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  1. We struggle enough with speed. Hard pass. I'll always love Bieksa for his time here, but some players need to stay in the team's past.
  2. Honestly I'd be content if we just won a cup and faded into obscurity like Carolina after 06.
  3. If you're personally saying that you view Virtanen as a potential Hansen with a little more offensive ability then I think the other posters 40 point estimation is entirely reasonable. Hansen has hit between 33-39 points three times in his career and was on pace for another 38 points this season over an 82 game spread. Being slightly more offensively gifted would put him in the 40 point range. I agree with the analysis of his player type, however. I'm not sure if he'll hit 40 ever in his career (especially not at this point), but your counter-argument supported his point.
  4. Never got cable put in when I moved into this suite. I stream sports and barely watch anything else on TV.
  5. He's probably closer to 13-14% in that picture. I don't think 10% would be sustainable for most athletes outside of physique competitions.
  6. I appreciate Where'd Loungo'd's horrible attempts at .gif humor in every single thread.
  7.  Stay noided.

    1. S'all Good Man

      S'all Good Man

      OK. What does that mean? 

  8. What is wrong with the anteater?!! I put my ants down and went to the kitchen, and when I came back, she had her two front paws are on the coffee table and her two back paws on the couch eating my ants like crazy! She did that once to the ants and other ants thing I was having. I picked up my phone and put the other ants on my coffee table, and the moment I picked up my phone, she started licking the ants like and would not stop even after I said no!

    1. Odd.


      great meme

    2. ItsMillerTime


      This is great

  9. Personally I think what they see is what they get with Hammer at this point in his career. He looked like he was starting to slip in his last few seasons here - I'd say it's natural regression more than an off year. I think you're right though, Dallas still needs something to bolster the backend of their team. Bishop is a lot better than what they've had but the defense is spotty enough that it might not matter.
  10. Fans take sports too seriously and a promotion like this should be fun. If it genuinely upsets you, you've probably got some issues to work out ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  11. I use memes as a coping mechanism because I've got no emotional control.
  12. I don't think anyone is expecting us to be competitive next year.
  13. Would be decent depth considering our team is going to be a tire-fire anyway. It'd allow someone like Virtanen another year in the AHL if need be.
  14. I really can't wait for the day that both retire.
  15. Meh, no point on wasting contract spots on marginal guys. I imagine they've got other plans for the defense prospect pool. Losing a couple of C level prospect isn't going to hurt us.