another city, this is a former dynasty team. New York can definitely have 2 teams if they are supported correctly
  14. Back in the day, I thought getting Messier was going to be good for the Canucks. That was probably the most wrong I've ever been in my life.
  15. Not sure anyone is really surprised by this. Jeremy Jacobs is Bettman's boss.