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  1. Tanev out long term

    I didn't think he was getting traded anyways.
  2. CDC Consensus Prospect Rankings - #9

    Subban for me....ripped up the AHL last year. He's knocking on the door if you ask me.
  3. CDC Consensus Prospect Rankings - #6

    I voted for Virtanen. I feel he is the most NHL ready of the list of remaining players. And isn't that what makes higher ranking prospect, being nhl ready?
  4. Everyone keeps referring him as a 3rd overall (which he is), but he is actually a 1st overall of his position in the 2010 draft. Just like Schneider was in his draft. Aswell as Demko in his respected draft. Really excited about this player.
  5. I like this trade. I agree it's tough to lose our 2nd, but sometimes you need to give a little to get a lot. We all know McCann wasn't going to get Gudbranson on his own