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  1. He will probably go to San Jose, the NHL's home from troubled youth, and recover from his foibles in Colorado and Ottawa
  2. Olli Juolevi | D

    Hughes has stated he's comfortable playing both sides, but his natural tendency would be towards the LHD position. And we aren't exactly weak on the right side with our prospect pool either, so I wouldn't be surprised to see a Hughes Juolevi Hutton Left side in the future. Our right side should definitely have Stecher and Woo in the future if everything pans out, and it will be interesting to see who survives the longest, Gudbranson or Tanev within the organisation.
  3. Edmonton Oilers 2018-2019

    And as for Edmonton, I think Lowe should be gone, if only to remove a voice that is good at deflecting away from the things that need to happen in that organisation. They need to hire a better player development staff, go with some continuity on coaching, and learn how to sell high on extraneous forwards with skill to address organisational needs. They get caught up in the game of having too many of this, and not enough of that, but unwilling to divest themselves of players they should really cut bait with. Nuge or Draisatl should have been sold to upgrade the team, regardless of how well they play at 'one' position. This is a team that needs a talent on the wing to play with McDavid, needs 2 more high end defensemen, and at this point...should consider an upgrade in goal, but I'd say more importantly, upgrade in goaltending coach. Ranford would look great back there if they could pry him out of where he is now, or Sean Burke.
  4. Edmonton Oilers 2018-2019

    People look to drafting, and if you aren't pulling guys from rounds beyond the first, they blame the scouts. Sometimes that's true, but sometimes that's awfully misleading. Drafting is just part of the process when you're dealing with prospects, but a big percentage has to go to player development. You need structure, continuity, and proper support at all levels when you're guiding a bunch of teenagers into one of the toughest leagues in pro sports. From nutrition, to mental preparation, to the physical grind of living the gym life, to skills coaches to expand and upgrade deficiencies in players games and grow areas that are already strong. You look at how much has changed in our organisation who finally under Gillis got an AHL team of our own with our own staff and development crew, and how much they've grown over the past few years. We are FINALLY starting to see dividends from something that we began almost a decade ago. Sometimes its the easy button to get a guy at the top end of the draft. They are naturally above their peers in all categories and you just plug and play them into the line up and try to support them from there up. The real tell of how well an organisation is doing, is looking at the ones that produce no matter what. Detroit used to be the jewel in the crown of the story of player development. Now I'd have to argue Tampa and San Jose are. But Vancouver is also on its way up, and due to some savvy moves in the AHL, to some good choices in the draft (which is basically scratch lotto tickets). By next years draft time, and another class graduating to the AHL, we should be happy with our team for a good long time.
  5. Olli Juolevi | D

    Juolevi is set on a slow burn, and is being acclimated to the role he's going to have to play in a savvy way. Think of the numbers he's putting up, the logjam at his position in the NHL, and the numbers game. He should be able to come onto the team next year, and fill a spot automatically in the vacuum created by Edler's and Del Zotto's exit. We'll have Hughes, Juolevi, and Hutton on the left side, with Tanev, Stecher, and Gudbranson on the right, with Chatfield and Woo being groomed to fill out spots vacated in time on the right side. Sautner and Brisebois are being groomed to fill out the bottom L spot on the line for injuries. And to contract status, the d-men will all be staggered contractually along with our forward prospects to give us maximum flexibility as veterans are coming off of the books on the big club. It may be frustrating, but we aren't these players away on the big team to competing for the Stanley Cup this year. Our window is 2-3 years out at this point and we will need all of these guys to achieve/over-achieve to make the goal of winning the cup.
  6. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks at Florida Panthers | Oct. 13, 2018

    I watched the game tonight, and we got away with a win, which is good ...but we didn't respond to Matheson basically body slamming Pettersson to the ice. Watched Gudbranson come out after that and was expecting Mustache Mountain to show all those intangibles that people called for when we re-signed him. Biega and Del Zotto would have been better and would probably have done more. Glad the first line showed up afterwards and got the win....sad that we get to see another of our young players dismantled with no response.
  7. Don't Get Angry At The Players.

    I think the biggest thing we have to fix with the team is our need for 2 better defensemen to fill out the bottom 2 pairings. Whether we find a couple of pairings that have better synergy, or just trade/sign our problems away, we have to do something. One thing could be goaltending, but I believe that the goaltending coach will solve that problem within the next 10-15 games, and then we'll see a steady presence as the goaltenders get used to the new routine. If the goaltending can improve, you'll see a looser bunch of guys in front of him, as they won't have to worry about fishing the puck out of their net if they make the slightest error, which should allow for a more run and gun approach.
  8. 2018 Pre Season Stats :(

    I hope that things will change once we have a regular team up and going, and a few more games under our belt. I get how you want to have competition in training camp, but at some point you have to pick the team you're running with and go from there, which we didn't really see till the end. Pettersson and Goldobin looked good, and if we didn't sign 3 guys at the bottom of the line-up, I'd think we'd see Boucher and Dahlen in the line-up, which would have upped our offence. The good news is this, we can't get much lower, so here's hoping that the guys gel, get some puck luck, and keep the injury bug at bay.
  9. I'd love to have Pullujarvi on the team as well, and I think we could have pulled the trigger on a deal that would have made it work....before the pre-season hit and he went beast mode on us. Now he is the answer to 2nd line scoring rw on Draisatl's line, and Rattie graduated to trigger man for 2 cerebral wingers on the top line. I'd think you'd have to offer the moon if he continues on as he is. Or be there when their D-line gets injured beyond repair.
  10. I don't know if we're going to push for a playoff spot, but I have to say I'm very excited to see this season start. I 'want' to believe that we're at a turning point, and that it is all up from here, even tho the logical part of my brain cautions against that. But as long as we don't trade for things at the tdl, we should definitely see some of the fruits of Bennings labours this year. Of course, if we implode out of the gate....high draft pick in Vancouver next summer.
  11. Vancouver's 3 new free agents

    Schaller....if he plays well, could very well be tdl bait, as well as gagner Beagle and Roussel, tdl bait in a few years time. You pay more if you get a guy with 1 year left on his contract.
  12. Vancouver's 3 new free agents

    I'm more than willing to be wrong about this, but I really do think Louie is going to have a good season. He's had an atrocious shooting %, but defensively he's responsible, and he generally drives play in the right direction when he's on the ice. The thing is his production coupled with his contract. Now lets remove the animosity of him being a 6 million $ cap hit. Now lets look at what kind of player he is when he's successful. He's the guy who deposits the garbage into the goal. That means he's the guy who is moving up thru the slot/side of the net position who's depositing rebounds, mis directed shots, and tap ins. He is NOT a sniper. He's basically a play recipient who usually makes a living being in the right spots when someone else is doing the shooting. Now you put him with 2 guys who barely shoot the puck, setting you up like you're a sniper, where you don't even have someone in front of the net to screen the goalie... There is no chaos for the goalie to fight thru, nothing. Now you put him with Sutter and Pettersson as I imagine it might fall out....You'll see a lot more shots, a lot more movement and chaos instead of set plays. I think that'll be where he finds his game again and he'll come alive. Now the people who have to worry the most about being displaced are Gaunce, Granlund, and Gagner. And I wouldn't be surprised if all 3 of those guys aren't on the outside looking in if they don't bring it at camp.
  13. I've heard about this too, as foreign students typically pay more for classes. And the thought of it has been around for a long time. Whether or not this is true and able to be justified is another thing. But sometimes all you have to do is follow the money...
  14. Probably not, but it shouldn't have the skew it currently does in a fair system. But we shall probably never see it in the States. I take it like the aboriginal representation in Canada. For some it is better than others, but for a lot, they start off at a deficit in life, some because of the system, some because of the role they take in said system. It is a problem prevalent throughout the world, and it is easy to just throw up our arms and say this is always the way it is going to be. But we should attempt to outgrow it, even if it is going to take as long as it took to get to this point.
  15. As for minorities standing up, and demanding equality, until you see each race equally represented across the spectrum, you're going to have this. Because right off the hop, the system to the south of us isn't fair. There isn't equal footing to even start, and for a lot, they've got to fight hard to even get the little they have. Rampant racism and bias in hiring, in school, in life, has set up a system toxic enough that it would take decades to fix. Here's hoping that somewhere along the lines people realise that humans are the same regardless of colour, hair colour, eye colour, or anything else a person could possibly use to arbitrarily explain why some accident of birth has relegated them to the top of the pile.