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  1. Lineup looks decent for pre season might actually watch. Hopefully some big hits and a scrap or two breakout. I wanna see Labaate throw the hands with Ferland. He staggered Caligula with a forearm shiver last game.
  2. Here .
  3. True now that I think about it. I liked those lime green ones though like the Seahawks have.
  4. Eagles black out looks pretty badass too. Even though it's a very bland and traditional third Jersey not a great pop of color that color rush intended to give teams a chance to experiment. I find in general younger prefer the bright and contrast colors and the older people prefer the more traditional looks.
  5. To your point they are in Vegas right now probably under some excuse for a golf tournament for checking out Las Vegas for its suitability as a hockey town. Can't believe they get paid to do what the average Joe would love to do if they had the time. Most of their opinions are usually stolen anyways from the Internet from fans and bloggers.
  6. Color rush every Thursday night game this year has the teams wearing a third new Jersey. I think the Dolphins were honouring the invention of orange Gatorade in Florida.
  7. They should go at it again on air like Pratt vs Taylor. That morning and afternoon show is pure dog crap. Bunch of old fogies taking about the good ole days. Rather listen to Fox Sports Radio or ESPN. The Ben Maller Show is the best sports themed radio show so have heard so far. Best comedy and entertainment. Tsn 1410 puts it on.
  8. Even better then. Rex is like Torts a walking joke since his early success with the Jets just like Torts still living off that cup he won more than a decade ago in Tampa. If the Pegula's want to get serious about winning Tom Couglin would send a big message to the players and fan base that they are committed to winning more than just being a tram who is constantly in the news for reasons other than winning.
  9. Rex Ryan or Chip Kelly have to be the two best coaches in the league when it comes to ruining teams. Rex is better off as a talking head in the media than as an NFL head coach. Rumors Coughlin talked to the Pegula's about being ready to come in if they want to make a move after this season.
  10. That's the Midas job to overreact and try to be the first one in the media with a hot task and hope it comes true to sound smarter than everyone else and be as to say I told you so. They care more about being right than reporting the facts. Whagever it takes to create controversy or hyperbole to draw attention to themselves or their company. Heck guys like Skip Bayless and Screaming A. Smith have made a great living off lissimg off idiot sports fans and players who react to them and their opinions not facts. I swear to god sports has turned into a mix of politics and gossip more than talking about the actual game.
  11. Since no streams have come up, guess it is time to go old school and listen to the game on the radio in bed before I doze off.
  12. I remember when they had the PPV's whenever an Eastern team like the Flyers played the Canucks or it was a rare matchup or big divisional game.
  13. "The IQ of a Bird Seed and a face only a mother could look at" -AV
  14. Looks like it's gonna be a game time decision whether to go through all the trouble to hunt down a laggy stream or listen on the radio...