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  1. I can't believe the Devils have TWO 1st overall picks on the roster and are as bad as they are.
  2. That friend is a dumbass who clearly was either not listening or ignoring what the health professionals have been saying. It's infuriating that an at risk individual (diabetes in this case) lost their life even though they've been following the rules just because one idiot so blatantly broke the rules. It's one thing if they were asymptomatic and spread it by accident but they KNEW they were positive for the virus. And, if asymptomatic, you don't get tested for no reason, so clearly they'd been in contact with someone or someplace with a case and still decided to go to the BBQ after feeling concerned enough to get tested and found positive
  3. I think we traded for him before we signed Hamhuis. Once Hamhuis signed in free agency, Ballard lost his potential spot in the top 4. Also, his injuries.
  4. I can't see any Canuck that has made the trip to Vancouver opting out since they're already here
  5. I loved him so much in the Ocean's Trilogy. What a gem he was.
  6. Anyone else think there should be two winners every year for the "Daniel and Henrik Sedin Award"?
  7. How can you have over 100% attendance?
  8. 1.7five? Good price. Price cut from his current 2.seven7five
  9. Thats every regular season or playoffs in the major pro sports.
  10. They're choosing to finish the season that was 80% of the way done, rather than assuming that next season will just begin in October like normal (spoilers: it won't. Even if they just ended this season, there still won't be fans in stands in October)
  11. Maybe it's just because I associate his voice with the Boeser 'Lucky' video, and Boeser and Petey's first hattricks, but I don't hate Randorf. Didn't he also call Petterssons first career goal? Itd be depressing to dislike a voice that's called so many important moments
  12. There's no salary cap, roster size is expanded, and the AHL season is over. I wonder if Baer gets into the lineup of we need more offense. Didn't Baer and Gaud do good together?