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  1. Thought Benning did a good job with some skill picks and traded down. Solid B+. Thought Dallas and Philadelphia made some smart moves at the draft. Discuss.
  2. Anybody know if the draft for both days is broadcasted? And if so what channel/stream?
  3. We all know the laundry list for the Canucks and all their bad timings, luck and misfortunes in their entire history. It got me thinking however of some (albeit small) breaks they did catch. Here's a discussion to list them: - 2011 Game 5 Bieksa goal (the stanchion? That's quite a break to the cup finals) - NHL adopted a 2-3-2 playoff bracket and in 1994 it helped Vancouver with breezing by Dallas and Toronto(?) to the finals - Pavel Bure drafted (smuggled in almost) What else? Anything else?
  4. THIS Just killed the trade deadline... nobody will trade with them now
  5. Vancouver and Columbus could be trading partners. Abramov on Canucks radar.
  6. This entire franchise is in a sad SAD state ... to think we could of had Laine or pujularvi and the coach said they've been playing some of their best hockey the past 5 games...? There were here so many scoring unsigned players and they brought on Skille... it's just a mess of a team
  7. Canucks ownership and management this is youth being served. Nylander marner and Matthews have been electric.
  8. Our second line hinges on Granlund who was AHL fodder 12 months ago. Sutter/horvat/Gaunce all play a similar game and only Bo has a scoring touch (above average shot). Virtanen looks lost and disinterested as a 6th overall. For or a meat and potatoes philosophy it sure is working - we have very little skill/scoring. The only tough players are Dorset who can barely do anything with the puck and gets unnecessarily into opponents for too much money. Then you have pizza man Sbisa who in almost every game has a uncharacteristic dumb moment. But he was who we wanted for Kesler. the team has no chips to trade and the ones they do have are worthless. Who is Responsible for icing a product on the ice worth watching?
  9. It's a mess. We lack scoring and all summer we don't attempt to sign anybody with skill. No we bring in Ruutu, Sheppard and Skille and even sign Skille. JB at least is average at drafting but is abysmal at team evaluation (how many times has he said this is a playoff team?) and trades. I almost shudder what trade he will do to benefit the next GM. linden was a great captain in the day but how his days have got to be numbered how this team and interest level is being driven to the ground. Empty seats, dwindling fan interest. Who can come in and rebuild this franchise? Dare I say Gillis as president and someone else as GM/Coach? Or Tallon? Someone new who is smart and savvy and understands how to rebuild (ex sell off aging vets at the deadline?). Is there anyone who can make a proper rebuild blueprint and stick to it? none of this make the playoffs when reality says the team even when healthy may not even hit 65 points at this pace
  10. Ugh for the love of... benning eyeing a deal with Boston. Tanev for spooner... hate to say it but can we bring in Keenan or gillis for trades and cleanup?
  11. I agree we're a laughing stock of a team right now. We haven't had a lead for more than a period in 10 games and counting and if we didn't have a skewed 4 game win streak we'd have 1 measly point to show. Now in the 6 game losing streak the true colors show. Get the vets out while they have some value and just rebuild with skill and youth
  12. This team is horrid. Bad coaching, no scoring, no grit, top down a brutal organization with zero Direction. A '100 point team '- "fight for playoffs?" Really who's kidding who here. management why not just ice a pleasant to watch offensive speedy young team with a coach that gets the best out of his lineup than running a four line of 3rd liners and giving no confidence for the prospects. The past few years is recycling garbage like the flames of 2000's. Tear at the whole thing down and rebuild like the leafs. And please just sell at the deadline. Aqualini do what is right and not pretend.
  13. Four lucky wins followed by four losses. Those wins they had to come from behind. Scorelss in 7 plus periods. This is an awful lineup with an awful coach and a mediocre management and our youth isn't doing anything productive. Product on the ice is the worst it's ever been since the late 90's. willie will get fired this year to buy management another year but they have to be sure to sell off at the deadline or they'll all get fired this offseason including Linden.
  14. Canucks could easily be 0-4-1 and Willie would be close to fired. Right now the record shows wins but the team has played come from behind hockey a lot, youth isn't scoring and their PP with Larsen is a fail. WD isnt the best for line deployment and on the fly strategies. See where the team and coach is by December
  15. Tryamkin isn't going to stick around riding pine for much longer. Either bolting to KHL or JB will trade him where he can play. Ho-Sang/bailey for tryamkin or a deal with Boston like Spooner for Tryamkin