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  1. Yeah I will. like this place a lot.

    HAHAH, yeah, let's organize a impromptu street hockey game right here.

  2. Sorry, I mean on the streets in Mong Kok:)

  3. Perhaps, you could show some of your hockey skills in the streets on Mong Kok too:)

  4. No problem, I'd certainly reply your personal comments in your comment box then. Enjoy your life in Mong Kok:)

  5. question, I'm in Mong Kok right now, for summer. **

  6. LOL, oh that's nice. Would you mind posting your replies on my comment box? I usually don't check other people's boxes to check for replies. (;

    And to answer your

  7. By the way, nice to chat with you, Vapourstreak:)

  8. I lived at New Territories during my years in Hong Kong. How about you, Vapourstreak?

  9. Which part of Hong Kong are you from?

  10. Vancouver Canucks Free Agency Wrap-Up : Day 1 - TrevLinden16

    I wouldn't mind to receive a 3rd-line forward with Stanley-cup-winning experience, along with a first-round or second-round draft pick.
  11. Hi Canuck Fans. I come from Hong Kong. I would try to keep my comments as neutral as possible, and sometimes I would try to add some pleasing flavour on my comments. Sorry if I've offended you with my comments.