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  1. canucks real problem

    I agree with you on Pouliot. The problem with the back end on the Canucks in my opinion is that we are lacking synergy. They are defensive 'pairs' for a reason, and I don't think we have the right mix. We have some pieces that I think we can build on, and that coupled with an increase in team speed in the forward ranks will help build the team into something of a whole as we move forward. You look at Edler, and he pairs well with Tanev and Stecher. Hutton and Tanev look good together, but Tanev and almost anyone look good together. If we could only find someone to play with Gudbranson that would allow him to work to his strengths.... I'm hoping that Juolevi will be to the left side what Tanev is to the right side. A catalyst that makes the pair better than his partner is on their own. Throw in Dahlin and whomever he could work best with, and then we can figure who is depth, who is a keeper, and whom we can trade for upgrades at forward. Right now, I'd work on trying to find the perfect partners for Juolevi, Tanev, and Pouliot. That means Gudbranson, Stecher, and Hutton either have to mesh, or they become tradebait. As for Edler....he's our best D-man atm. He doesn't want to leave town, and if he resigns for cheap because of his love of not moving from Vancouver, would be an excellent vet to have as depth, bottom pairing going into our cup window.
  2. canucks real problem

    IF we got number one, I'd love to have Dahlin, and after that, BPA.... When it comes to the 2nd and 3rd rounds, I think we should take the best defenseman available. Would also love to see a trade that would get us into the 10-18 range again in the first round. And hopefully another 2nd. Failing that, can we please target a defensive prospect with upside, perhaps on a team where they could afford to part with one of them.
  3. canucks real problem

    With the acquisition of more forwards with speed at the tdl that show the ability to at least be in the show, I think it leaves us more open to really honing in on Defensive talent in the draft and during the summer. I won't say that we can sign away our problems, but if the team is creative, and just a tad bit lucky *come on Dahlin*, we could have a very intriguing d-core to compliment our forwards and gel towards a window of playoff opportunity that would probably be 2020-2025
  4. For the fans complaining about draft picks vs prospects in the trades on TDL, they should listen to this
  5. As for the negative media, everyone is entitled to an opinion, and our media sure as hell has one. Sometimes they're right, sometimes they're wrong. But the winds are changing, as the eastern media seems to be getting more and more on our side as 'our' media is trending off of the rails. Some people need to listen to Elliot Friedman or Bob Mackenzie, who seem to be giving our team/management more of the benefit of the doubt than the fanbase or our media. As for critiquing, I won't criticise people for critiquing, even tho we might not always agree. We're all allowed an opinion, and the debate is what helps us learn more, and be more intelligent in our opinions. And I don't always agree with Benning, as I would have shot Gudbranson out of a cannon, and I definitely do not agree with going more team toughness/grit at the expense of skill/speed. But I can at least see why they are thinking the way they do, as it seems half of our fanbase gets moist in the nether regions for a guy like Gudbranson. The other half would rather pay for taxi fare out of the city. But I like Baertschi, Granlund, and Pouliot. We'll have to agree to disagree. I just hope at sometime we can all give each other hugs as we watch the team hold the cup.
  6. If management goes into detail, you get laughed at for showing your hand, and get fined by the league. You keep your cards close to the chest, and everyone complains that you aren't forthcoming enough. Truth is, they don't have to let us in on their decision making processes, and they can do as they will. They're a business. They don't have to discuss with all the customers and the janitor what they're doing from moment to moment. I like the moves the team made, and I think they did well trading 2 assets on expiring contracts for 2 young forwards with upside that will be under team control past the end of their contracts. As much as it isn't a pick, its damn near close to one. Give it time and at least see what the kids will do. As for the cry for draft picks, that you build thru the draft, for all of you out there, I want you to take the last 10 Stanley cup winners, and break them down. Put a % on how much of the team was drafted, how much was traded for, and how much was FA signings. You'll be surprised that most of them sit around 30-44% drafted in house. That usually means over 50 % of the team was made up of people that didn't originally start their careers with the club. Some clubs didn't even get their core thru the draft. Its a fine line, but you won't find a team that meets 100% of their needs drafting, even the Jets trade once in awhile. Oh, and for those of you wanting to have a positive because we didn't get a 3rd for Vanek, at least the draft is in Vancouver next year! Maybe Benning will have more than 7 to watch for.
  7. People whining about draft picks who don't really understand that the emphasis on 'scratch lotto tickets' is sometimes over-rated. The fact that we traded for prospects ready to help our team and grow with our team now, that we can see have nhl upside as opposed to waiting for the draft and seeing who's available is in my mind a better approach. They both are a gamble, and sometimes you win, sometimes you break even, sometimes you lose. But both aren't sure things...tho apparently there are a lot of people here who say that anything from a 2nd to fourth round pick is a sure thing. Our window will be about 3 years from now, and we'll need these gambles as well as the ones we draft to pan out if we're going to go anywhere. Bringing in 2 more forward prospects will allow us the freedom to really focus on defense this draft while still covering the board for forwards going ...well forward. The two guys we got this deadline will have people salivating just like people do over Goldobin and Dahlin last year. Give it time, I think Benning did good with what he had.
  8. Erik Gudbranson | #44 | D

    And I'm more than willing for some other team to get handcuffed with that contract, I just don't really believe that the Canucks need that possible anchor hanging around our necks when we already have an Eriksson I give him 2.5, 2.75, 3.00, 3.00 with million dollar bonus in each year for performance. Give me 20 pts to go along with all of that intangibility! You want 2nd pairing money, show me and its yours.
  9. Erik Gudbranson | #44 | D

    Hmm, if I had to choose between Manson and Gudbranson, I'm not sure Gudbranson would get a thought.....I'm okay with what he brings to the table, but I'm not okay paying a 3rd pairing guy with injury issues that kind of money when he brings about 10 pts a season to the table and doesn't bring more toughness than Biega most nights. We'd have to be banking on the fact that we haven't seen the best that he can be, that he's going to grow measurably as a defenseman under our watch. I'm not sure if I'd be willing to lock into that kind of bet at this point.
  10. I'll take Lucic for Tanev if they're throwing in Pullijarvi and a pick as well.
  11. Would it be wrong to say that a young Luongo wouldn't be out of this mix? Either that or Ohlund. Love Bure, but we need back end help more than we need it at forward. Tho if I could, I'd do one at each major position. Luongo, Ohlund, and Bure would have made this years team a lot more enjoyable, and watching Bure and Boesser outscore the opposition would be exciting.
  12. 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    And here's where you need to also be business like in development/drafting. Where is your organisation strong at? Are we good at developing d-men like Nashville? Skilled forwards like Tampa, or churning out gritty bottom 6 guys that you need to win a cup with full of character and brimming with grit/determination. And then get a glut in that area and take advantage in trades, as well as turning out guys for the big club. Also about finding a balance and ability to keep shuffling the deck chairs like Chicago does when they get a backlog.
  13. 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    Personally, I kind of thought that Edmonton would be in trouble, they've always been heavy on forwards, short on everything else, including depth, and you can see how it has done them in. Toronto....better built than Edmonton, but still looking at cap troubles early in the tenure of their youth, with 3 forwards up for big contract extensions for big money right away. Are they ready to drive the bus....with spare parts around them? Do they have enough in the system to make up for losing their 2nd line this summer? Winnipeg...They have a pipeline of prospects up and coming, and while not great in any one area beyond the big club, are deep in all areas and could really start taking advantage of market deficiencies in the future. Calgary...I'd like to buy a winger...preferably a RW please. Solid in net, great on defense, and then suspect after their 2nd line, tho the 3rd line shows some definite promise. And our Vancouver Canucks. Got some interesting pieces scattered thru out the system. A little top heavy in forward prospects, but that's amazing after all of these years floundering at forward thru the draft. Just need to hone in on some D-men. Goalie wise, I think we're set for at least another decade, and if we could find another high end skill center, we could make some noise in the next few years. Dahlen please!
  14. If they're truly going after Brassard, you know Stastny is going back the other way. And then it becomes what you're going to take from St. Louis to deal with that cap hit. If Ottawa nails this trade, they could prove to be a real winner in 3 years time.
  15. 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    And with Brady Tkachuk, I think you really have to build around his foot speed. Not everyone does a Bo Horvat and finds an extra gear after being drafted. If you're going to go that route, you better have the wingers in the system to play with your big centre. Is Lind and perhaps Dahlen fast enough to compensate for changes in transition? Will they mesh as a group, or do you end up having to sign Hansen for a couple of years to be the guy who digs the puck out of the corner and gets it to him?