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  1. 5-3 Capitals 7 shots
  2. So who the hell are Alaska's goalies now?
  3. 4-2 Canucks Baertschi
  4. Anyone else completely unable to sign in to the piece of $&!# that is Outlook (Hotmail)?

  5. Doctor Strange was adequate. Didn't hate Cumberbatch's accent as much as I thought I would. Full Spiderman trailer on Jimmy Kimmel Live tomorrow night!
  6. With Gaudette and Boeser and even Patrick injured, Canucks players are getting injured before they've made the team, or have even been drafted yet.
  7. I suck at this game. 4-1 Canucks. 18 shots
  8. 3-1 Leafs 32 minutes
  9. I've sworn myself off of those list articles. I'm happier for it
  10. Canucks shoot out goal to be disallowed while 14 other identical goals that night are declared good.
  11. 3-2 Ducks 35 saves
  12. My new favourite thing:



  13. 3-1 Wild 1 shot. Edit: Changed number of shots to reflect Tryamkin.