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  1. Jim Benning will most likely be replaced as GM a year from now..However, what bugs me are hatchet jobs in the media..Really seems like Ed Willes is campaigning to get his pound of flesh...Claims that the Virtanen and Juolevi selections have set the rebuild back two years..? https://theprovince.com/sports/hockey/nhl/vancouver-canucks/canucks-under-the-microscope-jim-benning#comments
  2. If Linden did not succeed at being a President, and wasn't given full autonomy..why would Naslund? May as well put Shane 'O'Brien in the Presidents chair..Unless,an executive with real clout comes in..they may as well just leave the Presidency vacant.
  3. Probably have to take all the statues in America down now...I'm sure most of the 'founding fathers' employed slaves,....
  4. I listened to this song, and its not racist...basically lamenting (its in a minor key) on the state of affairs at that time..She didn't write it...Anyway,is this the same group that banned "Baby Its Cold Outside"..?
  5. Seems a bit over the top for me...You have to take the context of the times (1930's) into consideration...Black and White minstrels,Golliwogs,..all sorts of racial misconceptions were commonplace at the time..nobody gave them a second thought. Does that mean that followers of the Hitler Youth back in the 1930's should be tarred and feathered in 2020?
  6. This was an interesting article on Krueger... https://edmontonjournal.com/sports/hockey/nhl/cult-of-hockey/why-edmonton-oilers-should-think-long-hard-about-ralph-krueger
  7. Interesting to note the way the two teams are constructed. The Av's look like the future, fast mobile d-men who can quickly transition the puck up ice to their speedy forwards (they have a extra gear)...The Flames seem like more of a traditional type mold (which bodes well for the regular season). The contrast couldn't be worse for the Flames
  8. Would really like to see Colorado badly expose the Flames again tonight (the meltdown of Flames fans on their boards is priceless). Flames have a really good coach, and are a good team, but are in very tough against a team that clearly outmatches them in speed, and mobility.
  9. As far as I'm concerned this series is already over..Gallant even admitted that he didn't want to run up the score last night. It looks to me like the window is closing on the Sharks,and it will be interesting to see what they do this coming off season.
  10. If the Leafs win this game it definitely puts them in the drivers seat to win the series...Both teams are fairly equally matched..Hopefullly CBJ plays the winner of this series and annihilates them.
  11. I'd say the the next game is somewhat of an afterthought..Vegas should take this with relative ease...Not really a great showing by Karlsson either..(everybody still want Benning to make a pitch for him this off season?).and weak goaltending by the Sharks. Vegas will be the team that wins the West...IMO