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  1. At least make an effort..?..Do you see that core group being a SC contender in 2-3 years How are blown 1st round draft picks an embarrassment of riches..If anybody should be on the hot seat it’s Rangers DOS Gordie Clark.
  2. Embarrassment of riches?..Not really buying this..Panarin will be 29 this year,Zibaejad will be 27....Kravstsov and Chytil are not exactly lighting it up..Other than Kakko (who was a gift), I think that they have drafted poorly...There's almost a decade in age difference between Panarin and Kakko. They should have committed more time to obtaining higher picks IMO...Signing Panarin essentially ended the rebuild...
  3. Back in the 80's when Bill Clinton was fooling around with Monica Lewinsky What does Monica Lewinsky carry around in her purse? A wad of bills.
  4. Thanks for posting Shah's tweet...but why did you connect all those crap Taj tweets on to it?
  5. Is Taj some sort of credible source?..He's probably got an account at the cesspool (HF Canucks).
  6. RIP. Terry .i grew up on Monty Python..."How not to be seen".....Lots of laughs...
  7. RIP.. https://www.ctvnews.ca/entertainment/rush-drummer-neil-peart-dead-at-67-1.4762345
  8. Iranians bulldozing the crash site? https://news.sky.com/story/iran-plane-crash-highly-likely-jet-was-hit-by-iranian-missile-leaders-say-as-new-video-emerges-11904978
  9. Coming up to mid January now..(halfway through the schedule).I dont think we'll see him on the Canucks this season. He's not even the best D man on the Comets.
  10. Those Irani missile strikes were shot into an unpopulated area by the US base...No casualties, and no equipment damaged...Precisely what I thought..Just an exercise by the Irani government to the people..a face saving measure. The US has demonstrated to Iran,that it has no problems taking out top members of the Iran government or military...They have that capability....Thats one hell of a deterrent.
  11. I drank that once watching hockey...and then wondered why there were 8 zebras on the ice..and 2 pucks...Covering up your left eye helps.
  12. As much as i hate to say it......advantage away team...Way less distractions for the visitors( at this time of year)..Canucks lose.
  13. Off topic here...but I would consider a #1C and and a true #1D to be completely even..(Seth Jones=Johanssen).