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  1. Elliotte Friedman has suggested Canucks will be major players and will have 20-30 million in cap space to spend. It's likely the Canucks will drop out of the playoff race and then we wait for the lottery balls (Edmonton, Ott/Col and New York Rangers, Detroit likely in top 4 slots). Canucks need top 6 wingers (scorers), size and a D overhaul. About 20 games left in the season, predict the UFA signings and for fun guess their 1st round pick selection. 2019-2020 Roster Pearson - Horvat - Boeser _______ - Petterson - Leivo Roussel - Beagle - ______ Eriksson - Gaudette - Motte Extras: Spooner, MacEwen, _____ ____ - Stecher Hutton - ______ ____ - Hughes* Extras: Juolevi* (starts in AHL again), Sautner, Biega, Brisebois, Chatfield Markstrom Demko Utica - Leighton (1 year contract vet to replace Bachman) or Mazanec Kalamazoo - Kublakov/DiPietro Draft Picking #7 - Bowen Byram UFA Targets Defense - Chara (it's Benning and co....I think they'll try 1-2 year $$$ incentive based contract ONLY if Bruins don't bring the 42 year old back) - Brad Hunt (pp unit 2 or depth dman) - Tyler Myers (Benning connection) - Jake Gardiner (Canucks new whipping boy) - Ben Chiarot Forwards - Micheal Haley (Benning loves a feisty player...see Marchand, Dorsett, Roussel) - Michael Raffl - Anders Lee (LW big body) - Jeff Skinner (was rumored Benning had interest; will throw term likely) - Michael Ferland (another LW big body; BC connections) - Joonas Donskoi (putting up good numbers but only if they let Leivo go UFA) Big name UFA Canucks will try to sign (but will fall short) = one of Karlsson + Panarin Trades Edler's rights to be dealt for a pick before UFA, one or 2 of Goldobin/Virtanen/Sutter traded at the draft or July. Schaller bought out. Gaunce/Eriksson/Biega kept for Seattle expansion. Baer retires due to concussions. Canucks trade target - NJ Forward Miles Wood & Jets D Trouba Honorable Mention - Granlund, Biega, Poo are gone.
  2. Is Benning the WORST GM in the West?....

    1. Dazzle


      You're a knob.

    2. Phil_314


      He's got the worst expressions.

  3. By next season we'll have nothing to show for the Luongo deal... brutal
  4. JB - add some necessary size/skill/youth on the backend = pick up a TB d-man (Sustr!)

    1. Warhippy


      Yes because Stevie Y is going to let go of a monstrous smooth skating D man with amazing upside just because

  5. Why would the Jets trade for and then put Budaj on waivers?

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    2. drummer4now
    3. HowYaDrouin


      They were clearing out a 1 one contract, they didn't want to lose Tangradi for free, so they dealt him. Now if Budaj clears, they have an NHL-calibre goalie in the system, a prospect with pro experience, and a roster spot for one of the young kids in WPG; IMO great GM'ing from Cheveldayoff.

    4. Dazzle


      I disagree, HowYaDrouin - if Budaj doesn't clear, the trade for him was pointless.

  6. Why does Canucks App not work with IOS 8 update?

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    2. Heretic


      Ouch! Low blow Mr. Ambien! ;)

    3. jdatb


      you're installing it wrong

    4. -Vintage Canuck-

      -Vintage Canuck-

      There's a new update available in the App Store. It should work now.

  7. They need this guy ready next year and contributing in the nhl. Badly. His preseason suggests he's 2-3 years away
  8. He better be a stud in 3-5 years. He had to for the team not to delay another decade of poor drafting
  9. Tough to watch exciting play of nichuskihn when horvat sits in the minors and looks to tap out at a 3C role. Ovi meets bure would of been nice but we went with a safe pick that still needs 3 years to pan out...
  10. Unlikely he makes the team this year...