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  1. Could be the end of the NHL road for Lack......?
  2. I haven't felt this positive about a hiring since AV (although I am prepared to be completely wrong)....Tortorella and Desjardins are good coaches,but both were ultimately the wrong choices at the wrong time... You can always take some good out of the bad though..Torts and his antics were a farce,but did manage to get rid of management,and got us a hight pick .... also revealing massive cracks in the makeup of the Canucks.. I found Willie Desjardins to be one the most most frustrating coaches of the Canucks in the last few decades..slow to adapt and improvise (widely documented)..and a poor communicator to some of the younger players (one size does not fit all)....
  3. JB always puts a positive spin on the proceedings,but the Canucks really need a top 2 pick in the worst possible way.... with the 'Buzzard Luck' we're used to,it will most likely be 5th.....Brace yourself for the posters that start the blame game,because the ping pong balls didn't go our way.
  4. Every time I ran the simulator..I never got the 2nd overall for whatever reason...The odds are,are that the Canucks will drop..most likely 4th or 5th.
  5. Good to hear...Also,if any coach is capable of getting him to the next level,it would be Travis Green.
  6. Stawns...I know that you still have faith in Jake ,but oh boy..the bar is starting to get set pretty low on this player....
  7. Botchford sets out to appease the pessimistic side of the fanbase (somebody has to do it)...The Chicken Little of journalism.. Check out how many GM's are rookie GM's in the league,you'll be surprised (Bowman,Yzerman etc)..Benning has worked as a Head Scout for Buffalo,and an AGM for the Boston Bruins (culminating in a SC win in 2011),these are executive positions...He is more than qualified for the job of GM,and has held the chair for 3 years now. For every failure (Eakins),there's a success story (Cooper in TB)...Do you honestly think that Ken Hitchcock,Lindy Ruff,or Darryl Sutter are the right fit for the Canucks right now?
  8. I wonder if Travis Greens poker skills (he won $345,000 at The World Series Of Poker) make him a better coach?...I don't like poker and I don't consider it a sport,but surely those skills must help you strategize better than your counterparts. -Second thought....Sven Baertschi should have a great year this year (providing he stays healthy)...Green was his coach in Portland when he dominated in junior,and also in Utica where Sven started to right the ship on his career.
  9. I think he's just filling a void left by the 'cryptkeeper' and Neil Macrea...Somebody has to play the dissenter.
  10. There really hasn't been a lot to cheer about the last couple years,but this hiring does hold promise for the future...There's more than enough pessimistic posters around..,always at the ready to pour a bucket of cold water on any positive comments..
  11. Speaking of Botchford...He's not going Green..and giving the hiring a thumbs down..: http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/video/is-green-the-right-fit-for-the-canucks~1108711
  12. Ray seems pretty stoked about this hire...Usually,when it comes to decisions made by this management he's pretty ho-hum...So all good.
  13. Gutsy indeed...Willes has generally been more pro management,but definitely became more critical of the managements 'retool' as the season wore on/down.....He clearly lost confidence in it,and at the end of the day,he was totally right....
  14. Go to hockeydb and look up Vancouver Canucks drafting from 2008-12.