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  1. Do you want to see Benning draft a forward or dman?

    Both, Canucks would need a first-line centre to succeed the Sedins, another D as hulking as Tryamkin.
  2. The Hamhuis Prediction Thread

    For a family-first player like Hamhuis, I would neither be shocked nor die with heart attack if Hamhuis remains as a loyal Canuck after the trade deadline By the way, as for Vrbata, he could be traded back to the Coyotes for whatever is helpful for the retooling other than a bag of pucks but... I wonder if the Coyotes is in his list of trade destinations though... I would rather see Benning being calculating on trades than being too desperate just to please the fans.
  3. Byfuglien... size, versatility, toughness, offensive and defensive prowness, character in dressing room, ..., ability to bowl over guys like Kopitar, Dwight King, Brent Burns, Thornton, Marleau, etc.... a juicy free agent not to miss. He's still young and more experienced in NHL and playoffs than the entire Canuck backend; he'd have a chance to learn under Sedins how to fit in dressing-room culture professionally. Just hope he would not have as much behavioral issue as Kassian though.
  4. NO WAY! Unless... Stamkos would be one of these players in return.
  5. Yeah I will. like this place a lot.

    HAHAH, yeah, let's organize a impromptu street hockey game right here.

  6. Sorry, I mean on the streets in Mong Kok:)

  7. Perhaps, you could show some of your hockey skills in the streets on Mong Kok too:)

  8. No problem, I'd certainly reply your personal comments in your comment box then. Enjoy your life in Mong Kok:)

  9. question, I'm in Mong Kok right now, for summer. **

  10. LOL, oh that's nice. Would you mind posting your replies on my comment box? I usually don't check other people's boxes to check for replies. (;

    And to answer your

  11. By the way, nice to chat with you, Vapourstreak:)

  12. I lived at New Territories during my years in Hong Kong. How about you, Vapourstreak?

  13. Which part of Hong Kong are you from?

  14. Vancouver Canucks Free Agency Wrap-Up : Day 1 - TrevLinden16

    I wouldn't mind to receive a 3rd-line forward with Stanley-cup-winning experience, along with a first-round or second-round draft pick.
  15. Hi Canuck Fans. I come from Hong Kong. I would try to keep my comments as neutral as possible, and sometimes I would try to add some pleasing flavour on my comments. Sorry if I've offended you with my comments.