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  1. I think the NFL will do ok because the camera is so zoomed in anyways really are you paying attention to the people in the crowd much? Not really. Plus they already have plans to pump in crowd noise something NFL teams have been accused of doing illegally in the past anyways. I think the NFL will look the best on TV imo. It's going to look weird for everyone. F1 racing should also be fine and NBA already has music playing during the play anyways.
  2. Wish the Champions League comes back in a couple months. Bayern Munich vs Paris Saint-Germain would be amazing. What a sight it would be to see Phonsie having the experience trying to defend the threat of a world class player with the blistering pace of a Kylian Mbappe bombing down the flanks at him all game long! Would love to see how he would handle trying to mark arguably one of if not the absolute fastest player in the world. What a story it could be if Davies held his own against the best young player in the world on a massive stage. His Transfermarkt valuation would sky rocket and would surely draw major interest from some of the EPL heavyweights. One can dream...
  3. Jake "Tuna" Virtanen was immature and not mentally and emotionally mature enough to be ready even though he had the physical tools off the hoof with NHL size, speed, and a snazzy release on his wrist shot(which he needs to learn to use more effectively). As evidenced by his recent distracted driving snafu, where he had on full hockey gear on while driving making a cell phone video, it tells me that he still has some growing to do before he fully matures and makes good decisions consistently on and off the ice. This season was overall a positive step forward in solidifying his role in the top 9 going forward for big #18. I think playing against men in Sweden and understanding what it takes to be a pro puts Hoglander on a different level of being NHL ready than perhaps a Virtanen or even a McCann were. I understand what you are saying but each guy has to be considered on a case by case basis on their individual merits. Just because he isn't a first round pick doesn't mean that necessarily he shouldn't be afforded the same opportunity to make the team just because he doesn't have that shiny 1st round pick label attached to his name. Make no mistake he is the best Canucks prospect in their system right now...
  4. Have to be honest with you here Joe, I don't follow hockey or much sports anymore these days since pretty much everything has been shutdown so prospects and future contracts and potential maneuvers have been far from top of mind, I hope understandably during this time. I think I have spent more time watching 90 day Fiancé than I have keeping tabs on sports news. Haha. Last I heard was Podkolzin was a ways away still. A bit raw and lacking refinement toiling in the Russian junior league or not getting enough minutes when he did get a chance to play on a senior team. On the other hand Hoglander has been excellent. He has shades of a Swedish Marchand to his game and doesn't back down from battles and is more than willing to mix it up as seen by his elbowing suspension. He already has NHL level skill and size is overrated these days, besides he may be short but he is very strong on his skates for his size like Marchand and could be NHL ready right away. I don't think he ever plays in Utica whether they have a season post Covid or not. It will be Vancouver or back to Sweden if the Canucks don't feel he can handle being an NHL regular right off the bat. Especially with the Canucks upcoming cap crunch Hoglander should get every opportunity to claim a spot on the wing in the Top 9 next season.

    Wow can you believe she is 70? I am sure she has had some work done and used some special ingredients on her skin and not mention camera and lighting tricks but say what you will. For 70 she is a GILF not that I am into that type of thing...

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  6. Chip Kelly

    NFL thread

    The Eagles took a lot of chances on guys who are considered more raw and good athletes for their position with all of their draft picks but not necessarily the most NFL ready right now. I don't know how good of a strategy that is considering the struggles they have had with developing young players into impact starters with their coaching and development. Especially with a limited off season it stands to reason you would want more NFL ready prospects who can play a role and contribute as rookies. Had another team like say the Patriots or Ravens or Seahawks taken these same players I think this draft class would be graded much higher across the board. Ultimately it's about roles and system and fitting into the culture of a team and sometimes even the city that defines long term success along with obviously health for prospects. We won't know who really had a good draft until at the very least 3-5 years now. There are guys like DeVante Parker who only last season finally had a breakout year and showed the promise and potential everyone saw him back as a first round pick out of Louisville 5 years ago. Had we used only the 3 year time period he would be considered a certified bust. Being a first round pick is really good in the sense that teams are just as invested in a player's success and they get a much longer leash before a team loses patience with their development and they run out of opportunities.
  7. Chip Kelly

    NFL thread

    I think we can all agree the Packers had the worst draft by far. They needed to add a WR or 2 in the best WR class since 2014 and came away with a QB and a power RB instead. If I am Rodgers I give the Packers the same silent treatment that he gives to his family the entire off-season until they a) apologize and explain the rationale and b) try to trade or sign for a proven vet WR. At least the Eagles told Wentz they might draft Jalen Hurts early then went out on day 3 and added speed at WR in hopes that 1 or 2 of these guys will stick. The Eagles are trying be the NFC version of the Chiefs adding as much speed as possible at WR. Desean Jackson, Jalen Reagor, Marquise Goodwin, Quez Watkins, John Hightower all these guys are potential deep threats. That's 5 guys 6 foot or under and weighing less than 200 pounds. Very light and short WR core but they can compete in a track meet against any NFL team now. They won't be outclassed in speed anymore at WR. Whether speed on paper translates to an exciting,explosive,fun, and high scoring offence with more wins remains to be seen...
  8. Chip Kelly

    NFL thread

    I liked the 49ers draft Kinlaw is a good replacement for Buckner who was trades to the Colts. Their front 4 is their foundation of the defense so have to keep it strong and have good depth. Aiyuk is going to be another Deebo Samuel get him the ball in space and he can do damage. Robert Woods 2.0. Very quick and bursty chewing up YAC. Shanahan said that they coveted him more than Jeudy, Ruggs, or Lamb for their offence. Ravens are so good at drafting year after year. Incredible picks his year as well. Wish the idiot Eagles could learn to draft properly. Jalen Hurts WTF?! In round 2 with so many other needs and players available? All time dumbass move. Somebody has been visiting stay-at-home hub a little to much during this quarantine... I don't understand the pick at all. You give him a 100 plus million extension and you get rid of Malcolm Jenkins a highly respected veteran so he can be the unquestionable leader of the team. Then you avoid signing or trading for any big name WRs or pieces to help him leaving just the draft. Instead you only draft 1 WR Jalen Reagor then wasted a premium pick on a backup QB. Makes no sense at all. If Jeffrey Lurie had any sense left he would stop implicitly trusting Howie Roseman and his drafting record is piss poor. Heck the freaking Cowboys have drafted very well the past few years since Jerrah was given a reality check. They had a great draft again. Best 2020 drafts imo. 1. Bengals 2. Ravens 3. Broncos 4. Colts 5. Jets 6. Cowboys 7. Dolphins 8. Browns 9. Vikings 10. Jaguars
  9. Chip Kelly

    NFL thread

    Arnette is a bad ass. They must like his attitude. I understand Ruggs they wanted their own Tyreek Hill. Not many speed guys left in the draft other than KJ Hamler who have a chance to make an impact. I
  10. Chip Kelly

    NFL thread

    Tommorow is going to be the best day of the draft so many good players still left. CB Jaylon Johnson CB Jeff Gladney S Xavier McKinney S Grant Delpit S Ashytn Davis S Anotoine Winfield S Jeremy Chinn S Kyle Dugger WR Denzel Mims WR Tee Higgins WR Laviska Sheneault WR KJ Hamler WR Van Jefferson very safe slot WR pick with a high floor and low ceiling. A ton of RBs Swift, Dobbins,Helaire, Taylor etc etc.
  11. Chip Kelly

    NFL thread

    Wow A Rod gonna be pissed they drafted Jordan Love and trades up to do it! Lol So much raw talent though could be a poor man's Patrick Mahomes if they get lucky. Hate to say but the Cowboys got the best value and best player available for where they were picking. They can put CD or Amari Cooper in the slot now and create mismatches meanwhile Gallup is a solid #3. Dallas with the exception of TE is stacked on offence. I would have loved C.D. in Philly but happy with Reagor and that they passed on Justin Jefferson who is a slot guy.
  12. Chip Kelly

    NFL thread

    As for who I want the Eagles to draft. 3 guys 1. Jalen Reagor WR TCU 2. Jeff Gladney CB TCU 3. Amik Robertson DB Louisiana Tech
  13. Chip Kelly

    NFL thread

    Obviously everyone that follows the NFL draft knows about the big 3 WR. My top 10. 1. Lamb 2. Jeudy 3. Ruggs 4. Reagor 5. Aiyuk 6. Mims 7. Jefferson 8. Higgins 9. Sheneault 10. Hamler
  14. Chip Kelly

    NFL thread

    At first when I heard the draft would go on I thought it was stupid in a time like this to think about sports or any entertainment options even fake sports like e-sports and wrestling seemed very selfish. This virtual draft is still better and less stupid than what the WWE looks like without a live in house audience. The potential for Bill OB to drop an f bomb live as he struggles with figuring zoom conferences is high. I have a feeling this will be the most watched draft in some time.
  15. Still forced to work albeit down to a part time schedule. Damm essential services label! The only ones truely essential are healthcare workers. Everything else should be shut down. Most people if given a choice I think would prefer to stay home if compensated in an adequate manner by their employer and/or government(s). Everybody should be wearing masks to go out grocery shopping otherwise stay the f at home! Sorry not sorry. You can enjoy the sunshine and socialize without having people over or going out to visit them in groups. We have plenty of video calling options. One of the good things I suppose,when this blows over in a few more months... we can add the essential worker label on our resumes for all those of us still having to go outside their homes to go and work during a hopefully once in a lifetime global phenomenon. Life has not changed for me at all. In fact, I find that the time passes by even faster because it seems the days all run together when you don't have things to look forward to or deadlines! I feel like it has only been 2 weeks till the shutdowns really started and the new normal came to be. There is a long ways to go but I think much good can come of this when trying to make the best of the situation. Time flies when you take it just 1 day at a time. Before we know it we will look up and all this will be old news.