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  1. I also think that Hansen-ish is Jake's ceiling, so probably. Want an autograph?
  2. No. He smelled like an ownership meddling pick from the get-go. A local boy who can score.
  3. You gotta just have Horvat, Baertschi, and Granlund out there to start OT. It's like all-or-nothing, and it would be glorious.
  4. I'm here just to bless the Canucks real quick. They have the power of BananaMash and cannot fail.
  5. I actually like those.
  6. And that jersey manufacturing has very little to do with the NHLs brand. The league has bigger branding issues to worry about than which company has a tiny logo on the chest of near-identical jerseys.
  7. This would be a lot more relevant if Reebok wasn't an Adidas subsidiary, which it is. I suspect the change in quality will be next to nothing.
  8. I guess every villain has their silver linings
  9. The issue with that is that Willie doesn't know how to manage players.
  10. Did the ball survive?
  11. I've been excellent :D How abouts you?
  12. I've missed you, Crom.
  13. Nathan Smith was pretty bad in the early 2000s.
  14. Neat.