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  1. I would gladly do that deal...but I have a feeling that the Sabres are going to want one of our younger impact players (which I would not part with).
  2. I would definitely put myself on the positive side of the equation...Considering the fact that JB took over a veteran team,with virtually no prospects (and no impact players entering their prime years)..I think he's well on track in putting together a decent team..In another year,we will be set in goal and defence..(Joulevi,Boeser,Demko will be on the team) Next on the shopping list is a 1C....its all still a work in progress..and you have to remember, JB has only been on the job for 2 years
  3. I think the Canucks should definitely kick the tires on Kane...If he's going to redeem himself,its going to be here..IMO...It would instantly change the identity of the Canucks....It would be a huge gamble. Problem is..what would we have to give up to get him?...That's where it would get tricky.
  4. Pretty accurate contrasts on the situation,but at the end of the day..results are going speak louder than words...
  5. LA drafted incredibly well AFTER the first round....Quick,King,Martinez,Simmonds,Voynov,Nolan,Clifford,Toffoli...All these players were picked in a 5 year span from 2005-10.....It really illuminates how bad the Canucks scouting was at that time..IMO
  6. .One has to be excited about our drafting in the last 4 drafts....The current state of the Vancouver Canucks circa 2015-16 (28th place finish) is directly interconnected to the fact that the Canucks failed to draft enough NHL caliber talent from 2005-12....Its delusional to think otherwise.
  7. Canucks drafting was actually pretty decent in the 90's..a lot of players had good NHL careers,and the Canucks picked up a lot of gems with their later picks ( Peca,Cooke,Walker,Chubarov,Ruutu,Schaefer and more),not to mention 1991 pick Stojanov,who parlayed into Marcus Naslund..The era culminated with the drafting of the twins in '99.....Every year of the 90's draft yielded 2-3 bonafide NHL's,except for 1996. The 2000's have been well below average (a good year in 2004)...Gillis' drafting was abysmal,(Nonis and Burke get an honouable mention as well)..
  8. Correct..and that's where the "Black Hole' term exists...The Canucks last year were a group of players winding down the end of their careers,or players too young to really pull on the rope...Basically devoid of impact players in the prime of their careers (25-30).
  9. True...and were not just talking about the top end talent we drafted those years (that didn't bust,but underachieved)...We couldn't even draft serviceable players for the bottom half of our lineup....At least Calgary got players like Bouma,Brodie,Granlund and Gaudreau after the 1st round.... All thats left to show for six years of drafting 2005-11 is Raymond,Grabner, Schroeder (all now borderline AHL/NHL tweeners) and Connauton. Oilers have 8 current NHL players drafted from 05-11 Flames have 8 current NHL players drafted from 05-11
  10. Seems odd to me as well..As soon as the Wild put him on waivers....(he's already cleared waivers twice in his career without getting claimed)..,Schroeders bargaining power in arbitration went down the toilet.
  11. Obviously,he had to cave in to what the Wild were offering...the Wild had the hammer all along..As other posters have alluded to,$300K is still a remarkable salary for playing hockey.
  12. Makes no sense for Buffalo to trade him right now..They would be trading him from a point of weakness.(and they're not going to trade him for scraps)..Best to get him playing,and build up his value... He is an alluring prospect no doubt,but a selfish player..IMO
  13. He scored 13 of his 15 in the last half of the season...The penny didn't drop until the halfway point....IF he stays healthy,20 goals should be his minimum...
  14. The gunman on the roof was definitely German..There is 8 or 9 confirmed dead....You would think if it was an ISIS attack,the casualties would be a lot higher?
  15. Canucks finished 28th last season,so these jabs are to be expected...Also,when bloggers get the touchy Canuck fanbase in an uproar,they've pretty much hit their intended target. The blog itself was a lot of words,that didn't really say anything.....