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  1. Where's Wellwood

    Cory Schneider's Decline

    After pasting the link, you'll get a tiny prompt to paste the link as plain text instead of rich text. Click that and the link will embed on its own
  2. Where's Wellwood

    [Proposal] 1 last run

    So then why was the Nylander deadline Dec.1?
  3. Where's Wellwood

    [Proposal] 1 last run

    Wouldn't the sedins have needed to sign by Dec. 1 to play this season? Also, huge overpayment on Schneider. I'd say Markstrom alone is too much. Schneider's salary is 6 million/year, he's won 1 game since last december, he's had injury trouble.
  4. Where's Wellwood

    You just gotta...

  5. Where's Wellwood

    [RUMOUR] TANEV to toronto

    makes sense. With them needing to resign Marner, Matthews, Kapanen, and Reilly soon, they'll be looking to load up while Marner and Matthews are on ELC
  6. Where's Wellwood

    Escape rooms

    Unless you're part of a group that already works well together and are creative/intuitive/clever, you likely won't get out playing for your first time. Depending on the difficulty of the room, you'd have to play the same room a couple times before you manage to complete it in the time limit. And that's expensive.
  7. Where's Wellwood

    WHL Kooteney Ice to be moved to Winnipeg

    Winnipeg will have 3 teams?
  8. Where's Wellwood

    Questions regarding the Seattle entry draft

    Actually, all the forwards in Utica (Lind, Dahlen, Gadjovich, Jasek, Palmu, etc) and Juolevi will be eligible to be taken Players need to have played 3 years in the AHL or NHL which they all will have by then.
  9. Where's Wellwood

    Questions regarding the Seattle entry draft

    RFA's aren't auto protected. It's done by years of AHL/NHL experience (2 or less is exempt from selection by Seattle). A player could have 3 years of play and still be an RFA that needs protection. Similarly, since the expansion draft would be before free agency opens, even a pending UFA would still need protection if we wanted to retain their negotiation rights.
  10. Where's Wellwood

    [Report] Canucks loan Sam Gagner to Toronto Marlies

    So Gaudette is here to stay until we have Beagle and Sutter back. At least Gagner didn't need to clear waivers again.
  11. Where's Wellwood

    Seattle Expansion Draft - Who do the Canucks protect?

    It's two AHL or NHL seasons with a season defined as 10 games played. So even if Hughes plays 9 games at the end of this season, it shouldn't count as a professional season. He'd then have 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 and thus be exempt because he'd have only 2 professional seasons. And any of our current Utica Comets will definitely be eligible. Eriksson's contract is no longer a NMC. and by the time of the expansion draft, he'll only have a year left with a modified NTC.
  12. Where's Wellwood

    The New CBA - will there be a 1 time only buy out clause (discussion)

    There was two last time but only because the Salary Cap dropped a ton. If there is a lockout but the salary cap amount stays relatively constant, they might not provide any compliance buyouts. If we get two, Eriksson would be a good option. Hopefully, we could use one to get us out of the cap recapture on Luongo. That's kind of like a buyout.
  13. Where's Wellwood

    [Rumor] Emil Pettersson to Europe

    If he's going to Europe, why pay anything for him? Let him play out the year overseas and then sign him as depth in the off season. We don't need to give Nashville anything.