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    Hockey!!! Also, pm me if you would like to add me on Steam.
  1. lv 290. no life here.
  2. late game PA you just pop ur bkb and slash'em up. seriously its taht easy.
  3. selling vintage timebreaker want: canucks ticket
  4. TF2 and DOTA 2. Free games ftw.
  5. most likely not. Expect microtransactions with cosmetic items + something else they are keeping from us. There wouldn't be a pay to access all game content option for valve games, at least i hope not.
  6. i'm guessing not many ppl play it lol, since its not on console :S
  7. That's like Ryan-Getzlaf-Perry
  8. i have about 10 friends that i play with and its usually very fun. Depends on what kind of keys you have they should be able to sell quite easily (not for cash though). Is it key codes? or something you can trade in steam.
  9. Bumping this thread. Recently got the game 3 weeks ago, still a very bad player but the game is fun. I wonder if there are any other on CDC that plays?
  10. Good post. I would like to think Kassian is a Lucic mini as it stands right now.
  11. New driver released for Nvidia GFX users. boosts skyrim performance by 44%.
  12. some people, like you, needs to wear a bra, bra.

  13. Some people need sleep Bra!

  14. For the house in windhelm (hjerm) if you fully completed blood on the ice then you can buy/furnish it. The steward whom you bought the house from should be the guy that you can buy decorations from. At least that's how it is in my game