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  1. Brock Boeser | #6 | RW

    That's some kind of cast. Procedure was on his wrist but the cast covers past his elbow
  2. He's a peanut butter licking lowlife. We all know that. How long till we sign Pettersson?
  3. 2017-18 Utica Comets Thread

    We almost stole game 1. We can play pray for a Leafs win against Boston, play Dahlen in game 2, steal Game 2 and gain home ice
  4. 2017-18 Utica Comets Thread

    To be eligible for the AHL playoffs, you must have been on the AHL roster at the NHL trade deadline. However, NHL teams only get 4 non-emergency call ups after the trade deadline. We sent Goldobin and Motte down to the AHL at the deadline (on paper only, they never got on a plane). We used 2 of our 4 call ups to bring them back up (on paper). Sautner was an emergency call up since we didn't have enough healthy bodies at one point after the deadline, so he could be sent down and still play for Utica. We never 'papered' down Archibald or Jokinen so they can't play. We could have, along with Goldobin and Motte, but then we'd have no call ups for the rest of the season if we papered them all back up. Gaudette would have needed to sign an amateur tryout contract (ATO), or professional tryout contract (PTO) with Utica rather than his NHL contract for this year to play for Utica.
  5. Current Untouchables?

    Edler OR Tanev are on the trade if possible list for me. We can't afford to trade both though. Bo, Brock, Demko, Pettersson, and maybe even Dahlen are not for sale.
  6. If people needed more reason to support the Leafs, or cheer against the Bruins, same thing, the Utica Comets play the Toronto Marlies in the first round of the AHL playoffs. If Toronto loses in 5, the Marlies will get players back from the Leafs. At least hope the series goes to 6 so that the Marlies don't get reinforcements till at least game 3 of a best of 5.

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    2. 6string


      My hate for Toronto is too strong, I hope Boston finishes them in Game 5 with Kadri's return. But I'll be watching Utica and the Marlies online, I wanna see our prospects play and get some idea who may be competing for the bigs next season.

    3. Jimmy McGill

      Jimmy McGill

      I've decided that I can hope for a Leafs loss and not care what happens in Boston. I'm living on that edge. 

    4. brilac


      I don't care for either team - Maple Leafs- Bruins.  And it's odd that the Maple Leafs were the 1st team I ever knew.  I was 5, and my grandfather was a Leafs fan. But I am interested on who will win.  This is a very interesting Playoff series.

  7. Holy $&!#. My brother liked some of his stuff
  8. Big whoop. I've only got 30 arenas left to match her.
  9. PDF: (P1) Vegas Golden Knights vs. (P3) San Jose Sharks

    Surprisingly the Wild are 3-0 vs the Golden Knights. The only team left in the playoffs with a winning record against the Golden Knights.
  10. Thank you. I saw the April 11 and thought Apr 11 2018. I couldn't think of what happened last week with the Kings that had anything to do with Canada. &^@# the Kings. &^@# the Bruins more though.
  11. Am I an idiot for not understanding the context of this tweet at all?
  12. [Discussion] Canucks 2018-19 blueline

    I'd trade Tanev before too long because of declining value with age and injury, but trading Hutton at an all time low in value isn't smart. Give him till at least next TDL to see if this Summer makes a difference in him and if not, his value won't fall much lower
  13. Report - Calgary Flames relieve coaches of their duties

    Desjardins, AV, and Crow all have experience
  14. Yet more reason I'm all Leafs this series. Worse than Cherry and that's what Bruins fans grow up getting accustomed to. No wonder they're awful.
  15. Jim Benning will represent the Canucks at the Draft Lottery

    The lottery is on April 28th. When do the Sedins' final contracts technically end? June 30th?