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  1. How is A&W gravy? Compared to Church's, KFC, and NYF gravy?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. luckylager


      Better than NYF

    3. drummer4now


      I find A&W gravy too watery and bland. 


      So IMO it's:



    4. goog16


      it's good but a little too salty I think...

  2. Wimbledon has uploaded the entire Isner-Mahut 11hour long match. Timestamps of notable moments (break points, breaking of records, etc) in the comments.
  3. When did I ever say that Quinn didn't get more help? I'm saying Pettersson wasn't that alone in his Calder season.
  4. I think Brock would disagree with the idea the of Pettersson doing it singlehandedly. In Petey's Calder season, he did a lot with Boeser
  5. Thanks man. I came to check in before bed and didn't expect the game to be over.
  6. I will be off this afternoon for a lecture and then I have a quiz tomorrow so I might post some more before nightfall, but I won't be able to extensively defend myself if a wagon forms. If it happens, then analyze the wagon after I'm dead. If i'm lynched my last words might not happen till after 10am tomorrow (cause of the quiz) for now vote TL I don't know if a TP TL would vote for me so far from nightfall, when the lynch pool is still pretty wide open.
  7. No role. Not even a PM telling me I'm a flavourless TP
  8. I loved those chips so much. Though I still question the safety of selling them in my highschool vending machine (I think it could've killed somebody, like if they had asthma or something). Blair's discontinued production of them for a while, but restarted in December 2019. I would've jumped on them but shipping is like $50 to Vancouver. https://extremefood.com/products/blairs-habanero-chips?variant=31269677432947
  9. Anyone remember Blair's Death Rain Chips? Really spicy?
  10. You would be wrong. I can't even remember the last time I was mafia, but i know that as normal TP I've often been inactive to the point of it making me a suspect. I think my most active game was when I was TP special (jack of all trades?) in a recent game and I hounded BJ through all of round 2 after I investigated him first night fall. It might have been a game AV hosted.
  11. I'm also, as I've said, still taking classes. At the time I did believe both AV and Ceres. AV because of you and Ceres because he wouldn't bus a team mate if the team mate was PZ. That was before Aladeen clarified the nightfall. MR being 3p has removed a lot of town cred from Ceres for me. Not all of it though since I don't see why Virt would so strongly defend if he and Ceres were mafia The idea of a vig is possible but so open ended that I didn't bother addressing it. We might as well consider there's an SK too if we're thinking of all possible ways AV could have been targetted. And what other ways could mafia mess up their kill? I addressed withholding their kill on purpose (unlikely) and I agree it's probable that they targetted AV and you saved him