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  1. I think that is fair as well....There's no guarantees that any of the centres in this draft are going to be 1C's,or any of the D will be top pairing...We are giving up a sure thing in Chris Tanev,which leads me to believe that we are taking on more of the risk in this proposed deal.
  2. I remember watching him as Simon Templar in "The Saint" as a kid,and playing Bond...He always struck me as a down to earth individual in his interviews...Seems like he led a full and fascinating life.
  3. Very tragic..could be anyones 14 year old son or daughter there (these kids have no idea how f******d up the adult world really is)....Probably just a matter of time before the same idea is used at a sporting event.
  4. Stopped reading after the first four words of the 'reasons why'..
  5. The problem with Willie was that young players had no idea where they stood,he did not install confidence..Quite the reverse..You scored a goal in the 2nd period,benched for the 3rd..Also, playing young players 8 minutes a game (that's Willie trying really hard not 'to lose',but losing anyway..plus not showing any trust in the rookies), usually followed by a double dip of sitting in the press box.. Players should never be gifted minutes when they don't deserve it,but conversely,they shouldn't be glued to the pine after making a mistake either...Young players ,by definition, make mistakes....Some players hardly need to be coached at all,because they are intrinsically mature enough to get it (Horvat,Stecher,Hutton)...Others need more patience (Virtanen,Goldobin,McCann,Baertschi)....One size does not fit all in this regard. After games,Willie would be questioned why he didn't play the young player more..He always had some vague answer...Willie had more of an affinity for the vets and lunch pail guys on the 4th line (whom he would inexplicably put out in the final minute in game when we dearly needed a goal ?)... From what the players say about Travis Green is that every player will know where he stands and why...He is tough and fair....The free rides for the vets on this team is over..Thank god for that..!
  6. If it had not have been for injuries Baertschi ,would not have gotten the chance he did...Don't kid yourself ,WD was never enthusiastic about developing young players at the NHL level,he stubbornly stuck with his vets the whole time here...He even preferred playing the 4th line plugs over the kids...right to the bitter end. Green had a winning record in Utica with teams that were pretty thin in the talent department..They've had 3 years to evaluate him..and really,its a no brainer..IMO I have never been a fan of WD's coaching the Canucks,but am a fan of his as a person.
  7. If Preds score,it puts the Ducks really on the ropes...If the Ducks kill it off,I have a feeling they can come back this game.
  8. yup..
  9. "For the loser now Will be later to win For the times they are a-changin'." Bob Dylan...
  10. I dont find it to be an awful move (I think he's going to be a lot better next year),and we gave up no assets to acquire him...Although, getting him to primarily resuscitate the twins declining production..was a bad move. It couldn't have gone more sideways than it did last season..Eriksson could not get any traction in his game,and the Sedins demonstrated that their days as elite 1st line players are over.(as well as the playoff pipe dream that management was chasing).
  11. That article is from a year ago,and there's zero chance he's going to pull this submerged wreck up from the deep in a couple of years...,However,in the cap era,reversal of fortune can come swiftly (look at CBJ).....Benning has to be consistent with his team building,and have some luck on his side...Being gifted a franchise player would be nice,but you still have to build solid depth on your team.
  12. Personally,I think everybody (management and Jake himself) had the best intentions for Jake,but it became a series of botched circumstances...Not mature enough to be a professional,..his play at the WJC,...his ill advised weight gain during the off season,...his deployment and mixed messages by WD,... The bar has been set so low for him now ...most would be happy just to see him in bottom 6 checking role.
  13. Out of all the prognosticators lists,and media that follow the team etc.....I haven't seen or heard anything that has us picking Necas (not saying it's not going to happen,but just sayin..)...Kuzma,Botchford,Button and Ed Willes are all 'telegraphing' that Cody Glass is the Canucks guy (if he's available..like PLD last year,he could be a late riser,and get snatched before our pick).