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  1. 1. What will be the starting lineup For the Canucks vs the wild ? Toffoli Petersson Miller Pearson Horvat Boesser Roussel Gaudette Virtanen Sutter Beagle Eriksson Edler Stecher Hughes Tanev Fantenburg Myers Markstrom Demko 2. how many games will be needed to decide series? 4 games 3. How many goals will the Canucks score in the series? 15 goals 4. Leading scorer on defence for the Canucks? With the way Tanev is going in practice....Hughes 5. Leading scorer on offence for Canucks? Miller 6. what will be our goalies save %? 918% 7. how many challenges will the Canucks make in the series? How many will be successful? 4 challenges, 2 successful. 8. who will score the first goal in the series for the Canucks? Horvat! 9. will Juolevi play in this series? We better hope not. 10. Top hitter on the Canucks? Virtanen 11. pp %? 22.33 12. pk %? 86
  2. This broad stroke, one size fits all, solution is tone deaf, and causes damage to a minority, because of the optics of the situation. Some people need larger doses of pain meds to function. It isn't in their heads, they are legitimately in pain. Just because people don't want to do their jobs properly, and actively fight for their patients rights, and their own right to prescribe properly, doesn't mean that people should suffer. Too many people phoning it in has led us into this mess.
  3. This is the 2nd time in the last 2 games where you see the team take the lead, and let their foot off of the gas. We aren't built to just turn it on, or to stifle successfully for a long period of time. We are a team that will win only as long as we are working, for a full 60 mins. But if we can find a way to do that, to just continually pour it on, I think we shall see a lot of success thru the season. As for our D-corps play last night, it is starting to look like the sum of all those parts, might just be something to be in favour of. Especially with Tanev playing regular minutes beside Hughes and actually putting up points. This team is going to be a lot of fun to watch, win or lose, this season, if they play like they can. I hope I'm not the only one really excited for this season!
  4. I'd rather have Sutter than Gudbranson, every day of the week. And I was against the Sutter trade from the start of the rumour of it. IF anything, this teaches us that sometimes all those scratch lotto tickets that are draft picks are as volatile as some of the gambles you make on prospects in other teams systems. Plan accordingly, and learn from the mistakes for next time.
  5. You have to play them, and if you put them on waivers the team that had him last gets first dibs and can roll them down to the AHL, I believe.
  6. Quick, get Mckeown! Asset management! Make the years of pain with Vey all disappear.
  7. Hey, he laid down the beats and dropped the bass for the after party!
  8. This is a contract where the player is not only doing a solid for the team, but is betting on himself. If he isn't worth the hit, we can trade him, but if he comes in and nails it, he's going to get paid. And no one here will mind that in the slightest.
  9. Here here! It was my biggest concern with our acquisition of both players. Players who dominated at lower levels because they were bigger, stronger, faster than their peers. They didn't have to develop much in the way of hockey iq, because they could bull their way thru it all in the beginning. With time, maturity, and support, hopefully both will be able to get past all of that, and hit their niche, tho they will never be the Bertuzzi's that people would dream for. The mythical unicorn that is the proto typical power forward is exactly that. As to the question posed, there have been some excellent 'grit' that has gotten to play with some of the league's top talent all the way thru the leagues history, tho I love Semenko with Gretzky. And Mario Lemieux was so talented, he literally used his linemates as pilons to knock pucks in on bank shots.
  10. Agreed. The player wants to get paid what his comparables are, not what some guy sitting on his couch at home thinks will be fair. I can say that, for most everyone here, you do a job, you do it well, and the market for your services is x, you aren't going to settle for y because a guy not in the area you work in thinks that it would really work out better for him for you to get paid that much. Give your heads a shake. Now is the time where JB needs to get it together, negotiate as well as he can, then make the move many of us know is coming, which is either Sutter, Tanev, or Baertschi out for a pick or waive eligible b-grade prospect.
  11. If it is a 3 year deal, see it come in at 6.5 cap hit, but raise up to over 8 in the last year, making that the start of his negotiating point for his next contract.
  12. Well that escalated. As for the bust label, he's an NHL player. There are some first round picks, even high ones, that don't even get that far. I don't think that this is best for his career, but now am curious as to what he was being offered that the situation became this extreme. I'd rather play in the NHL than squeeze a few dollars more playing in a different league. But who knows...
  13. You know, I always worried about him being an NHL d-man, but thought all his other skills could have translated to him being a capable NHL forward. Speed, shot, creativity. Think he did himself a disservice and could have been a good bottom 6 winger with upside. Oh well, que sara
  14. Countdown continues as we are finally out of the dog days of August, and the time we've been waiting for all summer is almost here! New line combos, new players, exciting prospects here to try sneak their way onto the big club, and the big club with nail biting decisions if that happens. There is the nervous tension of the waiver wire, and seeing all of those players either get grabbed or luckily get thru. I'm waiting to see which winger shows the best with Pettersson and Boesser (yes, he signs before training camp and we all rejoice). Will it be Ferland, or will Travis Green's whipping boy, Goldobin, finally snatch it to keep, after a summer working on his cardio and his shot? Will it be JT miller as the winger with Horvat, or will Eriksson be coming in, hot and heavy to prove that not only is he a canuck, but has the stones to put the past behind him, and be the forward we need? If Miller gets pushed down, will he be the 3rd line centre that can drive offense and possession that he seems to be, and who are his wingers? Will a 3rd line of Baertschi, Miller, and Virtanen put the opposition back on their heels and make the choice even harder about who matches up with whom? Does our fourth line become the most expensive in league history, with a possible combination of Sutter, Beagle, and Eriksson? Oh, and we want to see Markstrom be lights out for a whole season, our D actually start to find the net with shots while keeping the puck out of ours. Here we go, everyone, lets get ready to be excited!!
  15. Step 1, alienate a vocal fanbase with a large internet presence step 2, get them going on twitter or whatever step 3, go to the boss, see how much traffic I'm generating, I'm a good employee step 4, rinse and repeat.