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  1. I'm white person from the UK..Immigrated to Canada when I was 12.. My grandparents were fairly racist ("you can barely see a white face in London anymore".."darkeys"... etc) My parents are not racist (just the odd stereotypical comment) My generation (I'm 50 now) ..grew up around other races, seemed like integration of other races was quite normal.... Younger generation..Questioning everything...even historic leaders and landmarks.. interesting times...
  2. Really don’t understand this desecrating statues in the name of Black Lives Matter...Even though some of these figures were related to slavery..It’s a part of history (every country has dark moments in history..Canada included)..where does it end? In the U.K. .. Churchill’s statue ,and Nelson’s statue are being targeted...Why stop there..?
  3. Benning was the AGM..not the Director Of Scouting for Boston. While I’m sure he had some input, those picks are not his.
  4. Can you provide a source that Benning had to be convinced to pick Petterson...Also,can you provide a source that Benning liked Hayton as much as Hughes?
  5. First game back......?,I wonder how many posters will mention that he looks a bit 'slow' in tonights game?
  6. Thats not an opinion though..its a fact....Of course Paterson (and everybody) wants the Canucks to excel, but based on their play, they will not get 9 wins in the remaining 14.
  7. Jeff Paterson says Canucks have to win at least 9 out of the next 14 to ensure a playoff spot... Dont see it happening this season folks..
  8. Feel bad for Miller..sounds gutted..Been a great leader this season.
  9. Dont disagree with you at all..I like Green...but that seems to be the prevailing mentality.
  10. Its easier to blame (and replace) one person instead of 23.
  11. Garaunteed loss against a rested CBJ.That Ottawa loss looks like a real ball breaker right now.