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  1. Stay noided.
  2. Bo always starts a little bit shaky, he has every single season and usually has his full self back at around game 15.
  3. 24-12 Senators.
  4. Acting like you'd say no if one of the twins took a pass at you. I know you better than this Apollo, you'd do it for the team.
  5. I know I do...
  6. I'm more concerned about whether or not this GDT can reach quality levels like last games.
  7. Btw I'm in
  8. STHS alumni form like Voltron in this thread.
  9. Hi daddy.
  10. Nah, it's what I expected. I'm just disappointed in myself for sitting through the entire thing.
  11. I'd like to hire you as my life coach.
  12. It's actually gym time in half an hour. You can bet I'm gonna smash those weights harder than Loui smashed the net.
  13. I'm gonna jump off a frickin' cliff.
  14. That's actually a real shame.
  15. The atmosphere in Rogers arena is horrible. Rebuild or not, I can have a more rewarding experience watching the game in my house with a few friends rather than being shushed by some grumpy suits.