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  1. My vote is Ballard. Not only did he not do the job we wanted, and we never used him in the role to which we acquired him, there was always the trade proposals that never panned out where him and another piece could get any player in the league.
  2. Unless you want to shelter Juolevi with Tanev as his defense partner, which puts Edler and Stecher back together, which was real gud. And that leaves Sbisa playing with Subban. Each line has a puck mover and a defensive partner. Oh, and that's without Gudbranson in the mix. Or Hutton....
  3. Willie's got a fever, and there is only one cure........MORE MEGNA! Thanks to JB for helping the poor guy out. I don't have a problem, there isn't going to be a quick fix to this mess, and we're going to need a year or two more of solid failure before we have the prospects we need to start the upswing. 2020 is going to be our year.....I hope. So sign the plugs and ride out our time in the basement till it is our time to ascend.
  4. I agree completely, and I also believe that the way the team is going right now is going to chart higher than those other rebuilds. Edmonton and Toronto had to take a step back, reevaluate and start again. Same could almost be said of Arizona and Columbus. When Benning came in, I figured it would be till this season to clear out players and actually start laying the basis of what his image of what he wants to make. What I'm happy about is his draft record, and his willingness to cut thru the gamble for a sure thing, even at the expense of pissing off the fanbase. Shinkaruk for Granlund is starting to look really good, as is Baertschi for a 2nd. The team did need a rapid infusion of 22-25 year olds to start the process of turning the team over with an eye to the future in having an ability to continually have tradeable assets as we rebuild the talent pool. That way you can have youth come up and trade older players without skipping a beat on a year to year basis if you want as you shrewdly replenish your prospects. Now that we have crossed that bridge, you'll probably see less picks traded as we work on having a year to year cycle going from junior to the AHL to the main club. It won't be perfect, but in the long run it'll be a strength as it'll give the team the ability to marinate players, developing them properly a la Detroit or Chicago. I could cry that we don't have any elite prospects in the way of game changers/shapers yet, but as we continue down this road, we'll have a solid backbone to be able to take more calculate gambles on players with elite skills but with obvious flaws that we can hopefully turn into 2nd line players +. We'll also be able to capitalize on the burgeoning depth market with players that will get more than a 3rd round pick because of their youth. Churn out a bunch of solid 3rd liners/3rd pairing defenders to turn into solid trade fodder for prospects/picks. Also will allow you to properly evalutate your player development process and hire the right people to do the job, which this team has never had. Some say drafting has killed this club, but drafting without proper development staff in place to make those lotto picks the best they can be....disaster. Well, done rambling for now, but I do say patience....turn on the game even if you read a book or play on your tablet instead of paying attention because everytime we get a power play, I die a little inside watching the execution. Its going to be a few years. Take your pleasure from watching Baertschi score, Tryamkin crush people, Horvat power move thru some players. Its going to have some good moments, and a whole lot of pain, but we'll get there. Future is bright....its all we have to look forward to at the moment.
  5. I think it is a little early to really decide if Benning is a bust or not. He's been handcuffed with numerous NTCS, NMC, and contracts signed from the previous regime. Those are all off the books after next season. 3 years from now if the team is still middling at the bottom, is when I'll call for his head. As is, keep drafting, developing and trying to win.
  6. Due to people coming back from injury, someone had to be sent down. What if Green was asked beforehand who he wanted out of a select few players.....? I know that if I had the choice between Megna, Chaput, Skille, or Gaunce, I'd definitely be taking that Megna guy...
  7. What if there is some kind of collusion between Benning and Desjardins.....a nefarious conspiracy if you will. Trying to win just enough games to appear as if we aren't deliberately tanking....but not enough to take us out of the top 5 draft pick range by the end of the season... To give hope to the average fans, yet still draft high without being as genuinely deliberate at purposely losing as some teams have been over the years. And what if there are bonuses tied to it, like you get a free car if you manage to piss off both the pro-tank movement, and the try be competitive movement.... Really, if Desjardins was not listening to management, he'd be fired. I mean, if I was the boss, and told Willie to play Larsen....he'd just have to figure out how to use him. I wouldn't be doing him any favours, but he better do what he was told... As for why we're running weird line combos that don't seem to be about winning... Maybe winning isn't really the point at the moment. Maybe, just maybe, we're about looking at the players we have, giving them good long looks, and trying to see what we have. Isn't like we're trying to win the cup. We could just be auditioning for the master plan of being in the race 3 years from now when some of the other teams have to start rebuilding and the Oilers can't afford to play anyone with McDavid anymore.
  8. I would like to say that the core of this team is being assembled right about now, with some that'll go before this team can be considered a contender. If I was the management team, I'd be aiming at the 2019-2021 timetable, right about when teams will be pricing themselves out of competitive ness with their superstars that are on ELC's right now.
  9. Just have to remember the draft has changed a little, and remember Winnipeg jumping up like they did, and that the odds are changing to win 1st, 2nd and third. I remember saying that they were changing things to help the playoff bubble teams and to take away from rewarding those who purposely fail. We're bound to get lucky at least once...hopefully.
  10. Sedin's and Hansen to NYI Grabovski/Kulemin, Pullock, Ho Sang, and a pick.
  11. Long time Canucks fan, and I shall say that I don't know if I can come up with a ton of reasons to really invest yourself in this season. I'm enjoying watching the Baertschi/Horvat/Burrows line, and Stecher and Tryamkin developing on D. Markstrom and Miller have been better than adequate and most nights are the only reason we are even in the game, so, put a check beside goaltending. Granlund has been a welcome surprise as well, and enjoy having gotten the better of the Flames in yet another trade. Tanev is Tanev, and him coming back further illustrates just how much he means to the defense on this team. Would say that the best thing to watch this season though, is the fans. Everyone wants us to lose, but want to fire the coach because we're losing. They may say, "but its the way we're losing....", but its still losing which gets us further to the next thing to watch. Why won't the team just tell us they're rebuilding. Surprise, we suck. We lack high quality scoring forwards, and elite playmaking centers. Pretty sure the issue will take care of itself. Then the fans will complain about not selling off all of our vets. Kind of like using the logic of selling my trusty ol' civic to buy lotto tickets, because then I'm sure I'll be able to afford that BMW I've always wanted, because of it. Then they'll complain we're too old, as we're obviously getting younger, then complain that we aren't winning because we have a whole bunch of kids, then complain that we aren't using the right kids, or using the kids the right way. Benning is awful at signing contracts and trades our picks away, but he's awesome at drafting, but fire him because he hasn't gotten more lotto tickets to draft with. If only we had traded all of our vets away 2 seasons ago, we'd surely be on our way to planning a parade. And there is the bragging rights of being there during the worst of it, which makes when we're winning that much sweeter. I'm a masochist and survived the Keenan years, why I watch every game. I'd rather watch Baertschi then Muckalt. And on that note, game is on in a couple of hours, time to get appy's going and have my friends over so we can do the above, ad nauseum till next years draft heheh
  12. You know, this whole letting free agents walk for nothing thing is getting tired. If we were going to go off of the thought that you should never let anyone go or else you're wasting assets, almost every gm in the league would be fired. UFA's hit the market every year. It happens, get over it. People didn't want to buy high off of Hamhuis or Vrbata. Hamhuis has been scratched how many times in Dallas this season? As for drafting, we're setting up at a pretty good rate considering we had nothing to really show for the Gillis years. Be patient, and wait it out. This season is about developing and giving the team a goal. The goal should NEVER be to fail. You should always believe that you're out there to accomplish something, not start a tire fire. And, look at the Edmonton model. We at least have identified players to mentor the ones coming in and are doing that.
  13. So I'll just stand over here not agreeing with you, but not stopping you either, and lets see how this plays out.........You ready to do it my way again? Thanks. Dale Tallon
  14. I read the posts here, and from a great many, I get the sense that we should... A> Fire the Coach! Free Willie!. - I will counter this by saying that I doubt that the coaches are the problem. We've gone thru a few, and they seem to be doing just fine elsewhere. Horvat and Baertschi would like to say they're developing under his system, Hutton is here, Stecher is awesome, Gaunce looks like a solid fourth liner, and look at that Granlund doing better than Shinkaruk. B> Fire Trevor Linden/Benning! - I will counter with the, What in the hell were they supposed to do with Gillis's NTC's and other various loyalty contracts. They've gotten us out of most of them, and we are just a season away from being 90% done with the team from 2011. Oh, and we have prospects in the pipeline. Defence could be really strong in the next few years and lets see what next couple years drafts do to our forward ranks now that we're good in goal and defence on prospects. - Oh, and I'll say this, love Benning drafting. Biggest complaint so far is that he trades picks and he can't draft more. Relax, sometimes you need to gamble. Gudbranson could be a winner, with development. C> Trade away all the vets for picks!! Go full rebuild. - If you look closely, you'll see that we've slowly bled away our vets since TL/JB took over, getting what value we could (never enough to satisfy Canucks fans. Bieska was worth at least Stamkos/drouin). I get it, you hate the Sedins. Those f#()&*%s have bled blue and green for too long. Burn down their houses and sell them for scrap. Or be classy, let them retire here as they deserve, and move on. Be Patient. Look at this team, you think we're going to win the cup next year with a few trades? I want the kool-aid you're drinking. D> Fire the owners! -That one surprised me. I don't know what to say. I'll let you go out and bleed 70 million for a team that is rebuilding. I'm pretty sure you'd be doing things different instead of sitting thru a rebuild/retool/playing to play meaningful games in march, whatever you want to call it. I think everyone needs to calm the hell down and realize, anything positive we gain from this season is awesome. Burrows last season, possibly Miller's last season. Enjoy the ride, up and down of this wonderful roller coaster. We scored 6 goals last night. Before we couldn't score one. Go Baertschi! Came back with fire and got 2 goals and an assist. Think the biggest problem facing our franchise is its fans. Breathe, realize this isn't going to win us the cup this year, or next, but in the next few years, we might have a good team going. And we'll do it our way, not the Edmonton way, not the Toronto way. Edmonton isn't going to win this year, and neither is the leafs, and not us. Its going to be a few years, so relax, have a drink, turn the game on, and then play your tablet. That way at least it looks like we actually care, even if we're playing tablet games.
  15. Good to hear that Rodin is close, and would rather have Pedan playing in Utica than sitting in our press box. Biega is our man to lose to expansion draft, so I'd rather play him and lose him than expose someone else. Now lets see how the year turns out to see which forward we're losing/