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  1. Look for the following trade: Vancouver: JVR (% retained), Kapanen Toronto: Tanev, Chaput
  2. Hockeytrader @nhltradesguy·6h Pens are busy. Offered Hagelin, Pouliot, 1st for Tanev. Benning getting lots of interest in Tanev. Driving price up. can see Benning wants a player and a prospect/pick for Tanev. Don't rule out the leafs but while the pens offer isn't very good it's driving up the market. Would Lou give brown/lilegren/pick?
  3. If tanev goes to the leafs get kapanen and brown plus lilegren; otherwise trade him to buffalo for Reinhart or don't trade him at all.
  4. Think of all the Jagr jerseys that ownership could sell... his mullet is a legend in itself. 1 year bonus incentive deal...
  5. Perhaps a 2 way or PTO but likely to replace Dorsett and if they end up trading Gudbranson... Dhaliwal has been money lately on this stuff unlike Sekeres...
  6. Not overly reputable but ... Hockeytrader @nhltradesguy Canucks and Sabres have been talking for awhile now about Tanev for Reinhart. Getting more serious.
  7. Other rumor is Tanev for Sam Reinhart. Younger more second line center the Canucks could use behind Bo. JVR is too old and injury proned - pass. Opens up sutter deal or moving him to wing
  8. Linden on Team1040 this afternoon pretty much spilled the beans needing to dip into UFA pool for a goalie (D depth + skilled forwards who can play PP2 unit) - so we can say goodbye to Miller. Not much goalie who can act as a backup but also potential for 1B (see Markstrom's injury woes) would be Kinkaid. Played well in New Jersey and was used to Schneider who was the undisputed number 1. Kuemper would be another option. I don't see Lack here - had a woeful year and it was a one way ticket out of Vancouver. Appears they want some skill (Weal, Agostino = Top 6 in Utica and bottom 6 with the club + Gagner, Fontaine,Purcell Top 9 and PP2 unit). On D for depth look to Postma, Tennyson, Quincey, Weircoch, Folin, Hunwick & Auvitu (this guy was on fire with NJ at one point...). If Dorsett doesn't return look at Thorburn, King & Bollig.
  9. Names to keep an eye on (UFA): Jordan Weal (C) Dylan McIlrath (D) Dmitri Kulikov (D) Darcy Kuemper (G) Dwight King (L) Keith Kinkaid (G) Brad Hunt (D) Jhonas Enroth (G)
  10. Thought Benning did a good job with some skill picks and traded down. Solid B+. Thought Dallas and Philadelphia made some smart moves at the draft. Discuss.
  11. Anybody know if the draft for both days is broadcasted? And if so what channel/stream?
  12. We all know the laundry list for the Canucks and all their bad timings, luck and misfortunes in their entire history. It got me thinking however of some (albeit small) breaks they did catch. Here's a discussion to list them: - 2011 Game 5 Bieksa goal (the stanchion? That's quite a break to the cup finals) - NHL adopted a 2-3-2 playoff bracket and in 1994 it helped Vancouver with breezing by Dallas and Toronto(?) to the finals - Pavel Bure drafted (smuggled in almost) What else? Anything else?
  13. THIS Just killed the trade deadline... nobody will trade with them now
  14. Vancouver and Columbus could be trading partners. Abramov on Canucks radar.
  15. This entire franchise is in a sad SAD state ... to think we could of had Laine or pujularvi and the coach said they've been playing some of their best hockey the past 5 games...? There were here so many scoring unsigned players and they brought on Skille... it's just a mess of a team