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  1. I think that this particular author at the Athletic gets a rise out of getting the Canuck fanbase worked up....However, based on the last 4 years results, this fanbase is going to have to suck it up when it comes to predictions that put the Canucks in a bad light..Until this team turns a corner, these kind of predictions are legitimate.
  2. We're into his draft +4 year...Juolevi is no closer to making the Canucks than he was in 2016...We will see how it goes in Utica this season, we won't have to wait long to see how it all pans out.
  3. Anybody going across the border should try this..
  4. If Juolevi is in any discomfort...he shouldn't even be on the ice...They should shut him down now,...and let him ease his way into the Utica lineup.
  5. Apparently..theres a lot of secret police who are dressed up as protesters..and are infiltrating...A lot of people are getting snatched and driven off in the back of vans..
  6. For a second there I thought it was Mark Stone...what?..already?
  7. A poll by the Athletic....Have your say.. https://theathletic.com/1107557/2019/07/31/have-your-say-surveying-fan-confidence-in-each-nhl-teams-front-office/
  8. If he becomes a 2nd pairing D...I would be more than happy with that.
  9. I've completely acknowledged his injuries in other posts..(without resorting to infantile name calling?)..He's had one good training camp (his first),and has not demonstrated anywhere near enough to be an NHL player (yet)........sorry.
  10. Who called the prospect a 'bust'?..just curious.
  11. Lol..whats with the petty insults.?..So,its going to take 6+ years since he was drafted to see what his ceiling is?...okey dokey.
  12. I'm very aware that Dmen take longer...However,..players like Fabbro and Stanley were taken 16-17th OA....If Olli were taken in the mid teens, we wouldnt be having this discussion.
  13. This is a hockey forum..I will be more than happy to to concede to you (ecstatic,in fact) that I was brutally wrong .... if Juolevi does indeed..live up to a 5th OA after 200 games.... What you're basically saying is that he has to be a 1st pairing D-man after 200 games..no pressure there?
  14. Fine by me..maybe we will get to chat again when OJ hits the ice in September?
  15. So you want s Canucks Booster Club type atmosphere....Is that what other posters want though?