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  1. Nilsson is the best Canucks goaltender since Petr Skudra.
  2. he leads the league in handsomeness/60.
  3. I think they need to give him a night off. He's looked super fatigued for a while.
  4. I'm not going to argue with dumping on anyone on the back end. Aside from maybe Stecher. He's had some bad games, but he actually puts in effort.
  5. Actually I'm just incredibly drunk.
  6. Nilsson is the type of goalie who you get really nervous when someone gets a good shot on him. Or a crappy shot. Or a dump in.
  7. Hockey Player Named Cole

    I had this exact thing happen, thus my reply after yours hahaha
  8. Hockey Player Named Cole

    I think you're thinking of Ian White @HuisHamIsThis?
  9. I get that these guys want to play, but Hutton has been regressing since the first 3/4ers of his rookie season and has seemingly done nothing to work on the holes in his game. If you want to be on the ice, you have to push a lot harder than Hutton does. Not to mention the fact that he's like 6'3" and plays softer than a miniman like Stecher.
  10. Canucks turned down offer of a 2nd and 4th for Gudbranson

    Botchford is such a dork. He seems like the type to refuse his plate two times for minor reasons and then refuse to pay the bill after eating the third. Even so, Gudbranson is probably worth more to the team than a 2nd and 4th. I'm not even that big on the guy as a player, but our defense is soft.