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  1. Lol google
  2. Is that good in his league?
  3. So... How'd he do this season?
  4. I'd like to Kassian with the Sedins now until the end of the season. D. Sedin - H. Sedin - Kassian Booth - Kesler - Burrows Higgins - Pahlsson - Hansen Malhotra - Lapierre - Raymond Almost every team the Canucks play in the playoffs are going to run the official "how to shutdown the Sedins," play book. The checking on the Sedins will be tighter than ever and there won't be many stoppages that don't envolve the Sedins getting mugged. Also I'd like Raymond to stay on the fourth where he can learn to play a physical game. Maybe one day he could be like Darren Helm.
  5. Jensen - Labate - Kassian
  6. That's what its all about baby. Believe in Blue and Burrows!
  7. They're all stupid.
  8. Somebody post the one with the Sedins laughing, and it says Chicago come back after being down 3-0 (or something like that). That got me through that series sane.
  9. It bothers me that when Bieksa plays well, supporters come out of the woodwork and when he plays poorly, haters come out of the dark smelly holes they spend most of their time in.
  10. CDC Pokerstars Tournament tonight after the game. First game @ 8:50 pm PST. More games if necessary.

    Please sign up :)

  11. Bieksa 28:05 mins, 2 assists, -1, 0pm Not his best game but considering there wasn't a period of over 30 seconds when Bieksa was on the ice with anybody but Boston's top two lines I think he did alright.
  12. I don't like you. You just immediately shut him down. Put him in a corner. Give him some more room to look like an even bigger idiot! Lol What happened to Sharpshooter?
  13. Kevin Bieksa 40gp 4g 19a 23p +8 Canucklelion, hank&dan and all those other pansies are no where to be seen (Involving Bieksa talk)
  14. Darn