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  1. Re-Draft 2012 (Top 10)

    Every time I see a bunch of poor top 10 picks of a previous draft, it makes me worried about every top 10 pick we have had in the past few years. Lol
  2. Do we give Bo the "C"? POLL

    I think Bo isn't ready yet. I think we should go a yr with out a captain. Also, I have noticed that the canucks themselves don't have a lot of faith in Bo as part of the leadership group. They didn't give him the A because he just signed a big contract, and didn't want to give him the added pressure of an A, and that's just an A on the jersey that they were worried about him having. Is there something the canucks know about his character that we may not know, hence the reason not having an A. Imagined the added pressure of a C, could he handle that this yr, when they feal last yr he might not have been even able to handle an A? Also the sedins mentioned he (horvat) was quiet in the dressing room when they were discussing Henrik replacement for the C. I don't think they mentioned that by chance, I think they mentioned that because that could be a concern of theirs and maybe others in the organization. I have always wanted and thought that Horvat was the go to replacement for Sedin for captain. But all the discussion by the sedins and canucks after they retired about potential replacement, and no one in management has been overly excited about Horvat being captain, has left me concerned about maybe Horvat doesn't have the right mental make-up to be captain. Or I could be reading to much into all of this, lol
  3. Tanev out long term

    I didn't think he was getting traded anyways.
  4. CDC Consensus Prospect Rankings - #9

    Subban for me....ripped up the AHL last year. He's knocking on the door if you ask me.
  5. CDC Consensus Prospect Rankings - #6

    I voted for Virtanen. I feel he is the most NHL ready of the list of remaining players. And isn't that what makes higher ranking prospect, being nhl ready?
  6. Everyone keeps referring him as a 3rd overall (which he is), but he is actually a 1st overall of his position in the 2010 draft. Just like Schneider was in his draft. Aswell as Demko in his respected draft. Really excited about this player.
  7. I like this trade. I agree it's tough to lose our 2nd, but sometimes you need to give a little to get a lot. We all know McCann wasn't going to get Gudbranson on his own