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  1. Kind of wonder if Canucks dangled virtanen for landeskog - that wasn't enough and landeskog still on trade market. Lightning keep adding to their payroll and wonder if paquette, Callahan or palat could be had
  2. With the weird trades in Ottawa; could we pry Stone? He's a gritty but skilled winger... hayes would be good too. Only problem is the team lacks any quality assets to trade
  3. I think that's the best trade 1 for 1. I would do it for Duchene too.Then deal Sbisa for anything.
  4. Gillis picks: mcnally schroeder hodgson etc really making an impact..
  5. Sbisa would likely retire than hear out torts after his pizza a game delivery
  6. Wonder if Benning would pry Vesey for free and solve his top 6 issue without losing assets. if he doesn't I see him following these players: - Marchand - yeah but he's a good top 9 player - Kunitz - pass - Skinner - pass - Lee (suggested here in thread; strong possibility) - Duchene or Landeskog - $$$ - Kane - only if Vesey signs in Buffalo; he has said he wants to play here (think it's a strong possibility) - Lupul or JVR - lupul could be a fit; he's edgy, can snipe likely come cheap but injury prone - Hartnell - have to be a cap dump trade palat - lightning need to shed and he's a lefty and big and young Sbisa/Gaunce/Granlund/Columbus pick/Hutton (only for JVR or Duchene/landeskog) as JB assets Dark horses who ends up here - palat, lupul, lee
  7. It's has to be a 2nd liner either in the 22-25 age range (Skinner/Duchene) or someone above 30 (hartnell). Can't think of anyone else the team is interested in or is available. I'm sure Sbisa/AHL prospect and Columbus 2nd rounder is up for grabs. one name I could see maybe is Nick foligno. Gritty/pots goals and maybe Torts and their GM is crazy enough to trade him
  8. I wonder if Boston is in the mix - maybe spooner for Sbisa and 2nd?
  9. Got to think its tanev and virtanen for landeskog. Which is a bit too rich. If we add another piece id ask for Barrie - probably why it's been so quiet on this amongst all other trades right now
  10. It's bound to happen that one of Miller and or markstrom will get injured. Demko would be the most logical callup. He won't play as a backup this year but why couldn't he backup next year?
  11. Good deal. I'm almost certain demko will get looks this year and will be backup by 2017 season
  12. Didn't linden just squash this rumor?
  13. Jooris to Vancouver
  14. It'll probably end up being foligno for Sbisa and cbj 2nd and Guance
  15. Rumored offer for Barrie was JVR and colorados said no (wanted gardiner). If that's the case likely Benning offering virtanen/cbj 2nd pick/tanev for landeskog and Barrie. Then Sbisa offloaded for a pick