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  1. Game was boring Canucks played terrible. You want to fight me? Get in line and take a number... pal.
  2. He's excited to play his idol Ovie and has been watching clips on how to score like him....
  3. He can really rip the biscuit!!
  4. Should have put him in over Guance that albatross taking up a spot for no reason when they had the chance. Pedan too deserved a look.
  5. Girls really? Seem to be getting into the trades and labour everywhere these days. Heard they even do baggage room at airports and ramp.
  6. It's high time to put him out to pasture. The game has passed him by. Once in a long time he says something reasonable that isn't some old school Bobby Orr blah blah.
  7. Win 1.... Lose 1 Skille is starting a streak.What a beast.
  9. Good now when is ANTON FREAKING RODIN BACK?!
  10. Good money eh? Heard the crew you work with can be.... let's just say a little rough around the edges if you know what I mean?
  11. You pick the place give me the address and time to gather my resources....
  12. Let's do this. What time? PM. Me your home address or location you would be willing to meet to handle this situation.
  13. Saw the Shatt on a plane from Calgary to L.A. guy looked like he hand't washed his face after taking a dump. When the flight attendant asked if he has the Shatts he flat out said "NO". Seemed like a jerk or somebody at his age who doesn't want to be bothered.
  14. Love the Avi and Sig. Top Class. Full Marks.