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  1. Transcript of a part of the interview: interviewer: do you guys room together? (referring to Jamie and Jordie) jamie: no interviewer: ok because we heard the youngsters have to room together Seguin: jordie’s like 27 interviewer: I know and you don’t have to but I bet you the sedins room together seguin: well yeah (laughs) that’s the Sedins benn: who knows what else they do together too seg​uin: seriously (room laughing) interviewer: and in no way am I implying that you have a Sedin-type vibe going about you but ok (still laughing) another interviewer?: don’t they shave the exact same- interviewer: dude it’s creepy. in fact, it’s a good example to future brothers in the NHL on how not to do things. in my opinion. other interviewer: are they weird? benn: I don’t know. I can’t say interviewer: you do know seguin: they look weird benn?: oh sorry other interviewer: you got that one seguin?: yeah we get it interviewer: that’s nice Src:
  2. I'm dying to know where your gif is from! Hilarious!

  3. lol Yeah that's what I was thinking...they seemed pretty serious when shaking hands too
  4. love the sig !

  5. lol Atta boy Burr!
  6. That was a great GIF siggy. Loved seeing that at the start of every game.

  7. hey where was that from the nazzy approaching lu?

  8. are u able resize that hamuis hit gif? cdc wont accept it because it's bigger than 400 x 200. apparently 201 is too big. Thanks.

  9. what is kes saying in you sig

    whens it from

  10. Sucks for people stuck up at SFU. :/ It's stopped here in Van and snow's melting off a bit.
  11. It's pretty sunny and the snow is melting/falling off. That was fast.
  12. Yep, it's snowing fairly hard and sticking here in Kerrisdale. IT'S SO COLD!