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  1. CDC STHS Hockey League (2015/16 Season)

    Lol the SpoderFlames got rekt
  2. Feedback and Bugs

    How to source mode?  
  3. Feedback and Bugs

    When I go to post it keeps inserting a quote box as if I've quoted someone.   Select all in the reply boxes selects everything on the page, not just the text box.  
  4. [PGT] Another 7-7-6

    You can't really blame Dorsett for that. That's on our main man Willy D.
  5. [PGT] Another 7-7-6

    Yis, commence the firing of the Willie.
  6. [GDT] - Canucks @ Jets

    Fire Benning and Desjardins pls. Especially Desjardins, fire him like four times.
  7. CDC STHS Hockey League (2015/16 Season)

    I guess I should give Greiss a start one day.
  8. Grenier recalled shinkaruk sent down.

    Nah, let's just watch the vets flounder some more instead.
  9. CDC STHS Hockey League (2015/16 Season)

    Whew, nice.
  10. CDC STHS Hockey League (2015/16 Season)

    Matt Stajan is on the block. He'd be much more suited to a team that could use him in an offensive role. Looking for a defensively oriented center in return.  
  11. CDC STHS Hockey League (2015/16 Season)

    VC, could you tell me if the lines I just uploaded went through?
  12. [Proposal] Raiding Overseas

    I like this roster, I think it would contend for the cup in 2-3 years.
  13. [GDT] Vancouver vs Toronto, 4:00pm

    we suck lol
  14. CDC STHS Hockey League (2015/16 Season)

    This weekend I will sort out my team and actually do stuff.   Sorry for being inactive, VC. Have been busy at work and much forgetful.