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  1. I am confused why are these play in round games being counted and called as playoff games when the actua traditional round of 16Stanley Cup playoffs have not even started yet?

    1. mll


      They are not regular season games - 7 teams have already been eliminated and it's not the format of the regular season.  It makes them playoff games by default.  They were not going to create a separate category.  Number of playoff teams has also varied over time and this year will simply be a year with 24 teams.

    2. drummer4now


      ^ and hopefully the last year for this format.. 

    3. NUCKER67


      Will these playoff stats have an asterisk next to them? Teams could be playing more games (with the extra play-in rounds), so we might see higher point totals etc?

  2. Ferland is probably out he is too unreliable and can't be counted on. Toffoli was seen today in a walking boot as per a source in the Athletic so doubt he is back unless they got bad info. Gaudette and/or MACEwan should draw in.
  3. Before this series I had no idea who Kevin Fiala was.. seeing him play he is versatile and arguably the most underrated player in the league.
  4. Minnesota seems to go as Kevin Fiala goes. Edler,Myers and even Stecher need to be all over him all game long the way EP 40 is targeted by everyone on the Wild to win this series.


    That will be the main storyline to watch imo.

  5. This Kevin Fiala is genuinely good. Could be a very short series.

  6. Sounds like his agent doing damage control after his client's sabotaged his own bargaining power by coming out and saying that his first priority would be to get a deal done and have the Tan Man back in Van even if it was a 1 year deal they could revisit things again next offseason. Could Tanev sign with a team like the Leafs or Panthers? Just don't see him moving on. He likes being a leader on the team to the young guys with Steady Eddy Alexander Edler and wants to be back. Canucks want him back to help mentor and transition to the yutes on the back en'd. Usually when two sides want to make a deal happen they meet somewhere in the middle compromise and get a deal done.
  7. Chip Kelly

    NFL thread

    Vick is still a bit guy though is he not? He doesn't get to be on nationally televised broadcasts like Drew Brees will be with NBC. Kind of interesting though that more white people were outraged at Vick in America for fighting, torturing and killing dogs than there are of white people angered about the systemic racism and police brutality suffered by blacks over all these years until now...
  8. In his 25th year of NHL play-by-play announcing, Mike Emrick joins the NHL on NBC as lead play-by-play commentator. Emrick is widely considered to be the best hockey play-by-play voice on television. He has been the voice of the New Jersey Devils since 1993, and has announced NHL games for all of the major television networks. Emrick is the recipient of several awards, including the 1997 National CableACE Award for best play-by-play, the 1997 and 2004 New York Emmy Awards for his Devils telecasts, and the 2004 Lester Patrick Trophy. Mike "Doc" Emrick is an American Hockey Legend in the same class as Jim Hughson in many respects imo.
  9. "Hey URSULA... ITS BIG DADDY!" "HOW GOOD IS THAT?!" For a real classic feel I wonder if we can get Cuthbert back with Greg Millen?
  10. In Be4 tHa LoCk Rags are the most dangerous team if they get past Carolina and get on a run heading into the tournament.
  11. Ranges are my darkhorse baby. How can you go against the Mika blaster and the the Bread Man? Don't forget they still have the King in net or if he falters they have the big Russian Georgiev.
  12. I hate the current bracket format of the playoffs. Just reseed like the NBA 1 vs 8 like it used to be in the good ol days.
  13. Hoglander would be quite the wild card to add to a play in series with NHLers being rusty. This would be a great time for him to get some experience for next year. Meet with the trainers and staff etc put him on a plan to be NHL ready in a few short months.
  14. Where does Nils Hoglander fit into all of this potentially? Does he get to practice with the black aces and go in when the Canucks have injuries or are down and out in the series? Maybe this play in scenario with everybody being rusty is a good time to get Hoglander some NHL experience to see where he is at going into next season. Win or Lose either scenario is ok for the Canucks. Keep their draft pick or play a few more games. Without crowds being allowed I don't know if there will be much of a playoff like atmosphere to really benefit from. The games themselves will probably lack intensity and sharpness from the jump making it a perfect time to get some experience for younger players if you are one of the teams not expecting to do anything in the playoffs.