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  1. Elliotte Friedman has suggested Canucks will be major players and will have 20-30 million in cap space to spend. It's likely the Canucks will drop out of the playoff race and then we wait for the lottery balls (Edmonton, Ott/Col and New York Rangers, Detroit likely in top 4 slots). Canucks need top 6 wingers (scorers), size and a D overhaul. About 20 games left in the season, predict the UFA signings and for fun guess their 1st round pick selection. 2019-2020 Roster Pearson - Horvat - Boeser _______ - Petterson - Leivo Roussel - Beagle - ______ Eriksson - Gaudette - Motte Extras: Spooner, MacEwen, _____ ____ - Stecher Hutton - ______ ____ - Hughes* Extras: Juolevi* (starts in AHL again), Sautner, Biega, Brisebois, Chatfield Markstrom Demko Utica - Leighton (1 year contract vet to replace Bachman) or Mazanec Kalamazoo - Kublakov/DiPietro Draft Picking #7 - Bowen Byram UFA Targets Defense - Chara (it's Benning and co....I think they'll try 1-2 year $$$ incentive based contract ONLY if Bruins don't bring the 42 year old back) - Brad Hunt (pp unit 2 or depth dman) - Tyler Myers (Benning connection) - Jake Gardiner (Canucks new whipping boy) - Ben Chiarot Forwards - Micheal Haley (Benning loves a feisty player...see Marchand, Dorsett, Roussel) - Michael Raffl - Anders Lee (LW big body) - Jeff Skinner (was rumored Benning had interest; will throw term likely) - Michael Ferland (another LW big body; BC connections) - Joonas Donskoi (putting up good numbers but only if they let Leivo go UFA) Big name UFA Canucks will try to sign (but will fall short) = one of Karlsson + Panarin Trades Edler's rights to be dealt for a pick before UFA, one or 2 of Goldobin/Virtanen/Sutter traded at the draft or July. Schaller bought out. Gaunce/Eriksson/Biega kept for Seattle expansion. Baer retires due to concussions. Canucks trade target - NJ Forward Miles Wood & Jets D Trouba Honorable Mention - Granlund, Biega, Poo are gone.
  2. Is Benning the WORST GM in the West?....

    1. Dazzle


      You're a knob.

    2. Phil_314


      He's got the worst expressions.

  3. JB - add some necessary size/skill/youth on the backend = pick up a TB d-man (Sustr!)

    1. Warhippy


      Yes because Stevie Y is going to let go of a monstrous smooth skating D man with amazing upside just because

  4. Why would the Jets trade for and then put Budaj on waivers?

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    2. drummer4now
    3. HowYaDrouin


      They were clearing out a 1 one contract, they didn't want to lose Tangradi for free, so they dealt him. Now if Budaj clears, they have an NHL-calibre goalie in the system, a prospect with pro experience, and a roster spot for one of the young kids in WPG; IMO great GM'ing from Cheveldayoff.

    4. Dazzle


      I disagree, HowYaDrouin - if Budaj doesn't clear, the trade for him was pointless.

  5. Why does Canucks App not work with IOS 8 update?

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    2. Heretic


      Ouch! Low blow Mr. Ambien! ;)

    3. jdatb


      you're installing it wrong

    4. -Vintage Canuck-

      -Vintage Canuck-

      There's a new update available in the App Store. It should work now.