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  1. Btw I'm in
  2. STHS alumni form like Voltron in this thread.
  3. Hi daddy.
  4. Nah, it's what I expected. I'm just disappointed in myself for sitting through the entire thing.
  5. I'd like to hire you as my life coach.
  6. It's actually gym time in half an hour. You can bet I'm gonna smash those weights harder than Loui smashed the net.
  7. I'm gonna jump off a frickin' cliff.
  8. That's actually a real shame.
  9. The atmosphere in Rogers arena is horrible. Rebuild or not, I can have a more rewarding experience watching the game in my house with a few friends rather than being shushed by some grumpy suits.
  10. 1040 is super wank anyway.
  11. If you genuinely think that the people protesting believe that only whites (and cops) need to change then I'm going to start to feel like you get all of your information from memes. Most folks realize how real minority-on-minority crime is, and how badly the entire mindset needs to change within their own communities as well. Police brutality gets protested because they're supposed to be helping these communities rehabilitate, not shooting someone obeying orders for no reason.
  12. Cullors, McKesson, and Garza? There was no sense of "agenda pushing" from the three, unless you count trying to bring marginalized voices to the forefront. I'm pretty sure they (Alicia Garza in particular) even actively spoke out against BLM protestors using violence or typecasting all whites as racists. The people who ended up using it to push an anti-white/anti-cop agenda are not related to the foundation or initial core concepts of BLM at all. It's unfortunate that it's been twisted into something that it isn't, but that happens to most wide-scale social movements.
  13. It wasn't about pushing an agenda to begin with, don't let extremists on either side fool you into thinking that's what it's about. Things like "the gay agenda" and "the black agenda" don't exist past a very minuscule group of people. They're microscopic in the scope of the bigger picture, but it's what the media focuses on.
  14. ok