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  1. If you watch Sportsnet they have one commercial of you with your hat backwards going wild absolutely turnt and lit af!!! It shows the passion of the fans just wondering if you saw that or not. I wonder if they still play it. I could take a pic and prove it. Anyways your'e semi famous dude. What are the chances I see the pic of the guy on CDC who is in a Sportsnet Hockey ad?! The Canucks should hire you to bring some energy to Rogers Arena like Crazy P does to BC Lions games.
  2. 100% guarantee he will not be claimed by the Canucks. You can quote me on that.
  3. That show looks fun does it still come on anywhere or just Netflix? Always surprises how some of these creep are regular family man on the surface with young children which they don't molest. But apparently other people's children are fair game. Pedo logic.
  4. Thanks for the dose of reality but still killing the buzz. Not cool Buzz Killington.
  5. To me Burrows and Kesler chipring skills just make them more legendary. The fact they took the time to prepare for a game to do research into a guy's personal life to dig out a detail or two to make it more personal to get him off his game is amazing. Sure Burrows crossed the line and Kesler probably did too. But is shows how competitive these guys are and how badly they want to win that they are willing to do pretty much anything. This is missing on the current Canucks. Dorsett is a poor excuse for a tough guy/ agitator. The league's gone soft.
  6. I did enjoy his gratuitous shot on Seahawk fans though.
  7. Didn't he say that Burrows or Cooke or something $&!# talked him for being smacked around by his dad.
  8. I've been watching him for years and his isms did get repetitive and boring. I switched to Jay and Dan on TSN and couldn't believe they left to work for Fox Sports in the States. Now I a don't stay up to watch any highlight shows in full anymore or listen to any tv or talk show. They are all blowing hot air. If you want information on a topic go to the source on the Internet. For entertainment I listen to Fox Sports Radio on overnights those guys are hilarious and always are self deprecating making fun of their job and being overnight gas bags on the radio doing god's work.
  9. Sportsnet was going for a younger demo on their highlight show and put Taylor's isms out to pasture because his shtick was getting old and played out.
  10. What do you do as work that allows you to browse CDC? IT?