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  1. Markstrom hasn't been very good this game. Pp is trash and Larsen needs to be waived. Useless on the point and literally couldn't have any strength to defend. Why is it LA has our number? They don't even look good either.
  2. Calgary showcases youth and skill with gaudreau edmonton does it with mcdavid Winnipeg does it with laine Toronto does it with Matthews Canucks put their prized Schneider deal (Horvat) on the 4th line. Something has got to give this year. WD doesn't have the good depth to roll 4 lines and he's gonna lose his job soon. Management will be overhauled in the offseason. Enjoy the other surging Canadian teams while we watch horvat request a trade and management trade skill for AHL fodder
  3. Rumor has it management is interested in one or two waiver wire pick ups. One could be Condra the other is Pulkkinen.
  4. Larsen on the first goal almost feared even being in Pouilots alley. Not sure what depth the Canucks think they have in Utica but they appear to be fighting for bottom 5 if they get into injury trouble in a draft year one of the weakest in a decade. Figures for vancouver
  5. Sedins if they ever looked old and slow look it tonight. Whole team looks slow and stale. Dead with the puck in all zones. Oilers look fresh and crafty. Canucks need so desperately a Duchene or Sam reinhart type player (bore to watch offensively). Got to think stetcher Cher has a better chance with his passing ability than Larsen.
  6. Here's one rumor: tryamkin for kyle palmieiri (2nd line pwf with experience playing in the west)
  7. More of the same from last year. WD managing to include another too many men penalty (bench minor). An inefficient special teams and Too many scrubs (Etem/burrows/ruutu) and not enough skill. Top 10 pick how this team is again shaping up. Aquilini won't tolerate more losing.
  8. Penalties killing the flow and the game. Calling everything. tryamkin having a brutal game. Looks lost and slow a foot. Etem better get his legs moving or it's waiver fodder (another pointless trade by JB for a Medicine Hat alum)
  9. Going to call this now, they way the preseason is going, after 20 games in Willie D will be fired and Green promoted
  10. Crazy rumor (posted on CC) which wouldn't make sense unless Vancouver was going to mega offer sheet Kucherov but it was: Pitts- MA Fleury for Van- Ryan Miller, Alex Burrows and a pick (no cap retention)
  11. He had a bland game last night and seems to be regressing. Fringe NHL player. Had opportunities with the Sedins last year and didn't do a thing. Hope he gets picked up to save cap and contract savings - another poor shoeing for Gillis draft history
  12. Tryamkin needs to use his body more, looked a litle light on his feet. Demko looked good for a period. Skille and Rendulic looked good. grenier is playing himself to the KHL - he's had so many chances and didn't get noticed. Didn't realize burrows was even playing. He's near done
  13. Speaking of injuries any reason why Sutter hasn't played at all yet?
  14. If Kucherov won't sign in Tampa then offer sheet him - it's not like the Canucks like their picks anyways - get a stud top 3 and then maybe trade tanev or Edler for a top 3 young centerman (sam Reinhart?) then the Sedins can drop to the 2nd line
  15. Apparently the Jets would like Hutton for Trouba. interesting 1-1 offer especially if stecher works out