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  1. I LOVE the theme but I don't have the time unfortunately
  2. 24 year old Canadian Brayden Schnur, who started the year ranked 172, cracks the top 100 for the first time in his career after making the final of a challenger tournament in Winnipeg. He had previously made the final of an ATP250 event in New York earlier this year, and will play his first match as a top 100 player at an ATP event in Newport this week.
  3. Didn't he already acquire some centres this offseason? According to this, https://www.tsn.ca/nhl/team/vancouver-canucks/transactions we've added Tyler Graovac and Cater Camper who've both put up points at C in the AHL. Gaudette could also start in Utica to play centre. I don't see him beating out Petey, Bo, Sutter, or Beagle if those 4 are healthy and Gaudette needs to develop his game. If an injury happens we also now have Miller who can play some centre.
  4. I didn't even bother to check that, but yeah. His account has 22 tweets now. Wiped clean
  5. 35 straight healthy scratches and didn't play in the playoffs after being taken 14th overall. I hope Juolevi can overcome his injury setbacks and be more than a Honka
  6. How awkward that he $&!#s on some of Benning's moves on twitter and is simultaneously going through interviews with him to get the job
  7. Houston Rockets have traded their 2024 and 2026 first round draft picks. Can you imagine if NHL teams traded picks that far away?

    1. Baer.
    2. ThaManbeast


      Picks have less value, and NBA stars have more value in the NBA compared to the NHL.

    3. NewbieCanuckFan


      Problem is there are far fewer roster spots on a NBA team.  Compare that to an NHL team.  And you’re talking about deal a 1st round pick 6+ years from now (one of the components in that trade).  Even in the NHL that would have limited value.

  8. He can afford to splurge on accommodations. Why go for the cheapest AirBNB you could find?
  9. They've lost Zaitsev and Gardiner and gained 1 year of Barrie They've lost Kadri and gained Kerfoot with Marner still not signed yet. It doesn't seem that much better. and if Barrie leaves next summer, it seems like their D overall is worse and the Tavares-Matthews-Nylander-Marner quadrafecta is still stupid expensive