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  1. The verbiage seems a little extra don't ya think? I'm convinced half the stuff sometimes at the line is just too confuse and throw off opponents.
  2. Duchene is a good player and was an international for Team Canada at Sochi and just recently capped at the world Cup. An off year in a bad environment or too doesn't mean he all the sudden lost his attributes.
  3. Juolevi is a top 5 pick and Goldobin is another first round pick why not get the Avs first? Oh well...
  4. I'm waiting for the real version of all the NFL teams to show up by game #8. Before that is glorified pre season to be honest. Just stay with your division don't peak too early improve each week a little and then turn it on for the last half of the season.
  5. Ottawa should land him though.
  6. This is exactly the new NHL player Travis Green wants to play up tempo you need speed and skill. Matt Duchene can flat out fly.
  7. Juolevi and Goldobin For Duchene and Avs first round pick Other than that no chance.
  8. Give it a week if nothing drop him. It's the OBJ show now that he is back.
  9. Eagles are either gonna put a beatdown on the Giants or they will play their best football to save going 0-3 and their season being over next week. Falcons vs Lions looks juicy.
  10. What should the Canucks 23 man roster be and what it will BE are 2 different things.... Here is my prediction assuming there are no injuries trades signings or waiver wire activity. Opening night... Your 2017-2018 Vancouver Canucks !!! Sedin-Sedin-Gagner Baertschi-Horvat-Vanek Granlund-Sutter-Eriksson Upshall-Burmistrov-Boeser Dorsett extra in the press box. Guance on IR, Rodin back to Sweden. Goldobin and Virtanen join Dahlen in Utica for real depth. Subban as first call up on d along with Holm and Pedan. Edler-Stecher Hutton-Tanev Del Zotto-Gudbranson Weircoch- Biega Markstrom Nilsson
  11. I am Hiphop - Connor McGregor
  12. It's amazing how quick things change with injury Procise and Rawls both lost their jobs coming off injury and Lacy is just slow and washed. In comes the hard charging 7th round rookie hungry for that rock.
  13. Younghoe ain't Koo Joel Embid is a funny cat
  14. Leggarette Blount looks washed just like that bum Lacy. Makes me miss the last time teams had to respect the Eagles run game with Shady McCoy. Peterson is stupid for signing with the Saints should have joined the Eagles if he has any juice left Eagles have a decent enough o line to get him some space. What was he or his agent thinking going to a backfield committee that includes Mark Ingram and Alvin Kamara.
  15. Might need to get tested.