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  1. Part of Tonys schtick is to start campaigns to get coaches and management hired/fired.(I think thats how he got the name "The Undertaker")..He's been at it for 30 years....He was relentless on AV,claiming him to be the most clueless coach..How wrong can you be Tony..?
  2. This makes no sense...would't hiring a rookie NHL coach would have more risk involved than hiring an experienced one..?
  3. I'm very happy about the hire..He deserves the job,and is the perfect coach for where this team currently sits...I don't think that he's a 'Mr Nice Guy either,he's very firm with players,without destroying their confidence (very important).. Whats imperative to me this upcoming season,is to have a team concept where we are aggressively trying to win the game...as opposed to trying 'not to lose'.
  4. Well done Toni...Thats hilarious..lol
  5. Like most other peeps on here..I've accepted the worst case scenario,which is tied into "Canuck Luck".....which is 4th,but most likely 5th...I will also make a prediction that none of COL,VAN,LVK,ARZ will get the first two picks...
  6. Usually a sign of a foreboding trade,but we shall see....
  7. From Ed Willes of The Province: "Spent a couple of days poking around the Nikita Tryamkin story and came to this conclusion. The rift between the player and the organization is not irreparable. Wouldn’t say it’s an absolute lock but the sense here is he’ll be back in Vancouver at some point".
  8. Obviously,Kitchen is the 'sacrificial lamb' in this case....also,..,seems like a bit of a blindside shot to Coach Q..Seems like Bowman is just trying to keep everyone on their toes.
  9. Nobody wants to see real human beings playing music anymore...
  10. Get ready for a Leaf publicity onslaught during the Summer and Fall...in magazines,TV, and internet...There will be no getting away from it.
  11. I wholeheartedly agree on your Flames assessment...Toronto on the other hand,not so much (they actually do have a goaltender)... I like your optimism for the Canucks,but there's still a lot of unproven talent there..and a lot of things will have to go right..We are finally heading in the right direction of hoarding young talent,....now its just a matter of time before it all collectively comes together and they have a breakout season (much like the CBJ did this year)
  12. I still think that Montreal needed a Shea Weber more than PK Subban..I just don't think that Montreal has the overall depth that Nashville does...Nashville is a good young exciting team. It wii be interesting to see how Montreal tries to reboot in the off season with their core of Price,Galcheynuk,Pacioretty and Weber,
  13. That has to be the softest group of forwards in the NHL...Benning is going to have to address that somehow.
  14. He was going back to Russia no matter what...It wasn't 'all about the money'... and as Bob McKenzie pointed out,he 'didn't want to be an NHL player'..simple as that. For the last 2/3 of the season,he played a regular shift..and would have done so next season..It was a rough start to the season,but that was firmly in the rear view mirror (and the coach was fired )....The ice time theory is a front..IMO..Whats he going to say to the press..he was 'homesick'? Much like the Kassian trade,everybody is quick to pile on the management...when in reality,they don't know the half of it..The real reasons behind this will filter out inevitably,that always do.
  15. A few interesting points by Dave Tomlinson.. -Tryamkin was supposed to come back to Vancouver earlier in the summer of 2016 to work on his conditioning with Canuck trainers (he even said in his season ending presser that the had to lose weight) that was the deal.....He did not return to Vancouver until mid August,when he inevitably came back to Vancouver..out of shape,apparently. -My take on it,is that he didn't want to be in Canada a minute more than he had to to...and being an NHL player means more than just being here for the regular season...Also,he had no idea of the amount of travel,and compressed games in the NHL,this was his first full season -On a positive note,..Benning left the door wide open for the guy to return to Vancouver....Is he really going to waste all his talent playing for Auotmobilist for the next 5 years?..The arena is a dump,looks decent on the outside but its actually fairly old (1970..seats over 5K)....Its like a huge step backwards..IMO.