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  1. big if true
  2. He prefers to be called "fun sized."
  3. who would win in a fight, me or 6 pigeon sized @StealthNucks
  4. big if true
  5. Rangers fans were speculating this would happen after he retired - they figured he was leaving the NHL to avoid how physical it is due to the injury issues he's had. Not a bad idea for a guy who wants to have a good life after the sport, but still wants to play.
  6. I feel like he's leaning more toward being offensively dynamic and more "okay" in the defensive end. We see a lot of stellar plays from Horvat in the offensive end, just kind of inconsistently. He was the best player on the team offensively until the last couple of months, but he hasn't totally figured out how to play against top pairing defenders yet. Hopefully as he matures, that side of his game continues to progress.
  7. I believe so as well. I intend to move back to Victoria before then (because I'm gonna be honest, Nanaimo has way deeper rooted issues than the city council and it is boring here) but it would be a really nice addition to the city.
  8. You can thank the absolute joke of a city council in Nanaimo for that. This city is a tire fire.
  9. I'm 6'2", 190lbs, so a triple bodyweight dead-lift would put me at about 570lbs. That's kind of been my floating "end point" goal for a while, but I'm only a year and a half into lifting and finishing up a cut right now. I'm happy with my progress, it's probably the first sport I've felt naturally competent in. ...Except with bench. I've been stuck at 225lbs on bench for a couple of months because I have long arms and it makes it a pain in the butt. Yeah, he almost died after his 500kg (over 1000lb) deadlift record because he burst blood vessels in his head. Definitely not something I aspire to have happen.
  10. This seems a little easier than my first plan of screaming until I become super sayian. I think if I keep going seriously ill probably peak between 600-700 in deadlift. Still nowhere near a world record and it'll take years, but kinda strong
  11. It is but I don't want to start injecting Tren in my buttcheeks just yet...or, ever hahaha.
  12. The sweet release of dea... ...I mean, back to school to finish my mostly done degree. And then I'll probably ignore it and become a personal trainer or something. Also a 495lb deadlift. I'm at 425lbs, but I'm plateaued there currently.
  13. McPhee trades like me when I accidentally sign too many players in Eastside Hockey Manager. Just blow em all out for low picks.
  14. Who was the CDCer who was obsessed with Bobby Sanguinetti?

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. luckylager


      I don't miss that guy at all. Just crept his still active page to remind myself why I hated him so badly... right, I remember now.

    3. Winter Soldier

      Winter Soldier

      "hey look at this Bieksa's AHL numbers +21 109 penalty minutes/ check that out Bo-Sang had better numbers then Bieksa in the AHL. Yet, he doesn't get one fair chance to prove himself, and again it's because of Doug Lidster."


      Still amazing to read even two years later.

    4. Toni Zamboni