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  1. Do we give Bo the "C"? POLL

    I've never liked the thought of 'gifting' the C to someone. In my mind, we should enter the season without one, and then it should be up to one of the guys to grab the reins. I always thought that the best captain is the one who takes the reins, not the person gifted. The same as giving it to the superstar... How many times have we seen stars struggle with the C, but some 3rd line center take it and roll with it. I'm hoping Horvat can become the next captain, but I still think it should be one of those things where everyone in the room just realises who their leader is, and then make it official. Just my opinion tho.
  2. [Discussion] 2nd line centre

    See, that's a tough one, as the Canucks have made it very hard to figure out what they're going to do in ways of a lineup for the upcoming season. When I did my prediction on a line-up, I had forgotten about Leipsic and had Gaunce and Gagner as extra forwards. Now I'm wondering what we do to not only protect players from being claimed via waivers, but ice a competitive and winning line-up of the players we have available. Personally, I would prefer to start out with the first combo, and maybe grow into the 2nd organically as the prospects push vets to the side in a convincing way. And that is the biggest question mark. Is Pettersson able to take the job away from Sutter in a convincing way? Till then I still stand by my projection of Sutter as the 2 way pivot that becomes the defensive player going back with Eriksson as the net front and Pettersson as the playmaking winger.
  3. Try make it a player and a blue chip prospect and leave the draft picks on the board. Of course, I'd be talking to Edmonton... Hey, want our broken d-man, over-'Price'd goaltender and scoring winger for.... If you can get Draisatl, maybe you can sell it to the fans by saying that Germany is at least close to France?
  4. [Discussion] 2nd line centre

    At which point the line up at forward will be this Baertschi Horvat Boesser Pettersson Sutter Eriksson Goldobin Beagle Virtanen Schaller Gaudette Rousel Gagner and Gaunce as extras.
  5. [Discussion] 2nd line centre

    I'm pretty sure the 2nd line center will be officially Sutter. It will probably be Pettersson, Sutter, and Eriksson. I think it could be effective, with Pettersson taking draws when necessary, and have 2 relatively good defensive players who have shown finish to play with and cover up any of his mistakes. Basically, giving him the max potential to succeed and limiting any effects of his mistakes till he just outright steals the center job away from Sutter. At that point, you trade Sutter because Beagle is the cheaper alternative and Sutter is the better asset to receive something of note from in a trade.
  6. Toronto's d isn't terrible, per se. A little disjointed with the need for 1 or 2 quality guys. I believe it is more of a synergy problem than not. You need a guy to play with Reilly, and a guy to play with Gardiner. They both aren't the real deal, but with the right complimentary pieces, that d-core could show better than it has. Would love it if we had 2 50pt guys on our backend. Tanev with Gardiner, and Karlsson with that would be an extremely terrifying top 4. You could probably put 2 pilons out as your 3rd pairing and get away with it because they'd only be on the ice for 8 mins.
  7. I understand where people are coming from. Vancouver is the suck, and Toronto is now the toast of the east and contenders for the cup. For the first time in over 50 years of rebuilding, they can finally say they have a team that should be sipping from Lord Stanley's cup, and they'll have done it faster than any other canadian team since 93. Good on them. They had a plan, told everyone what it was, held to it, and have stuck the far. It was bold, it was thorough, it still hasn't garnered the desired results. Doesn't mean it won't, doesn't mean it will. Winnipeg has a plan. They've stuck to it. Have one of the best systems in the league, with plenty of quality prospects and players. I'd argue that they were set for success, and then hit a hot goaltender and bam, out. 2 years time they'll be dismantling, retooling, revamping, etc to fit in the 'core' players and carry on, not as strong as they were before. Edmonton was supposed to win the cup last year...They 'have' a plan?? Maybe. Plan is hoping the forwards can outscore their defensive and goalie issues. Maybe? Calgary has a stud backend, a decent goalie, and some intriguing forwards. They have a plan! They failed at it miserably last year and then boldly addressed it. Huge question marks remain, but on paper, they are stronger than ever...Still not enough to be the toast of Canada. Ottawa is like the Joker, he hates people with all their plans! They just do things! Joker laughs as the world burns around him. Montreal is like your ex. She's still hot, but she lies to you all the time. Sometimes you remember all the good times, so many good times, and she's hot. Then she lies to you again and breaks your heart. has a plan, it throws the plan away, tries to catch the paper in the wind. It boldly goes where everyone has gone before, to the same results. But slowly but surely it seems to be doing things right, before a retro decision making session kind of throws wrenches everywhere. Then it recorrects. Vancouver doesn't tell you what its really doing, and seemingly does things to do things. But the structure that is being implemented, if you look at it under a long term kind of view does make sense. Vancouver lies to you and seems to have to do the things you want them to do only under duress of common sense finally forcing their hand. Doesn't mean we won't get to the finish line. Just means we will take longer. But from a player development and scouting side of things, glad to see all the improvements we've made since Gillis, who made a lot of the first steps that have made this possible. I can see us being about 3 years behind where we could have been from a pure tear down rebuild perspective. I'm sure that's frustrating. On the other hand, already sat thru 40 years of pain, what's a few more. At least this time we seem to be building an organisational approach that seems that it'll continue to grow, rather than hoping and gambling.
  8. Personally, I hold Gillis accountable for a poor drafting record. Doing well puts you lower down in the draft, which makes a late first the equivalent of an early 2nd, and you go from there. So it is like never having a first, but you do have all your other picks, per se. To barely get any dividends out of that is still terrible. I believe Weber was a 2nd round pick, as was Josi. Subban was a 3rd round pick. Don't tell me you can't get people below the first round in the top 15...Well, unless you're Edmonton. Toronto's core was put together before Matthews, who was an important part. I argued we should have gotten Nylander or Ehlers over Virtanen. The team chose Virtanen. Here's hoping that he pulls thru and develops into that Power Forward people envision. Their timeline for success is usually after the finesse players who bring that scoring prowess almost immediately and then fill in the other parts of their game as they mature. Toronto has a better d-core than ours, and started with the majority of it prior to Shanahan coming in. God, wish Benning could say the same. We have Hutton back there...Thank you Gillis. Guess we should thank him for Edler and Tanev too. As for trolling, I like the conversation. You have your point of view that our organisation is what the Eastern media says it is. I hold true that we are getting to the tipping point of the organisation becoming something akin to Winnipeg. You hold to your opinion, I'll hold to mine, and we'll argue and maybe be able to persuade each other that the other one is right. Makes for some entertainment during a long slow summer when the most entertaining thing going on is whether Tampa will put the ring on Karlsson.
  9. Hey, who wants to be us or who wants to be Ottawa? How about Montreal? Oo, Thank god Edmonton has McJesus? I'll just sit back as we build up to be the powerhouse in the west eventually
  10. Look, Benning has done some questionable things, but we don't really know what's going on in the Boardroom. If there hadn't been interference, it would probably been Gillis managing this rebuild, and he wanted to cut bait with the core, and ended up fired. When the boss wants something, sometimes you have to try. You advise the pros, the cons, and try to carry out the gameplan. Its by earning respect with hard work, a little ingenuity, and time, that you get the freedom to do what you feel is right. I think the year before marked that for Benning, and that we're going to see some of the fruits of his labour the next few seasons. Is it as bold as Shanahan, no. But they haven't won anything yet....lets hope they eat crow with Tavares.
  11. A little lotto luck going the other way for both teams, and where would we be? Add to that, Toronto started their shanaplan after years of not being really competitive, draft picks and all. Benning kind of walked into a tirefire from a prospect pool perspective.
  12. Sam Gagner, why the hate?

    I don't really get the hate that Gagner gets. He's what he is, a soft, somewhat durable scoring forward. Doesn't pk, doesn't provide energy, but will reliably put up 30+ pts a year. What he does provide is someone for the kids to look at and overcome. He's the guy in their way, and when you don't want your kids to be one dimensionally soft players, he's an excellent person to point to when a prospect gets complacent on where he's going. He works hard, he tries, but he hit is ceiling, and other than one 9 pt game....hit the ceiling hard and crashed.
  13. Coach Green on Sportnet radio

    I'm sorry that you don't agree with the signings. I quite agree, the kids need to be more physical and make sure that they protect the other skilled kids... I'm glad we signed Stastny and bozak, and got James Neal. That way Petersson, Lind, Dahlen, and Hughes can come in, slog it out in an energy role and really earn their way to the first or 2nd line that there is no room for them to go into right away!. And I'm personally going to boo if Petersson doesn't drop the gloves in the first game when someone runs Hughes. Rar rar rar....Oh wait, got some skilled guys to pk and cover defensively when the elite talent makes a mistake, while getting the goaltending coach that led to us having the best tandem in hockey. Spread some wealth thru the organisation so that we have skilled guys to mentor/coach/teach the guys at all levels. I can see what you're talking about. Time to throw that jersey on the ice and march out!
  14. First Impressions of Quinn Hughes [VIDEO]

    Watched video of Hughes skating doing drills at the prospects camp. Its effortless, its fluid, and fast. You see him zip from behind the net to the top of the blueline in a flash. Cut thru lanes and hound the puck. It is a real pleasure to watch, and it is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to his talent and ability to process the game at speed. Imagine Mason Raymond's skating with a person who knew what to do with the puck before he's behind the net and around the outside. He kind of makes Virtanen look slow, and he processes the game at a level that we desperately need. Too all the naysayers who speak about size and grit factor, this kid has a confidence and quiet surety that he will make an impact, now and in the future that can't be denied. I think we're all in for a special treat, and if we're lucky we get to draft his brother next year.
  15. Heiskanen, Honka, and a first. Take it and run!