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  1. [PGT] Nashville Predators vs. Vancouver Canucks

    Oh dang we exploded damn son.
  2. [Rumour] Canucks shopping Alexander Burmistrov

    If you claim a player off waivers, you don't have the option to send him directly to the AHL. You would have to waive him again, and the team that waived him in the first place would have the first opportunity to claim said player. If you waive a player first, and then trade him, the team receiving him in the deal is free to send him directly to the minors if they wish.
  3. Dowd seems to be like one of those guys who has the ability to step into your top six for short periods of time and do passably, or play in the bottom six and not be too big of an issue on the ice. I like him as a forward option while Horvat is out, especially since I really don't like Burmistrov's game. Dowd definitely ain't a long term fix for the Horvat injury, but he's a decent stopgap/insulation player.
  4. I hope Subban fits in another teams system, but he wasn't getting the message on the flaws in his game here. He was not good enough. Maybe he'll wake up and work on the holes in his game now.
  5. Bo is still the heart of this team

    Nah dude, it's just a typical Buzzsaw thread.
  6. Yo whatchu listening to homie g? (HipHop)

    Nottingham. They're a weird group. It's like electronic punk, but the vocals definitely have a lot of hip-hop influence. They tend to make very politically rooted music with that amazing bleakness that only the English can muster up. ^This is pretty "out there" for hip-hop too, but Tricky's been at it doing his trip-hop thing for years. Love how spooky the song is.
  7. How is Travis Green Doing So Far?

    I'd say he's definitely above average so far, but I hope he's around for a long time. He's a very young coach, and a rookie in the NHL, and it shows sometimes. There are occasions where he does make mistakes, or get out-coached by the other team. That's to be expected, and they're things he'll definitely learn from in the future. He's already shown a willingness to learn and adjust to his own errors though, something Desjardins sorely lacked. He's also got a good sense of play deployment. He's also got a skill that can't really be taught, and that's getting the team to play for each other and put in the work. His personal skills with the players seem to be very high, and that's one of those things that you either have or you don't. Green has it. Above average so far, but I think he could develop into a very special coach.
  8. Things that make you feel good

    I'd like to add you to my list.
  9. Things that make you feel good

    Not very much in the winter, I get hit with seasonal depression like a freight train. I'm usually pretty happy on days like today when the sun pokes out though. Knowing it's going to be a nice, beautiful day instead of a rainy dark disaster always boosts my spirits. As does buying a new vinyl record, or any form of album really.
  10. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. New York Rangers

    Markstrom had a really good first half of the game and then sort of fell apart. Boeser also had a really rough game for the majority of it, but he's a first year pro coming out of college so the fatigue nights are to be expected. Rough break for the team, in terms of effort they deserved the win. Liked a lot of what I saw out of the Sedin line and the Gaunce/Virtanen combo though.
  11. Plus, the choices for the WJHC roster aren't always logical anyway. Like with most sporting things, there's just as much politics involved as actual skill assessment. A Canucks player potentially getting left out doesn't actually say much about their ability.
  12. what is your earliest memory of hockey?

    Oddly, watching Gretzky's final game is the thing that stands out the most for me. I'm 23, so I would have been five or six at the time I think. My family had me watching hockey from the second I was born, but that's the first thing I remember concretely. I cried and didn't know why I was crying, but I knew it was sad
  13. Anders Nilsson’s new mask

    I like it, even the sparkles. It might be a bit flashy and gaudy but I think it looks cool compared to so many dull masks.