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  1. Despite the loss, I'm proud of our boys. Let's try again next season.

  2. Please boys, win this game and make my day better, pleeeease.

  3. Please, tell when you do that. I'd love to see the next drawings. :)

  4. Thanks for the compliments on my art! One day, I'll get around to drawing our whole team.

  5. What happens to our defense? Seems like the injuries never stop... :/

  6. Oh, and welcome to CDC. :)

  7. Hey, I really loved your drawings. Will you made the other players too?

  8. So Edler is gonna have a surgery? Pretty scary news for the team, but I rather keep faith instead all this overreacting...

    1. #1Luongo06


      its not that serious of a surgery its just nerve relief... it would be terrible if he played on it and made the pressue worse with hits and playoff action. But its caught early and its better to deal with it now.

    2. Anitha


      We have a good depth, I don't think it'll be a problem...

  9. What's next then? Hope Shirokov can bring a spark to our team...

    1. Mr.DirtyDangles


      He looked good last night , but we need to see more flash n dazzle for him to stay permanently.

    2. Anitha


      I'm trying not to expect much more of him, though I was waiting for the recall. I'll be just waiting to see if he can get even better.

  10. Should be fun, watching the games with your brother... Here at home, only one of my sisters like hockey. She's 10, and is a fan of the Sedins.

    The weather won't be a problem, I don't like when it's hot at all. I guess snow is something every brazilian wants to see one day. When we're luck, we have a bit of it at south but it's no too much.

  11. i live too far away to go to games, but i did go to games when i lived in older brother had season tickets for years until he passed away in 1999. he actually died while at the canuck's training that is a fan.....i hope you make to canada some is not as hot here as it is smither's today, we are under a foot of snow and -15 degrees.

  12. I'd have one just to collect. I don't have where to wear it living here. Maybe when I go visit Canada (I always wanted to).

    Do you atend the games?

  13. jersey's cost about 325.00 dollars plus shipping...t-shirts are about 20.00 plus shipping and caps are about 22.00 dollars plus shipping....sometimes they have sales....i have a white stick in the rink jersey with no lettering or numbers....that stuff brings the price up more....good luck.

  14. Oh thanks! :D

    I do a lot of things besides watching hockey. I work a little more, and when I finish my job, I feel better. Well, everyone have bad days, so I try not to panic.

    Canucks have been one of my passions. Everyday I search for news, and I talk about they for my friends. I just need more money to buy a jersey too, how I want it! haha

  15. girl, your english is fine, probably better than mine....i hope your not going through sad times now....i use to wear a sweat shirt that said, everything will be alright....several people who saw it, told me that it brightened their troubled day....i hope the canucks can brighten your sad days