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  1. This is the funnest form of population control. All of CDC will die.
  2. That is a game.
  3. yaaaa-booooooo-aaay?
  4. As much as I want a good pick, I really admire his competitiveness and lack of quit even when the team is garbage though. I don't think I ever really respected Miller until he played here. But seriously he needs to stop being good. Miller, you're old, knock it off!
  5. Also, hey guys, I've blessed this thread with the power of the tank. Let 'er in Millsy.
  6. He needs to knock that off.
  7. The way they handled both Virtanen and McCann last year was disappointing. It was pretty evident after about 2 months that neither was ready, they should've been sent back to junior regardless of burning a year off the ELC with 9+ games.
  8. Torts cared about dogs more than the team. Willie cares about his doghouse more than the team. Key difference.
  9. Desjardins is easily more unlikable than Torts' dumb*** ever was.
  10. Tryamkin better personally injure McDavid, Talbot, and everyone else on the Oilers or else our genius head coach will put him on blast to the media again. #FireWillie
  11. Desjardins is a moron, good lord.

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    2. Xbox


      My lord they better can him after that one. Pick up a real coach like Gallant! I'd be so stoked if Vancouver hired Gallant.

    3. Fateless


      I'm willing to drive Willie to the airport. And by Willie, I mean his cold, limp corpse.

    4. S'all Good Man

      S'all Good Man

      So a 22 year old in his 1st full year, told all year to concentrate on D, is supposed to flatten the greasiest rat in the game? OK then. 


      Willie needs to stop trying to use the media to get points across, he's not very good at it.