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  1. This is Canucksfan1983 and I approve this messege!When has Negativity ever helped a bomb squad defuser? If it helped the guy to be negative, you would think they would assign someone to be right on top of him yelling things like, "You can't defuse this bomb, ya JACKA$$!" Come to think of it, did it help poor ol' Happy Gilmore?
  2. Bieksa has paid his dues in FULL guys. There are plenty of other defensemen out there who wouldn't sacrifice themselves in the manner Bieksa does night in night out. He has a presence on this vancouver team and H.Sedin knows that presence more than us, If your a true fan of the team you'll back up our new Captain and stand behind his decision. Check and Mate!GO! CANUCKS! GO!
  3. no he made the moose, it said he's on the moose.
  4. Who will score the first Canuck goal of the season?

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    2. Brad Marchand

      Brad Marchand

      Barry Wilkins will come out of retirement to score the first goal of the season against the same team he scored the franchise's 1st goal against. We will proceed to lose by the same score as that very 1st game.

    3. HighwayToHell


      i hope it's raffi torres so vanfan will shut the hell up for a little while

    4. ReverendMayhem93
  5. Mitchell or Bieksa or Salo? hmmm... who should stay?

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    2. The Situation

      The Situation

      Mitchell and Salo, Bieksa is the worst of the three by far

    3. Canuckette_84
    4. kanucks25


      Mitchell (and Salo for the second half of the season).

  6. Wow, Florida Panthers last? I think they'll be in the playoff race. They won't make it but they'll get 9th,10,or 11th. If the Devils can snatch Kovalchuk I think they'll get 1st in the east. Not too bad though putting them at number two.Good read.... GO! CANUCKS! GO!
  7. I thought Niemi went to dallas with the trade for turco to chicago??
  8. Really Iffy on the Luongo Investigation...

  9. Great deal! MG signs Raymond for 2.55mil/year for 2 years!

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    2. d^/ > _ < \^b

      d^/ > _ < \^b

      lol... but anyhow, real happy for Ray and the whole 'nucks organization.

    3. PowerIce


      That's like soooo yesterday, gawd.

    4. Canucksfan1983


      lol i haven't updated my status in a while :P