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  1. [Official] Vancouver Whitecaps Thread

    Wow headed to Bayern Munich for 12 million US. Wonder if they would loan him to Borussia Dortmund to play with Pulisic? Could be great for his development. Dortmund has a reputation of providing a good developing place for young players.
  2. NBA Discussion

    Another guy who likes to hold onto the ball late in the shot clock if he can't jack up a 3 early. Do not see how he will fit with Harden and Paul. Feel like he is probably the most overrated big name NBA player currently.
  3. NBA Discussion



    Kawhi might be here for a tease and just a good time and not a long time but it will make Raptor games entertaining regardless whether the team levels up or implodes.

    1. MJDDawg


      Assuming he's not injured.

    2. drummer4now


      Could go down as one of the worst trades in NBA history.. if Leonard doesn't produce and/or leaves. 

  5. NBA Discussion

    Seriously though... it's time Drake actually helped the Raptors land a big time player, instead of pissing them off trash talking all the time. When their contract is up they might consider Toronto as a legit option finally right? I could see Steph Curry maybe in Toronto if Kwahi stays but do you want say a 35 year old Curry at that point? I say try this 1 year experiment if it doesn't work tear down and trade Lowry and maybe JV and start over with a top 10 draft pick, Siakam,OG with the other youngish guys and any picks and open up some cap space to go UFA hunting in 2019. Try to do what Boston and Philly have with a deep group of young players.
  6. NBA Discussion

    That's like roughly more than around 250,000 I think but he can more than make up for it if he signs and stays longer with the Raptors. He could get some national brand endorsement deals.
  7. NBA Discussion

    Yeah good luck getting big name free agents if players think they did DeMar dirty. They only get free agents to join if they convince Leonard to stay.
  8. NBA Discussion

    I gotta get ready for work but this crazy as details come out. 1 year rental for Raps and hope he re-signs. Wonder how Lowry feels?
  9. NBA Discussion

    Its happening?!!!! Major Woj Bomb in the AM!!!!
  10. NFL thread

    Good point. They should know better though. Can't turn a hoe into a housewife. When you are a famous pro athlete with money and status you are bound to attract the gold diggers in the bars and strip and night clubs you frequent. You are a target you need to be aware of your surroundings and how a situation might play out. Instead of having hook ups with multiple women when on the road find 1 chick and stay loyal or at the very least if you are messing around be smart about it. Keep it on the down low don't leave a trail in the DM or send nude pics or videos. Heck with all the money athletes have they could pay for a good clean high class prostitute and use a condom it would still be better than hooking up with some of these other random typical ratchets they find on tinder and the clubs and bars who might have an STD and are looking to trap them for child support.
  11. BC Lions

    Trade Jennings for Manziel fair trade for both teams. Lulay will inevitably get hurt again like Buck Pierce late in his career. Lulay can be a qb coach like Calvillo after he retires and work his way up like Dave Dickenson did.
  12. [Official] Vancouver Whitecaps Thread

    If Whitecaps can sell Davies for some good coin they better reinvest that money to get a striker like Cyle Larin another Canadian kid with big time talent and a proven track record as a great goal scorer in MLS at only 23!!! He transferd to Besiktas in the Turkish league and scored 4 goals in 4 appearances but didn't get much play time. He might want to come back to MLS for a couple years before he tries Europe again.
  13. 2018 FIFA World Cup

    But but he's really tall those long legged strides can really eat up a lot of grass when he is in the mood for more than a stroll. Yes very young team. They could have been like Spain had they not lost to Portugal in the Euros 2 years ago and gone for 3 major international tournament wins in a row. Euro 2020 will be very fun.
  14. [Official] Vancouver Whitecaps Thread

    I just hope the team improves and he doesn't refuse to stop playing for Canada as Steve Nash grew tired of propping up the national men's basketball team. That 2026 World Cup is a big carrot for young up and coming Canadian kids to play soccer. Who knows they could play in a World Cup representing the country if you know any kids between 7-10 years of age, I would recommend them to start playing in an organized league right now! Only half joking. More kids should play soccer you don't have to be strong or tall. Just need to be creative and athletic and most critical develop those technical skills. Look at Luka Modric of Croatia named player of the tournament at the World Cup the sports highest level. He was a malnourished child from a war torn country who lost his father at a young age and now he is considered by most as the best player in the world at his playing position playing for the biggest club in the world at Real Madrid.