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  1. Everyone is down on Sbisa, but he does have a lot of merit, as can be seen by how bad we were without him last year. With added defensive depth, better forwards and less injuries, this season would be better to see what Sbisa can or can't develop into. I would love to have a 3rd pairing of Tryamkin/Sbisa that comes out and punishes guys for a 10 minutes a game. Then at the trade deadline, we can deal from a position of strength, instead of trying to get rid of a cap hit, and everyone trying to take advantage of that fact. I see us starting the season with Edler/Tanev Hutton/Gudbranson Tryamkin/Sbisa Larsen/Pedan Biega will be exposed to waivers, and Stecher sent down to get acclimated to a full season of professional hockey and to play big minutes. College guys get bagged out going from college to NHL schedules. It will also help and challenge Jordan Subban to bring his A-game every night, knowing he isn't the only pp quarterback rhd in the organization.
  2. A meet and greet with the CDC people going to the Tournament, sounds like fun. Hitting all the games again this year, hoping for more great pictures and a few more autographs to add to the collection. Name a place, preferably with steaks and beer on the menu!
  3. I do like your analysis of tradeable assets, as well as who we could target, but I think there are better projects to go after. I would like to see a trade with Buffalo for Reinhart. Wouldn't mind trading with Montreal for Juulson. Trading Edler and pick + prospect for Reinhart would be a fair deal and would benefit both franchises without endangering what we're doing here, which is still remaining competitive for the playoffs. Edler would solidify Buffalo's backend and provide them with a good transition option while they season their excellent prospects. As for Juulson, think he could be had at the tdl if we did something that would bolster Montreal's playoff chances. All in all, it would give us our potential #1 center, another potential top 4 defenseman, clear some cap space, so that we can make a run at a top end free agent while still providing an environment where we could sign good UFA's.
  4. Here is some posturing about the Coyotes. What if they're freeing up more cap space to take a run at a team like Pittsburgh or Dallas who needs to dump a goalie. Right now they have the financial room to do so, and also take on 3 more contracts. It could be that the trade in the works requires nothing in financial assets going back to said team, and the coyotes taking back contracted assets, one of which would replace Vermette.
  5. What if talks with Buffalo weren't about Kane at all? What if you traded Tanev/Sbisa for Reinhart/Mccabe? Tanev is exactly the type of D that Buffalo needs, and the loss of Reinhart/Mccabe wouldn't hurt their franchise as much as the incoming D would benefit them.
  6. Ouch to the 31st ranking of our GM. But this season is going to be a put up or shut up season that has to see improvement after all the bluster of trying to compete. Hopefully our boys are putting in the work in the summer to come back from a disastrous season. I see improvement in all areas....on paper, but will it be enough to get us out of the media doghouse?
  7. It seems that everyone wants us to only sign top 6 wingers and number 1 defencemen. Our farm team is about developing kids, and finding out what they are going to be, not what we wish them to be. You need the right mix, and so far it is about getting a good core group at both levels, and giving them the tools to succeed. One poster in another topic talked about bringing in Prust, Dorsett, Sbisa, and others. Our foundational players. Not necessarily the guys who'll be putting up 100 points, but the ones that protect them, give them something to work with, and instill work ethic and a good level of compete. If we develop properly, our team will finally have players that won't go quietly into that good night, won't take a shift off, and will swing above their weight class no matter the odds. By the way, if you want to look over to Edmonton, you'll see what happens when you get a bunch of top 6 guys together with no jam to do anything more than live out their glory days from junior.... Oh wait, Chiarelli is getting rid of them at a discount
  8. According to some of the management types and fans who were at the prospect camp, he really turned heads with his skating, and his ability to take instruction. As an over-ager, we get a free asset, a body for Utica (we really need them down on the farm team), and a guy who can finish. Let Travis Green work his magic and see what we can get. Worst case scenario, we show the other kids that if you can put in the effort, you get rewarded, no matter who you are and where you were drafted (or not drafted). Best case scenario, we get a skill forward with a work ethic that might get us 100 + games at a 0.3 ppg clip.
  9. I know this is probably not what everyone will want to hear, but I really don't believe this is the year to go out and buy high on some power forward. We aren't looking for that one piece to put us over the top, and its way too early to empty out the cupboards. A move like that is a finishing touch in 3-5 years time when all of our drafts picks have well and truly marinated in the development process. I'd love to have Landeskog, but the pieces we give up hurt us more than the acquired player helps because we simply don't have the organizational depth at this point to warrant the expenditure. We have to be able to surround these guys with quality if we're going to make a push, or we are no better off than Toronto was under Burke, trying to get that one piece.
  10. Hmm, after reading all that, I'm still at where I was before the letter, which is a die hard fan. Although there have been moves I haven't agreed with, there have been many that have been good. Can't win them all. But as for a list of things I have agreed with during recent managements tenure.... 1) You brought back the flaming skate, even as an alternate jersey...hell's yeah! 2) Substantial change to the old core that wasn't getting it done.....check. 3) Didn't tire fire our franchise and try to do what Edmonton did....check. 4) Give us playoff hockey after we were sure that we were done after Tort's....check. (okay, it was a one and done, but it was way better than anyone expected) 5) Finally draft a top rated defensive prospect and restock the cupboards after years of gutting our future to no effect...check. 6) Do the opposite of what TSN tells us we should do, because F' them! ....check. 7) Have meaningful radio interviews which result in us getting 50k fine for saying what every other GM was thinking...check! 8) Who here wouldn't rather listen to Trevor Linden over Mike Gillis? Really, say what you will, I know you all agree with me..check 9) Drafting up a defense that actually looks like it can throw its weight around and clear the gosh darned crease...check. 10) And my last one, we haven't even gotten to the start of the regular season, and I am already intrigued about how we'll do. Will Gudbranson prove the analytical community wrong? Will Tryamkin be a force? Can Sbisa put it all together? Is Hutton going to avoid the sophmore jinx? Baertschi and Horvat continue the chemistry that seemed to click at the end of last year? Will Sutter actually be a difference maker and stay healthy? Will the Sedins and Eriksson have an epic season? Who knows, but if it all goes well, we can make some noise. If it doesn' coach, high pick, and we start the roller coaster all over again.
  11. I like the direction our team is heading. If you take a look from the 2013 roster to is a completely different landscape. We're still paying for a couple of Gillis's signings, but next year will see the end to that. As for rebuilding?....holy hell, the media should actually take a look at our team. They're just mad that we aren't going full blown tear they could make fun of how little we get for the sedins, for not trading others sooner, for the return on others....blah blah blah. Toronto can do no wrong, we can do no right. Do you think Edmonton is going to want to play against us pretty soon? We may not have the talent, but we'll make you pay for coming into our building. Gudbranson, Sbisa and Tryamkin will keep you to the outside, and they do it often enough, and well enough, you'll see Edler joining in again too. We may not win a stanley cup next year, but there is going to be a lot of youth, and if they gel, and start to achieve, we'll make some noise.
  12. I knew he'd have to clear waivers, as he had to last season, but would expect that the interest level would probably be the same as last year. He's just a better playmaking center option than some of the others we have on the team, and the wingers deserve to have a good passer to develop with as well. Just my opinion tho.
  13. I'm okay taking a flyer on Vanek, you just can't pay him the moon and expect him to take you to the promised land. But as a complimentary player at 2.5-3 million for a year, why not?
  14. Wouldn't be surprised to see him sign a 2 way contract here, and start in the AHL. He was having a good season in Utica and delivers some center depth, no matter what the haters say. And before the complaints on a waste of a 2nd round pick.... Its just lotto tickets. Some are more weighted than others, but we can load a few hockey teams on the amount of first rounders that are bust, just in the last decade. You win some, you lose some, deal. Personally, I like buying the Set for Life scratch tickets that are blue....still haven't won.
  15. Here's the thing, what if Montreal does sign Stamkos, it would mean they'd have to move out some cash....Subban to Van would make it happen, especially if Tanev was going the other way.