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  1. Sweet Holm Athabasca...
  2. Is it the impatience of he market or the greed of the owners?...I'd say most of the fanbases despair and hopelessness lately has revolved around the managements refusal to admit that the 'window has firmly closed' two years ago....The trading picks for young players were band aid solutions,where major surgery would have been more applicable.. The lack of entertainment factor i was speaking of mainly had to do with the coaching style of the last two coaches...I believe that Torts and Willie neutered 'skill'....Torts tried to change a veteran skill team into the 2011 Bruins...It was hard to watch as Torts played 2.5 lines to death,while the injuries piled up. Watching WD admonishing creative players at the bench for taking 'risks' in the offensive zone was brutal to watch....How many times did the Canucks come out of the gate and concede the first goal this season?...Every game was like watching the same movie over and over again,...the same PP.( which the coaching staff refused to improvise)...the 4th line plugs on the ice in the last minute to score the tying goal..etc I don't mind losing,but I think fans want to see a coach that lets players 'play'..If were going to lose a lot next year lets try and 'win' the game,instead of playing 'not to lose' which is what we've been subjected to...
  3. Penguins in 6....but I am rooting for the Preds.
  4. I am astounded that you believe that this team has been entertaining to watch...This year was especially brutal,with Willie Desjardins being the prime reason why..I have my fingers crossed that coach Green will deliver on his promises of an 'attacking' style of hockey. That 100 point season was the exception and not the rule..and in hindsight..was possibly the worst thing that could have happened to this franchise...It created the artificial' retool while be being competitive ' motto,which has been the mandate for the last 3 years..
  5. Exactly..it will be there on the ice for everybody to see.
  6. On the positive side..WD is not the coach anymore,so the coaches allegiance to the vets is done..Green is a different cat,..If they are not pulling their weight,they will sit..It has to be merit based...
  7. The 'stale core' is pretty much gone (Edler,Twins are left)....but the arena will be even more empty if were down 3-0 before the end of every first period...I don't think Benning wants to launch his 'mentorship' group into orbit just yet.
  8. I would be very surprised if Benning traded picks for veteran help (he would be lambasted for that if he did)....but I do get the feeling that he wants to hang on to the vets he already has..... I don't think he's dialled back the rebuild,but it sounds like he's not accelerating it either.
  9. We've finished 27th and 28th in consecutive seasons...you can call it anything you like,but it's no 'winning environment'. First and foremost,players are assets..and they depreciate..This team is all about tomorrow.....A GM has to know the correct time to deal these assets Edler and Tanev are our top pairing D,its very apparent what happens when they're out of the lineup.. My guess on all this, is that Benning does not want a Colorado Avalanche situation on his hands,where the spirit of the team just folds...and we've lost the game before they even dropped the puck...You have to be somewhat competitive for fans to be compelled to buy tickets...If the Canucks are really out of it by the New Year,all bets are off...Tanev and/or Edler will be gone by the TDL.
  10. These are the kind of quotes that are worrisome...
  11. Got that...Nobodys writing them off ( but its amazing how bent out of shape some peeps get at even the slightest criticism of these players).....Its a clear case of a some fans clearly overrating your own prospects ...If we can't assess how our prospects are developing,what good are hockey forums for.?....
  12. So far,neither player has done enough to justify where they were picked in their respective drafts.. In most redrafts OJ is not in the top 10 of his year..and Virtanen is god knows where This is not to say they won't be good NHL players,but there were definite higher expectations for both players by this point.
  13. In this case ,it doesn't matter if you are pro or anti Benning...I'm just looking at the situation from the outside looking in...Bennings first two top 6 picks have been underwhelming (so far.)..To his credit,.I think he has done very well with his later picks,and got a gem with Boeser...The point still remains though, its imperative that you have to nail picks at the very top of the draft.
  14. Do we need a player like Kapanen.?.last time I looked the Canucks have more than enough undersized skill players (Dahlen,Goldobin,Boucher,Baertschi)...The Canucks have the softest forward group in the NHL..IMO...Maybe Benning should start addressing those needs. I'm actually flip flopping on trading Tanev these days...because there's going to be a massive hole in the Canucks D when he leaves (who is his replacement?)...Also,why settle for a fair trade..?..Even Kapanen and a 1st...?..Toronto wins that deal easily,because they will get the best player in the deal....If we're trading Tanev shouldn't it be for an area where we are deficient?...