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  1. Sanford was pretty cool.
  2. I plead the fifth.
  3. My own love of physical fitness can be attributed to sports. I loved the team environment, I loved the sports and was very good at them, but my favorite part was always the weight-room sessions. Unsurprisingly, I now spend 5 nights a week in the gym lifting weights and intend to compete in powerlifting meets once I move back to Victoria next year. More importantly though, I learned how to lead. I pretty quickly became one of the teams captains/alternate captains on any team, and it taught me a lot about motivating and man management. It's served me well throughout university and work, being able to lead group projects with no worries/anxieties. Don't worry baby, I know all about your big meathead.
  4. 225lbs on a single leg is insane. It takes most people getting into weight lifting about a year to be able to do that on both legs, never mind one.
  5. God, I loved this show as a kid. My cousin and I revisited it not long ago and it was like a bad acid trip though. It's got the weirdest plots and characters. Amazing. I was partial to Undergrads, Dragon Ball Z, Recess, The Weekenders, Ed Edd & Eddy, and a few others. I also definitely watched Braceface sometimes :\
  6. Oh man, that's awesome! I don't have any really old rares like that, or any really valuable. But I do have a couple of respectable ones. My personal favorites are: Joy Division - Still: I got the original version from the 80s that had one of their final live performances and a few songs that ended up becoming New Order songs after Ian Curtis killed himself. The re-releases in the late 80s, 90s, and 2000s had most of those songs removed and a good portion of the live performance swapped out for another due to mic issues. It's only worth about $80, but I love it. The Blue Series Continuum - GoodandEvil Sessions: A really interesting jazz/instrumental hip-hop fusion album by Blue Series Continuum (they also did work with the rapper/producer El-P not long after). The vinyl is fairly hard to find and wasn't originally distributed to Canada. It's not really "rare" or worth a lot, but you wont see many around. Other than that my most prized records are imports of newer releases that aren't supposed to be available in North America. I wanna try and find some of the older ones like you guys have, but the record stores near me are very hit and miss.
  7. My most important possessions to me are probably my turntable, record collection (also CD and cassette collection). I have a decent amount of limited/pretty hard to acquire records, and ones I've bought in record shops all over North America. It's probably my one material possession I'd be absolutely crushed to own. The watch and necklace my parents got me when I graduated are pretty important to me as well. And finally, a jersey collection of about 15 jerseys. My favorite ones are my Markus Naslund #22 jersey in the red skate alternate jersey (from his first half season here before he switched to #19) and my 2002 Jovanovski team Canada.
  8. Oh yeah, the snake ownership situation in Florida is a disaster. They need to regulate what people can buy more strictly, but the states is really slow to pick up on laws when it comes to exotics. British Columbia has really strict laws on owning potentially dangerous (and potentially invasive) reptiles, most other places should follow suit. Owning them isn't inherently bad, but environmental and safety concerns need to come first. There are plenty of species that have been captive bred for decades that would still be allowed to be owned, but the hobby-level herpetology community raises a stink about it anytime another group attempts to legislate.
  9. I have a snake, they're really not bad if you stay away from larger constrictor species. Owning a boa if you're too small to defend yourself against it is incredibly stupid though. As is owning anacondas, super massive pythons, or venomous snakes if you're not properly trained to work with them.
  10. I have a hard time imagining myself being alive 5 more years, never mind 10. That being said, assuming I can get that problem sorted out: hopefully moved back to Victoria, working in some sort of social services. Having a long term partner would be cool, even though I have no desire to start a family. Other than that, I have simple tastes. I already do most of what I love on a daily basis.
  11. I don't believe in an afterlife nor do I care what happens to my body. Burn it, I suppose.
  12. big if true
  13. He prefers to be called "fun sized."
  14. who would win in a fight, me or 6 pigeon sized @StealthNucks
  15. big if true