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  1. Can't wait to see if Eddie Lacy makes weight and collects his bonus cheques.
  2. Please no hate the Spurs. I wanna see Kyrie with Butler and Wiggins and Anthony Towns in Minny. If Cavs don't land Carmelo, LeBron is 100 percent leaving the Cavs. If they trade Irving for Carmelo and sign Rose and Rondo I'm the process they can survive. The East looks terrible outside of the Celtics and Cavs West would be stacked if Houston completed their big 3 with Paul, Harden, and Carmelo.
  3. Yes please I might starting paying attention to domestic French football with Monaco and now PSG should be very entertaining. Not to mention make Barcelona weaker for Real.
  4. Would be nice
  5. Some would argue based on talent he is already in elite world class company chasing Messi and Ronaldo. Still rumors PSG was kicking the tires on Alexis Sanchez too. Boy that would make them Ligue 1 favorite and Champions league contenders for sure. On another note what happened to James Rodriguez he got lost in the sauce s little bit at Real with all the big names around him. Now he goes to Bayern the Real Madrid of Germany. He needs to fire his agent. If he wanted to get back some of his shine from the 2014 world Cup he should have joined Manchester United or PSG.
  6. What a crazy career though won a Super Bowl too. Maybe they will make a movie or documentary about his football life.... oh wait.
  7. Bono on the other hand doesn't care about sentimental loyalty. He wants wins. If Lulay proves he is ready to shoulder the load and can make this offence hum without making the big mistakes and inconsistent plays that Jennings has as a young gun slinger, then obviously he will keep putting him out there and ride the hot hand until he cools off. In the meantime Jennings gets to watch and rest and be ready when he gets his spot back.
  8. Is this happening or not? Neymar Jr to French Giants PSG would be earth shattering in the sporting world... Props to the Arab shiekhs with the oil money willing to drop 200 million Euros for his release clause and then on top of that 500,000 Euros a week in wages. This move would put PSG on par with Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Bayern Munich and Manchester United as global giants in the sports world.
  9. The CFL these days has no game flow. Pass pass punt, random break down creates big yardage then gets called back by a phantom penalty flag... No run game. Just short nickel and dime throws.
  10. Great can't wait. Hopefully get that pasta eating plug Ianuzzi off returns. The screwy CFL rules prevent Johnson , Rainey and Williams from being on the field at the same time without taking out the Manny Show, Burn'em, or smooth Moore. Return game needs a spark Rainey has been average at best by his standards so far already almost a quarter of the season in.
  11. I mean Wally Bueno
  12. Really? What if he lights up Winnipeg tomorrow and and throws for 3 TDs and 300 yards again. I think he might reconsider if Jennings keeps struggling in big games and chokes again in the playoffs like he did the last 2 years.
  13. I understand why though they have short careers and take lots of punishment each down. Plus you can always draft or sign a couple of cheap RBS fresh out of college if you don't want to have to spend on a "name" guy. I'm already licking my chops looking at next year's RB class. Some real good power Rbs. Saquon Barkley, Nick Chubb, Royce Freeman... If Eagles could get one and another young wr for Wentz they could challenge the big boys in the NFC.
  14. Just wait till the fastest receiver in the CFL gets healthy in Chris Williams then it will be bombs away.
  15. Lulay turned back the clock. I'm sure he would be a better #1 option in Saskatchewan and Montreal or reunite with Andrew Harris in Winnipeg. Yet Durant,Nichols,and Glenn have #1 qb jobs over him. As a competitor can't believe he doesn't believe he can be a starter for a team anymore. If Ricky Ray and Henry Burris and Clavillo play till 40 Lulay can too provided he stays healthy and plays smart.