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  1. Hmm, yes I imagine it would be quite difficult for an ice hockey player to transition to the NFL.
  2. He really wasn't that far off the board.
  3. D'artagnan wins best first name of the year honestly. Longer than I care to admit. Hahaha. Good point, I didn't think of this. I hope you get hired to replace DeLorme.
  4. Elias Pettersson - The kid may have offensive instincts out the rear end, but his name feels like the Swedish equivalent to John Smith. From a name perspective, I really dislike this pick. There were some premium names on the board at the time, and I really think Jim Benning wasted an opportunity here. 2/10. While Pettersson's praying mantis frame is out in the garden catching bugs and scoring goals, guys like Rasmussen will be selling jerseys. Detroit model proves indestructible yet again. Kole Lind - On one hand, his parents clearly have some sort of special snowflake syndrome by being "oh so original" and spelling Cole with a "K". On the other hand, his last name is very close to Lindt. Lindt makes good chocolate. 5/10. Could be better, but we are heading in the right direction. Jonah Gadjovich - This is what I'm talking about. Gadjovich is the type of name that makes you think you're about to be punched directly in the face. Bonus points for looking like the David Backes and Ryan Kesler's 38 year old illegitimate son. Mayne Ryan skipped Kelly and said "hi" to David? Either way, 10/10. Michael DiPietro - Woah there cowboy, shoutout to Rick "Sami Salo" DiPietro. Jokes aside, great goaltending name. Lets just hope he holds up better than his father (who isn't really his father) 8/10. Jack Rathbone - Jack might be a boring name, but Rathbone is a creative last name that really works well. Bonus points for being able to call it a "Rathboner" when he fumbles the puck in his own end. Really find of this pick. We haven't had nickname potential like this since Errorhoff. 7.5/10. Kristoffer Gunnarsson - I don't have much to say about this. His name sounds decent enough, but I'm pretty sure it's Swedish for "you could have probably signed me in a few years once I wasn't draft eligible." I'll admit though, I like the cut of his jib. His name is needlessly long and I'm getting bored of writing these. 4/10. Petrus Palmu - Petrus Palmu potted a plethora of pickled power play points past plenty of proven pipe protectors. 10/10. Matt Brassard - Could you be any more generic? 3/10. Overall draft name score? 5/10. Not our finest work. What's your opinion?
  5. Yeah, that's what I've been reading. He's still under ELC with the Canucks, and apparently his mobility has gotten a little better this year playing over in Europe. Hopefully he can crack Utica, should he actually decide to give it another go over here.
  6. He looks 35 and interviews like he's 35.
  7. Nah, you're not missing anything but I would say he went basically right where he should have. 33 is basically still in the first round. I think these highly talented North/South players tend to go a little later due to the lack of dynamics in their game. That being said, great pickup.
  8. Yeah, that's a really solid build for his size. One of my gym buddies is about the same, and an absolute truck given his height. He's still going to have reach disadvantage, but he's got some meat on him for a small skilled winger. Could be a fun little player to watch develop if we're patient. Could also end up being a minor league champion like Darren Haydar with no NHL transition. Either way, interesting pick.
  9. Foe sure. As with any late round pick. These guys are basically like buying a lottery ticket with an added degree of educated guesing. I definitely like the build of Brassard though. Not a bad player to throw a late pick at.
  10. They did really well considering how steeply this draft fell off after the first three rounds. Getting Dipietro was a nice bonus, I didn't expect him to be available. The big physical Swede in the later round was a little odd due to his age, but this draft is kind of worth taking a few weird picks in the late rounds. Solid A- draft. Which is about as good as you could hope given the talent pool. Stoked for Pettersson though. The sky is the limit for that kid if he can bulk up.
  11. Decent. Like the size.
  12. He reminds me of a more mobile version of that Cederholm kid we drafted a few years ago.
  13. This is definitely the year to take some flyers in the later rounds. It falls off so sharply after round 3. Definitely excited to see. He might be small but it looks like he's got some crazy skills.
  14. Sick name. I approve.
  15. Keep your eyes open for terrible.dee, The 5th Line, and Borvat as well. Poor guys.