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  1. I doubt very much will happen revenge wise..Although,it's pretty sad when players are deliberately injuring your star players..and your smallest rookie is having his face filled by their goon..then the league says to the aggressor.. 'we've got your back' I'm not into conspiracy theories,but if anything happens..the Canucks will be the team 'having the book thrown at them'.
  2. It must feel like a ten ton weight off of his shoulders..
  3. It wasn't your post at all..its the media....All of a sudden,the Leafs are a 'superior' rebuilding team...?..They haven't won anything yet....They are only 2 measly points ahead of us..
  4. Leafs are on rebuild year # 49,and are the example of how you should rebuild...Got it!
  5. Meanwhile,the Leafs will take liberties on our star players and smaller players...The league does nothing to protect its star players..Its a joke.
  6. If the game is anything like last nights Canuck game..the NHL should put out an alert that the game may cause 'drowsiness'..'inability to stay awake'.
  7. Excellent observations..Especially,wasting time on the 5 on 3...and the lack of ice time for the Horvat line (who to my eyes,were the only line to really penetrate the offensive zone and look dangerous).
  8. Agreed..no point in ragging on the younger players...The whole team was flat..IMO...zero emotion....This season,the Canucks usually battle back,but tonight is a 'no-show' out of the 82 games played. Would like to see Biega in for Larsen..I don't see the point in having Larsen and Stecher in the lineup...
  9. Solid road win for the Ducks...Ugly game if you're a Canucks fan....Canucks generated nothing for 50 minutes...A solid team loss.
  10. Move along people..nothing to see here...
  11. Ugly hockey game so far..
  12. Kesler almost put this game to bed...
  13. The Gud Try pairing..
  14. Most I have seen in years..looks like 8,000 peeps at the most
  15. Was it?.....Bo Horvat was not projected to go at #9 (Hunter Shinkaruk was rated higher on some mock drafts),Bob McKenzie had Bo at #13.....I'm a Horvat fan,how can you not be...but lets not kid ourselves..we gave up an elite goaltender to acquire him.