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  1. I think Myers' advance stats were horrible with winnipeg. They're better here paired with a good D man in Edler.
  2. I think febrile seizures are really rare in people over the age of like 6
  3. do you follow cycling at all? It may have to do with google tailoring your search results based on your search history. the hockey player is the only results i get for at least the whole first page
  4. In some cases taking too many opioids can paradoxically increase pain by lowering the pain threshold. So tapering to a lower dose can actually decrease the pain. But this isn't everybody. The patients described here have persistent, or permanent physical problems which will always cause them pain. For these people a taper may not be feasible.
  5. I believe they'll get 9 points over the next four games. It'll be tough and no NHL team has ever done it before but I believe that the combined power of Bo, Boes, Petey, Miller, Quinn, and Markstrom (The 6 Infinity Stones) can bend reality enough to make it happen.
  6. I think a more interesting variation of the scenario is that Team A manages to score into Team B's empty net (It's 6 on 5) and so Team B challenges the goal on the reasoning that their own entry into the zone 40 seconds earlier was offside. So its Team B challenging their own offside to negate Team A's empty net goal
  7. I would remove Schaefer, Tambellini, Bolduc, and Desbiens from the Best team and add Malholtra
  8. I appreciate the attempt at connecting Quinn to their line
  9. Where's Wellwood

    BC Lions

    Was he the problem? I watched very few of the games so I don't know.
  10. I'd say most people posting on this forum don't even know exactly what it is they do. At least not the depth that we imagine we know the job of a head coach or GM
  11. Why is a team in texas hosting a Winter Classic? What the average winter temperature there?
  12. Was the KHL an option? Or was that a write in vote?
  13. Podkolzin crashes into the post on a breakaway and had trouble getting up. He remains on the bench for now