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  1. 20 game point nearing. Does AV lose his job if Nucks are .500 team?

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    2. Brad Marchand

      Brad Marchand

      Not unless CDC becomes the new GM.

    3. Mr.DirtyDangles


      Wow ! So the sky is falling is it ?

    4. joe of the north

      joe of the north

      gillis has said, that AV isn't going anywhere, nor should he......this is your team, try embracing them...

      it will do wonders for your complexion....

  2. Does anyone else think the Canucks looked pretty damn tired last night?

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    2. Two one one

      Two one one

      Well, yeah, but every team looks tired when they lose 8-1.

    3. mooremooremoore


      I mean in the 2nd though. They seemed to lose gas. We killed them in the first, but in the 2nd we just didn't seem to be able to keep up the pace. I honestly think that the reason we lost that game was because our guys were exhausted.

    4. joe of the north

      joe of the north

      when anh scored those 2 power play goals, it gave them more inspiration.....we had that in the 3rd period and dominated....

  3. AV is a mediocre coach.. I'll wait for a Nucks win to make a thread about it.

    1. kanucks25


      For someone who isn't a big AV fan I actually think he's been doing a good job in this series, the players just didn't show up yesterday. Wasn't a fan of the 4th line changes and still no Ballard, though.

  4. Daniel Kesler Burrows / Higgins Henrik Raymond

  5. If Gretzky can be traded then the Canucks CAN get Weber.

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    2. BruinsForCup2011
    3. Schneider_The_Ginger


      This logic blew my mind.

    4. mooremooremoore


      Lol.. Those were the kind of reactions I was going for.. Seriously though, Weber is an RFA at the end of this year. If we signed him to an offer sheet at like 7-7.5 per for 10 years would Nashville be able to afford it in their situation(not close to the cap, yet ownership unwilling to dish out the bucks)? Anything's possible.

  6. People seem to think I have a hate on for AV. People think correctly.

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    2. BedBeats™2.0


      Ive been accused of being a Bieksa lover.

    3. mooremooremoore


      I like Bieksa, too. Just in a limited role and at a lower cap hit.

    4. The Situation
  7. Thanks for viewing my profile!

  8. Ballards not 'elite' but he's pretty damn good.