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  1. Everyone keeps referring him as a 3rd overall (which he is), but he is actually a 1st overall of his position in the 2010 draft. Just like Schneider was in his draft. Aswell as Demko in his respected draft. Really excited about this player.
  2. I like this trade. I agree it's tough to lose our 2nd, but sometimes you need to give a little to get a lot. We all know McCann wasn't going to get Gudbranson on his own
  3. Did you eat a lot of paint chips when you were younger?
  4. Firing everyone. Lol. Who's next? ?
  5. This deal confuses me. Maybe kassian's back is more of an issue than we all know about. That is the only explanation (that he has a career lasting injury) that can explain trading a young prospect for a soon to be washed up enforcer with only one yr left on his contract.
  6. You guys literally know nothing about most of these prospects. Most of you for your opinion on what you hear from tsn/sportsnet. Try forming sn opinion on actually watching how theses players play, like I'm sure the Canucks staff have done.
  7. I can't handle how much he sucks on his teeth. Seems to have some weird twitches It is hard to watch him in an interview.
  8. The real reason why the middle class players salary is so high is because they are more available on the open market. The high-end players seem to be too low in salary is because of their long term contracts. The super star players with their 8 + year contracts are so long by the time they are half way through the middle class salary is starting to catch up. Just the fact that these mid level hockey players are actually reaching the open market while their upper level counterparts are locked up long term with the team they were drafted with, creates an higher demand for them. Hence them being overpaid. For example, Clarkson, kulimen, vrbata, lecavaleir.