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  1. NFL thread Looks like the Seahawks don't really miss the former vaunted LOB as much as people thought they would. Shaquil Griffin looks like a decent replacement for Richard Sherman as CB1 while Bradley McDougald is a better cover safety than Kam Chancellor probably ever was. Meanwhile Tedric Thompson has shown playmaking ability that should let Earl Thomas walk in free agency next offseason. They have Jarran Reid and Frank Clark on the DL. Also Bobby Wagner and KJ Wright, when the latter is healthy, still form a great duo. They still have the 12th man and one of the hardest places to win a game on the road in the entire NFL. Are the Seahawks really an under the radar sleeper NFC wild card team? The d is still top 5. The OL is improved both pass blocking and run wise and they finally found their missing run game. They might be a wr away, perhaps Amari Cooper, from being an under dog threat in the NFC.
  2. Injury Report: 2018/19 Canucks

    The rest bit is about the concussions and making sure he has no lingering side effects. This could be a win win solution. Get a look at Gaudette while Elias is out. Plus Elias gets a little time to add some strength in the gym. It doesn't need to be a whole month it could be 2 weeks if his concussion symptoms are not that bad. With Demko he had a concussion and is still not cleared yet the Canucks put him on a plane right away. I just don't want them to feel pressure in playing him at all even though he is there meal ticket to being close to relevant in the NHL this season. Only the Canucks know how bad Demko and Petersson are right now. The fact they are not giving any updates on either concerns me a little.
  3. Injury Report: 2018/19 Canucks

    What's he rush? Canucks need to be cautious not to rush him back too soon. Maybe give him a month off to rest and get stronger in the gym and put on 5 pounds before he comes back ready to dominate.
  4. Injury Report: 2018/19 Canucks

    According to Rick Dhaliwal, the only trusted source when it comes to Canucks related news, He expects "Petey" to be out 1-2 weeks or more depending on how he feels after being evaluated again in Vancouver. So is he out indefinitely.
  5. NFL thread

    You think the Chargers and the Ravens will have a better chance than the Patriots and Chiefs?
  6. NFL thread

    If it was in Philly it would be national news. One guy throws a snowball at Santa. Another eats horse sh!t while the whole fanbase gets a bad rep regardless. But nobody is allowed to talk anything bad about the Patriots or the fans it seems.
  7. NFL thread

    What happened to the Jags? Looks like Patriots vs Chiefs AFC Championship unless January Joe shows and "Philly Riv" and the Chargers don't choke like always in big playoff games. Huge cluster &^@# in the NFC right now too. It's the Rams and Saints in the NFC the same way the Patriots and Chiefs are on a collision course.
  8. [Report] Canucks recall Adam Gaudette

    Are you kidding me? Guance is garbage a waste of size with no grit or finish to his game other than when he is in the minors. Can't believe so many believe we're afraid of losing him on waivers.
  9. [Report] Canucks recall Adam Gaudette

    He is also American reminds many,including myself, of a young Ryan Kesler in the WCE days. Gaudette is from Boston he aint getting punked by anyone. More likely he scraps. As for Lind he is a prairie boy so you know he is tough and is not afraid of playing greasy if necessary.
  10. [Report] Canucks recall Adam Gaudette

    What about some jam to protect the kids?! Why not Archibald or MacQueen?
  11. Who goes on Pettersson's line to protect him?

    Either him or Archibald. Whoever is willing to fight and hit more to have an NHL paycheck for the whole season.
  12. Who goes on Pettersson's line to protect him?

    Canucks lineup with Beagle and "Petey"out: Bartchi-Horvat-Boes Roussel-Gaudette-Virtanen Goldobin-Granny-Eriksson Archibald-Sutter-Leipsic/Schaller/Motte
  13. Who goes on Pettersson's line to protect him?

    Yell at Jake to play like Tom Wilson without crossing the line or his bodyweight is useless.
  14. Matheson hit on Pettersson

    On the brightside looks like the Hockey Gaud will be called up for Smeagle Beagle.
  15. Matheson hit on Pettersson

    What about Archie he is 28 he is a journeyman but a vet nonetheless this could be his ticket to an NHL job. He can scrap and is actually willing to run guys.