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  1. Unleash the Russian Bear!!!
  2. Wouldn't it be sweeter for Pittsburgh to keep it close until New England pulls away in the 4th for you? Like the Cowboys game it you are blown out early you are resigned to defeat but when it looks like you actually might win it's even more crushing to lose late in the game.
  3. Maybe he means they are arrogant assholes in general. Which they are. Brady bitches anytime he gets hit more than any QB I've seen always looking for a flag. I hope the Steelers play real physical if they are gonna lose and go out swinging to soften them up a little hopefully for the Super Bowl.
  4. Packers real banged up though. Davante Adams ,Jordy Nelson All if they okay will be playing hurting. Also that secondary of Green Bay has nobody to cover Julio if he is healthy. Too many weapons. Matt Ryan seems really motivated to show he is a big name QB and belongs among the top 5. I love Green Bay how they play and use Ty Montgomery. I just think Falcons are too much at home with the crowd noise and their d plays more physical too at home.
  5. I don't think people realize how good Atlanta's offence really is... They are top 10 ALL TIME in terms of points scored. I know the modern era is heavily slanted to helping offences thanks to Pi emphasis Fantasy sports etc and just bigger ratings with more TDs and scoring. Still that is pretty impressive. If Atlanta plays like they can I believe fully they can pull off the upset vs New England. I will go in to why later but first I want to see how they handle the Packers.
  6. I wouldn't be surprised if it is a close game I just don't see Packers winning as much as I like them right now. Nelson might play but the injuries on d are the bigger question mark they missed Morgan Burnett out there and Quentin Rollins. They also have not had their best CB Sam Shields most of the year. Atlanta is at home and I just think at some point the secondary will end up costing them. Prescott threw for 300 yards. Imagine what Matt Ryan could do. Steelers have a small chance if they can run the ball keep Brady off the field and bring pressure and try to hit him and be physical with New England's receivers at the line to disrupt their timing offence.
  7. I got Falcons 35-28 with the w over Green Bay. Atlanta smashed Seattle I question their d though. Offensively Atlanta has the best Offence in the league great schemes Play designs by Kyle Shanahan. If Atlanta and Julio is healthy they can beat any team in their way if they just keep playing like they have all year and the d steps up. @Green Building How can you hate the Falcons? Such an exciting team with a miserable playoff history. If the teams left historically they are the biggest underdogs. They don't have multiple Super Bowl rings like Green Bay,Patsies, and Steelers. If you want the Patriots to lose like most do just like the Cowboys fans they will be insufferable if Brady wins again this year and passes Montana. I think the only team Bleichick really fears is the Falcons because of how they spread the ball around you can't just focus on 1 or 2 guys.
  8. I got no rooting interest for the Chiefs Steels game just want whoever lookslike they will give the Patriots a game.
  9. Congrats Green Bay! Enjoy it cuz you got no shot next week unless that d improved though...
  10. @Beary Sweet Suck on that closet cowgirls fan!!!
  11. C'mon finish this Crosby.
  12. What a catch!!!!
  13. I am gonna get o crazy if it goes to OT.
  14. C'mon Green Bay make some plays for one drive.
  15. I meant they picked Alabama.