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  1. These ideas sure are two months old.
  2. Anybody with a Royal Conservatory of Music account tried to sign in since the website update? It says the email I use doesn't have an existent user attached to it.

  3. Thanks for hosting J. It was a good week
  4. vote GFY
  5. Why do we (@Aladeen) think it's GFY?
  6. Wow. I got stuff going on outside the game. I don't need to get jerked around so late in the round unvote
  7. If this is a mafia scheme, it'll be outed as such after this round. But since BJ is a stronger player if this is a ruse and the mafia would try to lynch BJ in such a ruse I'll unvote vote MH instead. If this is legit, it shouldn't matter what order we lynch, right?
  8. unvote vote BJ
  9. Honestly can't tell if you're serious. There's no lovers vote MR
  10. confirmed by who? The same that confirmed BW?
  11. Are you paranoid in contact with real sheriff who also investigated BW? Well then. Funny thing is, I wanted a no PM game when it was still an option on page 1. vote BW
  12. Honestly this is pretty damning. If TP you'd have argued for lynching MH, or somebody in the conspiracy to lynch you. Expressing desire to delay serves no TP purpose. It only buys time which makes you seem pretty scummy.
  13. Shapovalov on the rise. 18 years old and if he beats Nadal, he'll be the third teenager in the top 100.
  14. We only have like 4 contract spaces left right?
  15. But it's unlikely you've nailed 3 of them. BW shouldn't be the next lynch for two mistakes especially with qwags reasoning and reaction to the 112 vote