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  1. Does Ellis' injury have something to do with the associate captain title? The fact that he can't play right now?
  2. https://twitter.com/DhaliwalSports/status/908789695189889024
  3. Yup. The king's played Brown, Kopitar, Tiffoli, Muzzin from what I saw. Quick was in net for part. We had Baer, Granlund, Del Zotto, Bo, Markstrom as our NHL regulars
  4. Then why talk about it? They're just stirring up $&!#. It's the middle of training camp, there are more concrete, factually based things to talk about than making up a doom and gloom worst case scenario for one of the promising young players in the organization.
  5. Difference is Tryamkin's contract with us ran out. He had the option of signing in the KHL. Goldobin has a current contract with us, has been shown on instragram to be perfectly comfortable living in the West (unlike Tryamkin), has no wife who hates it here, and has accepted playing in the AHL before. With Utica no less. He just has a very different mindset and attitude than Tryamkin and i don't believe that Sekeres has personally heard anything to suggest otherwise.
  6. The number of medals the US will win in 2028 will be sickening. It's a good thing both cities have most of their facilities already built. http://m.torontosun.com/2017/09/13/ioc-announces-hosts-for-2024-and-2028-olympic-games-in-first-double-gold-ever
  7. Another one. This one cost more and the guy is even more of an idiot. http://www.cbc.ca/amp/1.4287347 Excerpts from the article.
  8. Worth noting that for expansion draft, only NHL and AHL counted as pro seasons
  9. Seattle should really get an NBA team before an NHL team
  10. I got QC gets a team first
  11. Surprised at the lack of a mention of Burr even when they mention Dahlen.
  12. I love Jamie Bennand. What an all star.
  13. Isn't this reasoning why the NFL draft picks are pretty sure fire? Because they're drafted so old that you know they'll be good.
  14. The Oilers slowly becoming the Bruins. Upper management. Lucic, Ferrence, Kelly. And yes, I know Ferrence and Lucic's Oiler tenures didn't overlap.