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  1. There has been nothing to indicate that he would have been an NHL player right now if not for injuries ....He's obviously had dreadful luck with injuries, and hasn't really been healthy for over two years....but those defensive inconsistencies have always been there.
  2. Whining about the coach is nothing new here...It was the same even when AV was here (In hindsight, after he was let go, it was apparent how $&!#ty the roster really was. AV was making them look better than they really were).
  3. The general consensus (even from the coach) was that he had a less than mediocre camp.
  4. You could say Tanev and Edler as well....Anytime two guys go down who play the same position, you're in trouble.
  5. Sometimes ,an NHL career isn't in the cards for some players...Its best to pretend that the 2016 draft didn't happen...I have zero expectations at this point as well. Feel bad for him..cant catch a break.
  6. Me....Facing a team that has been embarrassed by the Oilers....and the injuries in our bottom 6 have a trickle down effect (especially on the PK,and Horvats usage)...Sutter and Beagle do a lot of the heavy lifting.
  7. That whole played the night before in Calgary and Edmonton is completely overblown..Its a 90 minute flight after the game on a private jet...and shuttled straight to your hotel room...Back to back games are not the advantage they used to be. There was no fatigue in the Stars game..on the contrary, the Canucks got outworked...
  8. There was a stretch at the end of the 2nd period where the Stars elevated their game (and got that 3rd goal),and we had no answer...The Canucks couldn't match that...I didnt like this game..It was a stifling trap game, and the Stars executed it to perfection (precisely how they did it the night before, in Calgary). This is the first game I've seen this season where the Canucks didnt seem in the same tier as their competition.
  9. Playing the night before is not as big of a deal as it used to be..After last nights game, the Stars took a 90 minute flight to Vancouver...It won't be an easy win, (especially with most of our experienced bottom 6 out).
  10. Maybe they should do an investigative report and see if people new to Canada have any interest in 'buying a poppy;..?..Or interest in Remembrance Day in general..? Maybe Cherry was telling the truth?
  11. Not a big deal really..I dont mind "Aint Talkin Bout Love'..Its got some balls... "Holiday" is from a different era of Canucks hockey (Sedins),along with U2..Lets just move on...
  12. I think that this particular author at the Athletic gets a rise out of getting the Canuck fanbase worked up....However, based on the last 4 years results, this fanbase is going to have to suck it up when it comes to predictions that put the Canucks in a bad light..Until this team turns a corner, these kind of predictions are legitimate.
  13. We're into his draft +4 year...Juolevi is no closer to making the Canucks than he was in 2016...We will see how it goes in Utica this season, we won't have to wait long to see how it all pans out.